For Canada-based Entrepreneur Bob Beri, sales is an attitude one is born with

  • Now armed with these ethics and having already made a name for himself in the logistics business, Bob is raring to duplicate that success in other sectors too, like the mortgage and real estate.
Bob Beri
Bob Beri
Published on Jan 15, 2021 05:17 PM IST
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Bob Beri, a Canadian entrepreneur believes that Sales is an attitude a person is born with and it cannot be taught in any college or university. According to him, “Sales is something you cannot learn. You are either born with it or not.” It is this attitude that he is now going to bring to another one of his entrepreneurial avatars, in the field of mortgage and real estate. Planning to diversify his business empire into these two sectors, Bob is all set to apply, once again, the principles that he learned, years ago, as a wet-behind-the-ear direct salesperson in London.

Calling London the ‘turning point’ of his life, Bob recalls, “I was a boy really, just entered my 20s, when I went to London to do my Master’s in International Public Relations & Marketing from the prestigious Cardiff University. It was a totally cosmopolitan environment. I was the only Indian in my class but the kind of exposure I got at University remains unparalleled to this date. The kind of grooming I received there has made me what I am today.” After his Master’s, Bob started working for the world-famous APPCO Group, globally the largest direct sales company, where he met some fierce, ambitious people. In fact, the principles that he learned during this “wonderful period of my life”, are still a part of his work ethic.

Now armed with these ethics and having already made a name for himself in the logistics business, Bob is raring to duplicate that success in other sectors too, like the mortgage and real estate. Considering that the world is reeling under the burden of Coronavirus even months later, you might think that venturing into a new business would be no less than a suicide, but Bob thinks quite the opposite. He says, “Yes, everybody is affected. People have lost their jobs. The markets were expected to go down further, but, instead, the markets went up and the prices of real estate have shot up again. So, you can never predict for sure how the market is going to behave. It is something which we have to keep in mind. The markets remain ever-changing and nobody is capable enough to predict the future.”

Mortgage means home loans and the sector is deeply connected to the real estate sector. Since everybody needs to buy a home at one point or another in life, they need money from the banks. Moreover, people are also known to want a loan against their homes, because of the increasing lifestyle costs. So, Bob says, this is one market that will never stop. Talking about the commercial aspect of the real estate and mortgage fields, he says, “The world economy and businesses are growing. So, capital is going to remain the most basic requirement of tomorrow. Capital fuels this growth and that is where a mortgage comes in handy as well.”

It is true that Bob is fascinated by the concept of economics. For him, the basic premise of demand and supply gives him the adrenaline rush. Thanks to his business mindset, Bob always knew that he was going to do something closer to that. He got into sales by chance, when he was in England. But being part of a direct sales team with APPCO Group, and handling the entry-level job in sales, earned him a “beautiful, exciting and challenging” experience. He loved meeting new people and trying to convince them about the product. Even he got rejected or his offer wasn’t picked up, he couldn’t wait to get up again, go out, and do it all over again!

Years later, he has the same fire burning inside, as he says, “I just want to be a good salesman in real estate.” He goes on to add that he wants to make a name in this highly competitive industry by being a “genuine salesman” who doesn’t misguide vulnerable home-buyers. Pointing out that in the market there are a lot of people who misguide people about the clarity in home-buying deals; he didn’t want to be like them.

As for the future, Bob wants to own a brokerage firm one day, where he can have a team of people, trained in his personal working style, and doing business as per his ethics and principles.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in the creation of this content.

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