How can utility billing companies modernize their billing systems with QR codes?

  • Utility billing companies can utilize the use of a PDF QR code to house the consumer’s digital statement of account as well as track their payment history with just a scan.
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Published on Jun 22, 2021 07:41 PM IST
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Throughout the years, our utility billing companies are sending us mails of the bills we need to pay at a short notice. And with different utilities people are currently subscribing and paying, their mailboxes are oftentimes flooded with numerous mails from these companies.

Due to these mails flooding every homeowner’s mailing post, most of the paper they get and paid with will pile up in their trash bins. Ending up to a huge contribution of the cumulative paper wastage the world gathers per year.

And with deforestation as one of the environmental issues paper contributes, the call for utility companies to ditch the use of so many papers in their billing means is raised by advocates.

As there is much technology that these types of companies can integrate towards their paperless billing means, they can first start to utilize the use of QR codes as the tech is relatively affordable and easy to incorporate into any billing situation.

How can utility billing companies modernize their billing systems?

As modernizing their billing systems also involve making their companies operate paperlessly, applying the use of a lightweight file-embedding technology becomes their first stepping stone towards slowly eliminating the use of paper in their billing means.

With the availability of an online QR code generator, they can modernize their billing systems with QR codes and apply it in three notable billing means.

House the digital statement of account and payment history

Utility billing companies can utilize the use of a PDF QR code to house the consumer’s digital statement of account as well as track their payment history with just a scan. The use of these 2D barcodes will allow the consumers to lessen the mails they receive and instantly have a digital copy of the billing statement by simply scanning the code and downloading the file.

As keeping records of their payment is now can be done digitally, the burden of keeping more paper in their drawers lessens. In addition, they can reduce the risk of making their house susceptible to fires.


With the convenient online payment can give to every consumer, the use of QR codes can make fund transfer faster by just only scanning the code the utility billing company included in its digital billing statement. To not confuse the consumer where to scan the QR code for payment, utility companies can utilize the use of a QR code generator online to create customized payment QR codes and more.

As they can save a user time from typing in the utility company’s billing account to online payment platforms, leading digital wallets as Paypal and more are now endorsing the use of QR codes to provide easy fund transfer.

Real-time utility usage tracking

If the utility company is committed to letting their consumers monitor their electricity or water usage in real-time, then the use of QR codes is the perfect portal for them to have. As it will not require the consumers to go to their meter readers, which are usually located 300 meters away from their homes, they can just monitor their utility usage right through their screens.

By just scanning the meter reading QR code that is provided for them, they can monitor their utility usage anytime and anywhere, as long as they have access to their meter reader QR code.


As the world is moving on towards a convenient living with technology, companies that are not adapting to these change means a loss of better service provision for its customers.

To follow the path the world is going for, adapting to these changes is a better option that every utility company should try and consider. And for them to do that, they will need to transform their current billing system towards a fast and digital one with the use of QR codes.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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