Rohit Katyal and Rahul Katyal (L-R)
Rohit Katyal and Rahul Katyal (L-R)

Capacit’e Infraprojects to use technology to fulfill government’s endeavours

CIL has always focused to leverage, use of cutting edge technology which has enabled it to fill the glaring void in the specialized construction sector.
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PUBLISHED ON MAR 03, 2021 06:44 PM IST

With the current budget announcement to push urban infrastructure in the country, construction major Capacit’e Infraprojects Limited (CIL) will play a major role to fulfill the government’s endeavors.

CIL is a specialized building construction company which deploys the latest technology in construction thereby complementing the government's vision of working Altius(higher), Citius(faster) & Fortius(stronger).

Rohit Katyal, the Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director of Capacit’e Infraprojects Limited, believes the construction industry has abundant potential, and the companies must look forward towards implementing digitization, innovative technologies, and new construction techniques to escalate productivity and efficiency. He feels the government’s resolve to boost the urban infrastructure developments - hospitals, medical colleges, education institutions, airports, logistics parks, solar parks, metro depots/stations, railway redevelopments, inter-modal stations & housing for all - are positive indicators and opportunity for a specialized construction company like CIL.

Driven by the passion to excel with a clear vision of providing extraordinary service, CIL is taking the journey forward with a clear focus on providing world class services in the building construction sector. This vision has helped the company to carve out a path of becoming one of the market leader in the Indian construction industry with visible improvement in all zones year on year.

The numbers don’t define the company’s entire success but they speak volumes about how a motivated, stable & exuberant workforce can within a short span of time, achieve a healthy order book with an extremely strong order backlog.

This is accomplished due to our esteemed clients who exhibit trust in performance and capabilities of CIL.

India, the largest democracy in the world, a vibrant nation full of resources, on the path to adopt and compete with the best of international trends and technologies. The key for the development of India as a nation will solely be dependent on striking the right balance of urban development alongside the infrastructure growth.

Within our current situation a rapid urbanization is taking place across states of India creating immense growth & opportunities. To meet the challenges of this inevitable and rapid urbanization, India needs well-performing cities and the integrated infrastructure development will be the key.

The Government has a clear focus to deliver projects with best quality and safety standards in shortest possible time, which entails specialization & cannot be catered to by a generalized construction company. Mega projects demand Technical Competence, Financial prudence, & Governance pattern and as a new age EPC company, CIL is geared up to fulfill this need.

Rahul Katyal, Managing Director, Capacit’e Infraprojects believes that the construction industry in India will create new employment opportunities and act as an engine of global growth. The construction industry is expected to continue to expand over the forecasted period and by 2025 would emerge as the 3rd largest construction market globally.

Government projects are assets dedicated to service of the nation and CIL takes pride in contributing to larger cause of nation building. Today, CIL commands a strong recall value amongst its customers delivering some of the most iconic and challenging projects. CIL has pegged itself against international best practices in safety, quality and timely delivery, which has been time and again demonstrated in its performance in both, Public and Private Sector.

Since its inception CIL has always focused to leverage, use of cutting edge technology which has enabled it to fill the glaring void in the specialized construction sector. Every construction company today is convinced that technology is poised to impact the construction industry like never before. From cloud-based collaboration to robots and artificial intelligence – an incredible array of developments are helping or poised to help and improve the way buildings and infrastructure development happens in India.

Technology has made construction sites safer and workers more efficient. It has allowed us to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and tackle more complex projects.

Our country aspires to grow rapidly through infrastructure development by announcing schemes like Atmanirbhar Bharat where the motto is to think global and make local.

The Indian government is focusing on infrastructure development through robust and modern infrastructure that is vital for economic growth and competitiveness. This has a huge impetus on creating factories, logistics parks, transport infrastructure, inter-modal transport hubs etc. and we are the answer to India’s future construction dreams.

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