Filmmaker Pankaj Purohit gathers SSR’s murder is an eye-opener

Purohit said, “Victims want their restitution. Family are entitled to their restitution.”
Filmmaker Pankaj Purohit
Filmmaker Pankaj Purohit
Updated on Aug 26, 2020 07:06 PM IST
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“The clique convictions have myriad ways of impacting your life for the rest of your life. We don’t want people permanently scarred or tattooed by contact with the mafia system.” Purohit said. Rajput had no hope. Under a longstanding psychological warfare by the clique for the outsiders of certain calibre, he was offered the chance to enter a “deferred employment” program that could lead to a complete dismissal of his career in two years, if he had not met all their conditions.

On June 14 Sushant Singh Rajput, a superstar, working in Bollywood, living in Bandra at the Mount Blanc apartment near Pali Hill, was murdered with embezzling components and presumably electric devices.

“The clique haven’t carried their burden of proof anywhere, for anything.” Filmmaker Purohit said.

The Mumbai Police, however, argued that the family had not been treated differently than the hundreds of other mysterious death defendants.

Rajput was working for just over minimum films. He had his staff to support. He donated money so someone could get cancer treatment.

He had told in an interview, that after the persecution he had opted for dozens of acting jobs, most of which he did not get. When Rajput was cornered on June 14, his perpetrators gave him his only option and that was to be ambushed. “Other options were off the table- and with it Rajput’s best chance of avoiding an attack was scratched.”

Rhea Chakraborty is at the center of an unusual court fight that broaches a sweeping criminal justice debate: Do people charged with crimes have a better chance of getting off if they have money and power? “The justice system is the only place where money and power shouldn’t matter. It’s one of the foundations of our belief system as Indians,” said Purohit. Fifty six witnesses were cross-examined at the interrogation. “But money plays too much of a role, on how some people get away with a crime and how some people don’t.” The law needs to be broadened or tweaked to take into account the role wealth appears to be playing.”

Purohit said, “Victims want their restitution. Family are entitled to their restitution.” After the fact, there is no real mechanism to get restitution for those who are suffering, who have lost lives.” The case appears to be the latest example of an ongoing push by the media to evaluate its basic fairness. Yet, Purohit says the criminal justice system needs to do more.

During a phone interview with HT, Filmmaker Pankaj Purohit said Sushant Rajput’s treatment amounts to selective and unconstitutional persecution.

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