Discover the meaning behind your birthstone by a top gemologist, Jinas Jewels

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Apr 23, 2021 04:44 PM IST

Jina’s Jewels, one of the best Jewelry Designer in Canada is the future of mesmerizing jewelry.

Know the meaning of your birthstone as per Jinas Jewels.

Find out about the meaning of your birthstone as per Jinas Jewels
Find out about the meaning of your birthstone as per Jinas Jewels


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Garnet is a spiritual stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment. It also denotes safety and strength. This stone symbolizes prosperity, abundance and also encourages gratitude and service to others.


Amethyst is a highly esteemed stone known for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to soothe the mind and emotions. Also known as“ Gem of Fire”. Amethyst is a stone that was always associated with February which was the month that the Romans dedicated to Neptune.


Aquamarine - Birthstone for the month of March derives its name from the seawater color that the gemstone possesses. The Bluer the color the more valuable it is. This gem is valued from the ancient lineage.


Diamond – The World’s love for diamonds isn’t hidden. The most used stone for the wedding Rings and Engagement Rings because of its Hardness & Durability.


Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. One of the 3 basic stones. Emeralds are never Inclusion less. Emeralds enhance love, unity, and friendship. It helps in balancing the heart chakra and also has a healing effect on the emotions and the physical heart.


If you’re a person who loves magic, you’ll love Alexandrite. Combination Prompted the description, “emerald by day, ruby by night.” The stone is said to instil the feeling of courage allowing one to face changes without any fear. The gem reinforces self- esteem and enhances in us the ability to experience joy and beauty.


Pearls come in two types, cultured pearls and natural pearls.Pearls have been adorned and worshipped by mankind throughout history. Pearls signify purity, honesty, integrity, concentration, focus, meditation, tranquillity and wisdom. It enhances personal integrity and helps in focusing on one’s attention. It is also known as the “stone of sincerity” and inhibits boisterous behaviour.


Red is the colour of our intense emotions. The gem represents love, passion, courage, and anger. Also associated with power and desire, Ruby is considered as the king of all gems and Ideal Romantic gift to give to the love of your life.


Today Peridot is appreciated on its own merits as the most affordable untreated green stone in calibrated sizes. The stone is said to offer bravery & protects people from the evil eye, dark spirits, and other paranormal activities by most people.


The gemstone comes in the most infrequent colors. Spinel stimulates all kinds of chakras and meridian systems. It calms and palliates stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Spinel is very often confused with red ruby.


Sapphire comes in a range of colours. Every color of Sapphire is verbalized to bring out a particular sagacity. Yellow specifically to bring prosperity and boost the career and academic opportunities. Where in Blue to relinquish noetic tension , dejection and spiritual mystification.


Tourmaline, best kenned as the most colourful gemstone The gemstone occurs in a variety of paramount colours. The well known Tourmaline types are Watermelon, Chrome Tourmaline, Pariba and Rubellite.


These stones are mainly preferred because of their ability to shift colours in rainbow hues – a phenomenon called “play-of-colours”. Opal is also gifted during the celebration of the 14th wedding anniversary. It is still believed to be a symbol of purity, hope and truth.


Pure Topaz is colourless and also ranges in colour from brownish orange to yellow. The most prized colour is Imperial Topaz, which has vibrant orange hues with a pink undertone.

Topaz is hard & durable. Topaz symbolizes Love & Affection.


Citrine - A comely stone with tremendous reviving and recharging energy. It is verbalized to have a positive perspective in life as the stone has powers that promote motivation, activates the puissance of ingeniousness, and induces self-expression.


Since World War I the most commonly seen variety of zircon, the blue, has appeared in Jewellery. Known for its brilliance and flashy multicolour light otherwise called fire.


Turquoise is one of the world’s most ancient gems. It was believed in ancient times that Turquoise could cure breathing problems, cure infections, improve eyesight issues and also fix depression and anxiety issues.

Jina’s Jewels, one of the best Jewelry Designer in Canada is the future of mesmerizing jewelry.

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