Dr. Shankar Iyer
Dr. Shankar Iyer

Dr. Shankar Iyer advocates smiling every day to live longer

  • Research has shown that low self-esteem, depression, social awkwardness, and lack of confidence all have a direct correlation with missing teeth in the esthetic zone of a smile.
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PUBLISHED ON APR 07, 2021 03:31 PM IST

Dr. Shankar Iyer says studies have shown that smiling increases the lifespan of an individual. It has a lot of psychological and emotional impact not only on the person but also the ones who see them smiling. One needs to think of smiling as a social activity to boost the image, confidence, appeal, morale, and happiness.

It has been shown that smiling enables the release of endorphins, a mood-lightening hormone that makes feelings happier. When people see others smile, they associate it with a pleasing personality. It is someone who possesses an innate amicable nature and radiates inner beauty. It is impossible to sport a smile when you are sad, unhappy, and angry. A smile is a natural marker of a person’s emotional status that can only be elicited through an involuntary activation of the chemicals of the central nervous system.

Research has shown that low self-esteem, depression, social awkwardness, and lack of confidence all have a direct correlation with missing teeth in the esthetic zone of a smile.

“Keep your Teeth for Life '' is the motto that Dr. Shankar Iyer, a prominent Prosthodontist, who specializes in teeth replacement and dental implants utilizes in his lectures. Dr. Iyer’s approach has attracted several dentists all over the world to rethink how dentistry should be practiced. Whenever one visits the dentist, it is always associated with pain and the fear of being hurt. This paranoia can be overcome if preventive visits are made early on in one’s life.

To enable one to have a healthy smile, one should look into Dr. Iyer’s educational programs that focus on maintaining the teeth for a perfect smile. “Ageing and tooth loss are not related so there should be no reason why one should keep losing teeth as we grow old”. Dr. Iyer does not promote active replacements with prostheses even though he is a Prosthodontist. He is a strong proponent of keeping maintainable teeth so their function can be extended. Dental implants preside over the failure of maintenance of teeth. It is far less expensive to go to a dentist to maintain one’s oral health than to have an expensive implant replacement.

According to Dr. Iyer brushing twice a day with a non-abrasive toothpaste can make teeth shine for decades with the right approach. “Unwarranted cosmetic interventions for the sake of vanity may cause irreversible damage”, he cautions. If one needs cosmetic correction the dentist will evaluate you thoroughly and will lay out all options, provide benefits and risks and create a custom plan to enhance the smile.

Through his courses, Dr. Iyer has been able to change the lives of dentists and patients. With a revolutionary thought process that addresses the etiology of the problem and is not directly treated with solutions, Dr. Iyer has consistently been chosen as one of New Jersey’s top dentists by his peers.

Smile USA Foundation is the charitable organization founded by R. Iyer that provides free oral prosthesis to needy patients and even dental implants are being offered at no charge to those who are debilitated and are not able to afford expensive implants.

Dr. Shankar Iyer is the first Asian to serve as the President of the oldest dental implant organization– the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is also a Fellow of several prestigious Academies including the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow) and the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontists. Maintaining a private practice in New Jersey and teaching at Rutgers University School of dental medicine, he travels to India to do advanced courses and conducts training programs that are only available in the US. His passion for education benefited over 3000 dentists.

Dr. Iyer is working with Reliance Foundation Hospital to set up advanced courses through which dentists are certified by American Universities. Mr. Mukesh Ambani has supported these educational ventures offered by Smile USA through HNH Reliance Foundation. He credits a lot of success of these programs to Chairman and CEO Mr. Ambani who has extended extensive academic and institutional support. Numerous patients who are suffering from undiagnosed pain and joint dysfunction are being treated successfully through these programs at the hospital.

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