Founder of iSpeak, Shanthan Malashetter
Founder of iSpeak, Shanthan Malashetter

Businesses scaling, aided by ‘iSpeak Corporate Services’ as YOUR Virtual COO

iSpeak is a startup led by 7 directors consisting of CA / CS / IIM & NLS along with 3 mentors from global companies. Established as a management consultancy company for almost half a decade, it aims to give a 360° view of challenges faced and provides an “outsider’s perspective”. 
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UPDATED ON SEP 06, 2021 04:49 PM IST

India, 6th September 2021: Industries poised to thrive in the post covid world foresees as no easy task. Well said by Albert Einstein himself, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. A crisis can be a catalyst, an opportunity or a danger to your business. As businesses and industries continue to expand and grow, greater is the upsurge for hiring a management consultancy, be it an internal or external management firm. The opportunity is to stand in the fear, recognize the danger, and stay focused on the present need calling for attention which is exactly what is done by the niche Bangalore-based firm, iSpeak Corporate Services Pvt Ltd.

Who is a business consultant and what does a management consultancy firm do?

Business consultants assist business owners with their endeavours, by providing management consultancy to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. These professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals.

All about iSpeak

iSpeak is a startup led by 7 directors consisting of CA / CS / IIM & NLS along with 3 mentors from global companies. Established as a management consultancy company for almost half a decade, it aims to give a 360° view of challenges faced and provides an “outsider’s perspective”. The approach is unbiased and objective, with detailed in-depth expertise required for any given sector or organization. It nullifies internal distractions and focuses on offering valuable insights and alternatives to help its clients maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

iSpeak aims to boost brand value, profitability and overcome challenges with quality assured expertise in a wide variety of fields under clients across the globe. Every year, it solves various business problems and drives growth. Bounded with a well-known track record and reputation, it is spread across Chennai and Kerala, with ongoing efforts to encroach Europe and the middle east by the end of this year. Currently, it serves clients in 13 different countries which include our neighbouring countries like south-east Asia, the Middle East, the US & Canada

iSpeak delivers ideal results

Throughout the years, many businesses across the globe have made the decision to rely on external management firms that provide a neutral view of potential risks and also provide a wider perspective on the tools and techniques required to improve overall business performance. 

Founder of iSpeak Corporate Services, CS Shanthan Malashetter S says, “The first step to growth is always the analysis of the existing business on a realistic basis. Our clients call us Business Doctors as we give ECG Reports to every business, checking its pulse to understand if it’s according to industry standards. We scan every business in 99 different angles and generate business assessment report (Biz ECG) to identify the flaws and bottlenecks.”

iSpeak Corporate Services have been recorded to be the first in the industry to work as a VIRTUAL COO, handling all seven functions of business which include Marketing, Finance, HR, R&D, Sales and Management owning trade secrets. Accounting is responsible for the success of businesses, it is on the verge to grow this startup exponentially, nationwide.

Mr. Shanthan also says, “If agriculture is the backbone of India, its nervous system is MSMEs. Most of the MSME focus on either operations or Finance. We aim to understand every function of the business to help drive them in the right direction.”

iSpeak’s clientele includes various industry leaders such as Mercedes BENZ, Tata Group (for Investments & Presentations), H&M, Pearson Publications, Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospitals, Subhas Publications Pvt Ltd and many more.

Why choose iSpeak?

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Each member of this organization possesses expertise in at least 2 different functions out of the 7 broad functions of a business. They offer assistance in a variety of different areas such as 

Risk Consulting 

Organizations are familiarized with constantly evolving regulations heeding to market standards, with an aim to provide a better understanding of the risks and opportunities faced by businesses and to deal with the prospects hampering their survival.

System Designing and Control 

iSpeak helps streamline various processes of the organization to monitor, direct and measure both their physical and intangible resources. It minimizes everything that causes operational risks affecting reliable financial reporting and compliance to laws, regulations & policies.

Market research reports

iSpeak expertise in biz expansion and diversification models by giving you market research reports, keeping your overall business in mind. It looks into 18 different areas of business, which aids to take appropriate decisions and firebrand your industry. By combining market knowledge with your business plans, it retrieves information that will help drive contemplative business decisions to make an impact on the market.

Management Advisory Services

iSpeak helps organizations dive deep into each system of their business by studying, evaluating and redesigning, to arrive at their optimal performance. 

Business Succession Planning 

iSpeak does business succession planning for generation old business.  This includes comprehensive services to management in all areas related to the profitability of operations like Accounting, Costing and Management of Information systems, Human Resource and Payroll Management systems.

Today, right now, make the right choice for your business and reach out to one of the best business doctors in the world, iSpeak Corporate Services Pvt Ltd.

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