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Best Sites To Buy Active Instagram Followers In 2021

  • First on our list is, a site for legit Instagram followers for cheap. Not every business or individual has hundreds of dollars to begin their Instagram journey. Many sites offer lower prices, but the number of followers in return is so few that it doesn’t make sense to even spend that 1$.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JUL 22, 2021 10:14 PM IST

Social media is one of if not the best ways to expand your business and create a brand identity. Instagram, in particular, is crazy effective with its focus on images and short-form videos. You can build a unique and widely recognized brand from scratch just off of Instagram. But getting started isn’t as easy as you might think. In an ideal world, you would just post quality content, and people who are interested in that content will find you immediately. This, however, isn’t the real world, and the process of gaining a sizable following is a difficult task at best.

Why you should buy Instagram followers:

You can just be patient and hope that the almighty Instagram algorithm will recommend your posts to potential followers. With this strategy, you might have to wait for months at best and years at worst. Or your account might never take off and just fizzles out before it even begins. Luckily, there is a quick solution to this problem. You can Buy Instagram followers to get a jump start and start your journey instantly.

Now keep in mind that these bought followers are not your targeted audience. Sure, you might get some attention and interactions with these followers, but the real treasure lies ahead. Having a sizable number of followers benefits your growth in two ways.

The first is with the Instagram algorithm. It will look at your account and see that there are people interested in your content. It will then recommend your account and posts to other people, and you will start gaining organic followers. These new followers will then make the algorithm recommend your posts more, which will result in even more interactions.

The second benefit comes from the actual people on Instagram. Instagram runs on a sort of herd mentality. In real life, people will stop and see what’s gaining on if they see a crowd of people standing there. Similarly, when a person sees that you have some followers, they will assume something interesting is going on with your content. They will start following you to find out what that content is, resulting in a constant growth cycle.

Recommended sites to buy Instagram followers:

There are a lot of websites and companies offering instant Instagram followers. However, not all of them are legit. Sure, your follower count might increase, but a scam service will inflate that number with bots and inactive accounts. So, here are a few recommendations to save you the trouble of spending time searching for these legit sites.


First on our list is, a site for legit Instagram followers for cheap. Not every business or individual has hundreds of dollars to begin their Instagram journey. Many sites offer lower prices, but the number of followers in return is so few that it doesn’t make sense to even spend that one dollar. This isn’t the case with Their lower-priced options are just as valuable and viable as their high-tier stuff. Combine the years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, and you’ve got yourself an easy decision of which site to purchase from.


Next up is They offer a very all-encompassing service. If your focus is not limited to Instagram followers, and you want to gain valuable ground in other social media sites as well, then this is the site for you. Their services include everything from Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers, with a guarantee for legitimacy. Their 24/7 support is always ready to assist you in any way and resolve your issues on the spot.

TECHCRUNCH50.COM works on the principle of organic growth. They believe in combining their followers with your content to create a constant cycle of growth. The followers provided by are guaranteed to be active and engaging; after all, a large follower number means nothing if your posts don’t get views, likes, and shares. Additionally, the strong privacy policy of this site ensures that your data is secure and away from any bad actors.

ACTIVEIG.COM is another site for beginners and people with a limited budget. They offer a good number of followers at a very low price of just $2.89. The follower plans provided by them are highly flexible, and you can opt for any one of them at any time. Their experts can also work with a social media team and recommend the optimal plan and strategy for your account, resulting in even more growth. Additionally, the excellent 24/7 support is there to help you, no matter if it’s 2 pm or 2 am on a Sunday.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Technically, purchasing any kind of followers, comments, or likes is against the usage policy of Instagram. This is mainly because they want you to spend money on their advertisement and promotion system. The issue is that their advertisement system does not convert into followers at a smaller scale. You have to spend huge amounts of money to get a considerable boost in following. So, purchasing followers from third parties is your best choice.

As for how safe this practice is, it depends heavily on where you bought the followers from. If the site sold you bots and ghost accounts, that can land you in trouble or get your account banned. But, if you purchased real active followers and the company selling you knows what they are dining, you are pretty safe.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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