Dheeraj Sharma
Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma shares why businesses should make cybersecurity a priority

Dheeraj Sharma is a cybersecurity analyst who has demonstrable experience in the field of cybersecurity and is combating lurking security threats.
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PUBLISHED ON JUL 27, 2021 07:42 PM IST

In the era of proliferating websites and applications, there is one forgotten aspect that leads to colossal losses in the long run. Cybersecurity is not as prevalent as digital solutions themselves because once the website is live, no one is concerned about the other factors. Relatively new organisations often make the mistake of not implementing a cybersecurity mechanism which often results in grave losses to the business. Dheeraj Sharma is a cybersecurity analyst who has demonstrable experience in the field of cybersecurity and is combating lurking security threats. He is associated with ICDA, a security firm located in Uttarakhand that provides a complete assortment of cybersecurity services.

Dheeraj Sharma is a Btech graduate in computer science who centred his life around computers from an early age. Rather than playing games and wasting time, he was keen on learning about defence mechanisms and hacking. Dheeraj Sharma didn't let his limited financial state limit him from making big in life. His career path as a cybersecurity analyst has earned him a reputation of being a man of precision. He was one of the few techies from our country to enter the list of Asia's Meet-up Top 400 ethical hackers for the year 2019-2020. Dheeraj Sharma explains the soft targets that invite hackers.

Unencrypted Sensitive Data

Every authentication pair uniquely identifies a user and grants access to them. Most websites stored on a server have sensitive user's data stored in an unencrypted format in the database. If compromises, not only the attacker can unravel each user's personal information but also the access to the accounts and website or application. From there, the control is lost and no matter how much you want to regain access to the website, it isn't possible. It can also result in ransomware attacks that demand huge sums of money to relinquish their control of the website.

Obsolete application versions

Most of the time, the applications like WordPress, Phpmyadmin and other applications are not updated on the server-side. This increases the chances of attacks as hackers are always looking for poorly guarded systems and outdated applications to enter and disrupt their normal work.


Website backups can be used to regain access to your website and have it working fine and dandy once again. Most of the time, websites go years without making redundant backups that make them impossible to re-launch if they encounter an attack.

Using poorly secured hosting provider

Most websites cheap out on a reliable hosting provider that makes them vulnerable to hackers and exploits. Always check if the hosting provider has updated security measures, provides backups, and frequently updates the security of the servers.

Dheeraj Sharma has spent the last five years excavating the persistent problems of cybersecurity and now works to identify these threats and patch them up as soon as possible. He insists on having a reliable security firm like ICDA by your side to safeguard your data at all times.

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