CocoDoc uses top-of-the-line technology to secure user’s documents, data, and personal information.
CocoDoc uses top-of-the-line technology to secure user’s documents, data, and personal information.

Discover CocoDoc: A smarter, faster, sharper PDF Editor

For a PDF Editor to be considered best-in-class, it should meet certain requirements in key areas beyond just the ability to edit PDF. Know more!
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JUN 10, 2021 05:43 PM IST

The PDF file format is extremely popular thanks to its support for text, images and video as well as its small file size. It also works very well when you want to preserve the quality and formatting of a document, and is the accepted standard for sharing information in casual as well as business settings. With the emergence of new formats such as interactive PDFs, the format is more useful than ever!

However, the biggest challenge with using the PDF format for your content is its editability. Unlike Microsoft Word documents, PDF files can only be manipulated through specific software and even a minor one-word edit can be a huge headache in the absence of the right software.

Adobe Acrobat is a well-known PDF editor, but it has its challenges, not the least of which is the fact that it comes as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite which can be heavy on the pocket. This is exactly why with this article, we have brought to you an alternative to the generic editor, a faster, sharper and less expensive web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and that can help you edit the document text, add images, fill out forms, and convert your PDF files to other formats.

What Should You Look For In A PDF Editor?

While there are a lot of PDF editors available on the web, not all of them are useful. Many are extremely complex while others are either too expensive or downright frustrating. For a PDF Editor to be considered best-in-class, it should meet certain requirements in key areas beyond just the ability to edit PDFs which include:

1. Document Security: Cybersecurity issues are very common in the IT landscape these days. This is why PDF editors should have a system in place to bypass breaches. Take CocoDoc’s platform as an example! They use top-of-the-line technology to secure user’s documents, data, and personal information.

2. Variety Of Templates: A PDF editor with a variety of templates is on the top of the list for many. Numerous templates mean a user can choose to have many choices for their project.

3. Share And Publish: Lastly, the share and publish feature in a PDF editor is a deal-breaker. In this age of social media, if a PDF editor doesn’t have the ability to share a file on multiple platforms, then it is a straight no!

4. eSign PDF: PDFs often need to be signed while being used in business transactions. As such, the editor should have this functionality available and enabled by default.

5. PDF Converter: WIth dozens of different document formats floating around, it is important for the Editor to have the capability to convert the document from one format to another as and when required.

Where is the #1 PDF Editor?

We reached out to Mudit Mohilay, well-known technology enthusiast and author, and asked him to go through a set of 15 most popular web-based PDF editors and judge them in terms of ease of use, scalability, and value for money. By not letting on the fact that we were a part of CocoDoc, we ensured that Mudit wasn’t biased beforehand and was able to render a completely impartial judgement in terms of the best PDF Editor.

Here is what he had to say:

“Over the years, I must have worked on thousands of PDF documents using dozens of different PDF editors. While I came across several good PDF editors, I had yet to find the perfect one. Some PDF Editors offered a limited, simple user interface that allowed you to only add text and images to your PDF files or inserted a watermark that was automatically added at the bottom of any PDF files you exported unless you signed-up for the premium version.

Others were seriously frustrating because they had limits in terms of size of uploads and number of edits you could make to your PDF file. With CocoDoc, you don’t face any of these issues. Uploading your PDF is a simple affair that takes only a couple of clicks and editing it is simpler still thanks to CocoDoc’s appealing visual interface and large gamut of features. In short, you can focus on the editing without worrying about anything else, which is the point of a PDF Editor. ”

Although CocoDoc offers dozens of features, we will cover only a few key ones here:

● Convert to PDF and from PDF: CocoDoc will convert your files to PDF with ease, be it a word doc or even excel. But, that’s not all, you can also convert a JPEG file into PDF. This can also be done vice versa. For example, if you have a file that is a PDF and needs to be in Word, CocoDoc can do that!

● View And Edit PDF Files: CocoDoc can be used to simply view and edit PDF files. The edit section allows you to add or remove content, delete pages, create fillable forms and watermark them.

● Sign And Security: CocoDoc allows you to lock and protect your PDF files and also sign them with ease, which is a rare feature in most PDF editors.

● Split And Merge: CocoDoc also has the unique feature of splitting and merging PDF files.

● Other Features Include: Cloud Storage | Erase, Highlight & Re-write PDFs | Create Personalized Forms | Bank-Level Data Security | HIPAA Compliance | Role-based Advanced Workflows | Priority Support | iOS & Android applications and much more!

The best thing about CocoDoc is that you don’t need to pay or make an account to edit your PDF. Simply visit CocoDoc, click on Edit PDF Online and get started. To explore the more advanced features, you can sign up and make use of the free trial.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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