Blobfish – The Blobfish Baby is the world’s ugliest animal

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Feb 01, 2022 05:30 PM IST

A baby blobfish is even lighter than water, and this resolves its problem of floating. Generally, the animals having no muscles find it difficult to swim, so its lightweight body makes floating effortlessly.

Have you ever seen a beautiful small version of a parent animal? If so, then you must be mesmerized by its beauty. Like all other animals, the baby blobfish is also super cute and pretty. This small fish is a lovely replica of its parents.

The Blobfish Baby
The Blobfish Baby

Blobfish babies are also known as fatheads, usually found in shallow cavities around New Zealand and the Australian mainland. This Fishinaquarium keeps on enjoying its life to the best.

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Similar to other marine animals, the reproduction of this creature is also not significantly different. Researchers have found out that female blobfish loves to be surrounded in the company of each other. They keep on watching over their eggs.

You might be thinking that how many babies a blobfish have? To your surprise, a single female blobfish lays almost thousands of eggs at a time. The behaviour of the blobfish becomes very different when it is expected to lay eggs.

Each female blobfish creates a nest around the heap of eggs and then stays there until the eggs are hatched. For hatching, generally, a blobfish keeps on sitting at the top of the egg.

If the blobfish's egg goes away from the nest, then its mommy itself eats its eggs. Once the eggs are laid, the parent blobfish will stay with its eggs floating on the floor of the sea.

Blobfish Eggs

The number of blobfish eggs is unknown, but usually, it varies from 9000 to 110,000. The pink egg nest makes it different from other fishes eggs. Parents try their best to keep their eggs protected from the outside environment.

They clean their eggs daily; this keeps them away from any harmful things and ensures the cleanliness of eggs. Proper monitoring of eggs is essential as the eggs are placed very close to each other, and the chances of contamination are high. Without cleaning, eggs can be harmful as dirty eggs can lead to many hatching periods.

Eggs are placed super close to each other it is because they are thousands in number. When they are hatched, a large number of baby blobfish comes out. They start growing immediately as they come out of the egg.

Body texture of baby Blobfish

The body texture of blobfish is different from the parent animal. However, this animal's behaviour is not very obvious because monitoring it in natural habitats is difficult. The texture of this fish is gelatinous, and this behaviour allows it to bear deep pressure easily.

A baby blobfish is even lighter than water, and this resolves its problem of floating. Generally, the animals having no muscles find it difficult to swim, so its lightweight body makes floating effortlessly.

The behaviour of baby Blobfish

Usually, a baby blobfish is shorter than parent fish. At the beginning of its life, the baby keeps living with parents and starts learning according to the environment. As time passes, the baby keeps on learning to eat, swim and hunt from parents.

Baby and parents live together at a depth of 2000 to 4000 feet; at this depth, the pressure is almost 100 times more than sea level. At this much depth, the functioning of the bladder isn't perfect.

Lack of muscles in the baby blobfish does not create any serious problem as primarily it consumes its food from the edible matter present in the deep sea. This aggressive predator eats whatever edible thing comes in its reach.

The appearance of Baby Blobfish

Within the natural habitat, babies are more common than the parents. When the babies grow up, they go to the surface from the depth, and the impression of baby blobfish is usually in the form of gelatinous bulbs.

Blobfish is the ugliest creature in the ocean because of its frowny face and extra big nose. The complete body is Jelly-like, which gives it a look of slime, giving it an unattractive appearance. Although it doesn't look beautiful, it has some unique features.

Final Verdict

Mentioning the exact numbers of blobfish is difficult and impossible. We can only have a rough estimate of the number of babies this fish can have. It varies from one fish to another but on average, they lay thousands of eggs. All of which hatch and produce plenty of blobfish.

You must be thinking, why are blobfish less in number while they lay a large number of eggs? It is because the reproduction rate is very low; the female blobfish has a long lifespan but produces eggs in only a particular part of age.

This decreases the population of blobfish. Another reason for the decrease in population is that humans trap eggs.


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