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Considering possibility of Virus mutations to completely evade the Anti-Viral attacks, VEDICINALS has PLAN-B where it defends the patient by stopping the virus invasion into cells and replication.

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A Game changing, clinically proven, Patent Pending Product, in the fight against the current pandemic, VEDICINALS®-9 is available now from Indo-German Biotech, Vedicinals India Private Limited. VEDICINALS is one of the few teams globally to successfully conclude clinical trials on Post Covid / Long Covid along with Covid-19.

VEDICINALS approach on fighting Corona pandemic is similar to military tactics.

#1 Anti-Viral to attack the Virus on 8 targets simultaneously, outside and within human cells.

#2 Anti-Inflammatory & Host resilience to defend / block the human receptors, up /down regulate enzymes to create unfavourable condition for Virus entry, multiplication within human cells.

#3 Organ protective to protect, repair and rejuvenate Vital organs attacked / damaged by Virus/ Cytokines.

VEDICINALS®-9 is very potent, unique combination of high purity, standardized, bio active molecules, namely Baicalin, Hesperidin, Luteolin, Quercetin, Rutin, Glycyrrhizin, Epigallocatechin gallate, Curcumin, Piperine. Each one of the 9 molecules are being continuously confirmed / endorsed by global, independent scientific community to be promising molecules against Sars_Cov_2. Scientific community has appreciated this unique combination of 9 very potent molecules with maximum possible concentration and still having extremely high safety profile of Category 5, >5000mg/kg against the daily dose of 75mg/kg, proving this to be one of the safest Nutraceutical products on market.

The clinical trial is CTRI WHO registered. VEDICINALS has published Whitepaper, 71 Drug target pathways, research papers, pre-clinical, clinical data on their company’s website This gesture of transparency, willingness to share / collaborate and help humanity is appreciated by many Universities and researchers as a treasure of information thrown open.

To counter the evasive tactics of the virus, its tendency to mutate on spike, VEDICINALS chose to target 3cL-Pro/M-Pro virus protease as this Anti-viral drug target site, is being subjected to very little to no mutations since 2004. Over and above 3cL Pro/M-Pro, VEDICINALS®-9 attacks 7 other structural proteins of Virus.

Considering possibility of Virus mutations to completely evade the Anti-Viral attacks, VEDICINALS has PLAN-B where it defends the patient by stopping the virus invasion into cells and replication.

Next stage is post infection, where cytokine storm or overreaction of our own immune system destroys / attacks the organs. VEDICINALS molecules have documented evidence for management of immune response and long covid conditions.

Finally, from the doctors/front line warriors’ point of view, VEDICINALS wanted to equip them with therapeutic weapon to cover whole spectrum of patients coming in for treatment starting from asymptomatic, over mild to moderate, severe, post-Covid with damaged organs and compromised immunity.

Based on global inputs, publications, and scientist’s estimations, VEDICINALS finalized VEDICINALS®-9 formulation by April 2020, applied for Trademark Registration in India and many countries of interest. Indian Patent is applied for various delivery methods supplemented by PCT.

VEDICINALS selection of 3cL-Pro/M-Pro as drug target is out of box and proving beneficial. Since January 2020 VEDICINALS is continually monitoring the mutations reported and are lucky so far to hold the ground firmly against recent mutations as well, including the Delta variant.

Designed in Europe, Developed & Made in India. The combination of German development skills and Indian execution capabilities made this a unique project being concluded within a record timeframe.

Says the German Chairman, Mr. Joachim Gerlach of VEDICINALS,

“Soon after China made available the Genetic information, we started with all our resources and reached out to scientists in our network. We learnt back in March 2020, virus is going to mutate to evade/adapt to the immune system assault, and the battle will last for an awfully long time.

Most rewarding for our scientist’s is the outcome of the clinical trials and the quality of currently incoming data / feedbacks. Patients showed better clinical outcomes including faster viral clearance, accelerated repair of lung damage, prevention of severe Covid-19 disease progression, improvements of various key biomarkers such as IL-6 and CRP, faster resolution of clinical symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue etc and organ protection.

Representative Chart
Representative Chart

The Chart shows the percentage of abnormal lung X-Ray in both groups of human clinical trials.

In the Vedicinals 9 treatment group there was a rapid and significant improvement on the documented X-Ray findings. This correlates with the fast Viral clearance, Anti-inflammatory, and Organ protective data we got parallel from other biomarker evaluations. Arrest of disease progression, increase of oxygen levels and regeneration of organ tissues are documented.”

Mr. Prakash Salunke, Managing Director and Shareholder said,

“VEDICINALS®-9 is certified as a Nutraceutical product in India by the FSSAI as of now, and we are currently undergoing compliance for a certification upgrade to FSMP. SARS COV2 and its upcoming variants will need to be controlled by combining vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, antibody treatment, oxygen supply, all in different combinations, like the HIV treatment. We have already entered the battle.”

VEDICINALS is convinced that they will contribute significantly fighting this pandemic and are welcoming Industry partners, regulatory agencies to join the forces and seek combination treatment options with VEDICINALS®-9.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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