GROW DENSE-The Next Generation Hair Medicine First Time In India

  • Dr Ashok Sinha had promised the best hair care treatment in India, which he fulfilled by launching two revolutionary hair care products for the first time in India that have received the FDA approval.
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PUBLISHED ON AUG 10, 2021 09:26 PM IST

Bringing a revolution in the hair care industry, Dr Ashok Sinha founder of Adon Hair Care Clinic has launched yet another product that not only reduces hair fall but also increases hair growth. Introducing the best of its kind product for the first time in India, Dr Ashok Sinha, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Hair Expert and Hair Innovator, gives details about the product, its advantages and its composition.

Grow dense Hair Serum was launched on 15th July after 3 months of rigorous testing on more than 17 patients suffering from hair loss. The results were amazingly satisfactory with 98% of the patients, both male and female reporting better hair growth and reduced hair fall. Prior to this, Adon Hair Care Clinic under the supervision of Dr Ashok Sinha had launched another hair care product - Adonsidil Finestrong 2.5X, which also received popularity with 100% guaranteed results.

Dr Ashok Sinha has been dedicatedly trying to bring better and affordable solutions for all types of hair problems in India for a few years now. He had promised the best hair care treatment in India, which he fulfilled by launching two revolutionary hair care products for the first time in India that have received the FDA approval.

Grow dense is best for those who for some reason do not want to use the combination of Minoxidil Finasteride. “Whether you are a male or a female, the product can be best useful for you if the density of your hair is maintained but you are fighting the hair loss problem, '' says Dr Ashok Sinha on his YouTube channel sharing the details of the product. He further adds that controlling hair loss in females is very difficult. But for the first time in India, a product is launched that is equally effective for hair loss treatment for both male and female.

The best USP of Grow dense is, it does not have any side effects because it is a serum that is composed with all the natural molecules that are already present in your body. Grow dense does not contain Minoxidil, Finasteride, Silicon, Paraben and Sulphate. As a result, after applying this serum, there are no complaints of itching, irritation or dandruff.

How To Use Grow dense Hair Serum

Explaining how to use Grow dense Hair Serum for best results in his YouTube video, Dr Ashok Sinha says, you should apply 1 ML serum once a day. But if you are experiencing aggressive hair fall, like above 150 - 200 per day, then he recommends applying 1 ML serum twice a day. Giving directions on how to use Grow dense Hair Serum, he explains that the bottle comes with a dropper.

Fill the dropper up to 1 ML and apply drop by drop on the scalp.

After putting 1 drop, gently spread it with the fingers around the applied area.

For best effect, apply after having a bath, when the hair and scalp are dry.

After applying the Grow dense Hair Serum, do not wear a helmet or cover your head with a cap, do not sleep, nor wash your hair for at least 1 hour.

There is no oily touch after applying the serum, which means it is not necessary to wash your hair every time after applying the serum.

Grow dense Hair Serum is highly effective in controlling hair fall and is easily available at at a discount launch price of INR 925/- only. The Grow dense Hair Serum bottle is 35 ML which is more than enough to last for a month. In case if you are facing aggressive hair fall and need to apply the serum twice a day, you can order for the Grow dense Hair Serum Twin Pack at a discount launch price of INR 1650/-.

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