IBA CRAFTS introduces new eco-friendly techniques in the world of garment production

The unique selling point of IBA Crafts is its JIT system which has helped the company to sustain the business capital unlike today’s fast fashion that has a lot of unsold inventory which ultimately gets dumped in landfills.
UPDATED ON JAN 06, 2021 05:05 PM IST

IBA CRAFTS is a fresh and young garment business entrepreneurship based out in Noida. With an

innovative approach, the company owns imported high-tech machinery from Japan & Korea, which sets high standards in garment manufacturing promoting eco-friendly techniques & processes. The company is run by the manpower of 300 people, working in different departments like graphics, textiles, production, data management & IT developments. Just 8 years in the market now, this manufacturing unit generated a turnover of 5 Million USD in the year closing 2020.

All the manufacturing set-up is In-house in their Unit in Noida, Sector – 11, and no process is outsourced. When the company shifted their business model from Inventory Led to Just In Time Process in 2015, they knew it was a lot of risks then, to not sell outside vendors products and focus on their own creation. But In a matter of just 24 months and 1 Million USD of personal investment, IBA cracked the JIT model in Garments Manufacturing and home-furnishing industry. The process was unique, which they later got copyrighted and has the first-mover advantage. In a highly competitive market scenario like the current times, the magic wand that kept IBA ahead of all in the race is JIT innovation, which is based on the Augmented Reality concept. Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. IBA Craft’s JIT system is a product of cumulative work for over ten years by the founders in setting up just the right ecosystem to incubate the JIT process. Presently the company has a Virtual Inventory worth 1000 CR and is aiming to reach a 100 crore turnover in another 12-18 months time.

The founders are a team of three who held one unified vision since the time when the startup wasn’t such a popular concept in the industry. Nitin Kapoor(34), Hema Kapoor(34), Amit Gupta(37) jeopardized their MNC careers in a time when the E-commerce business did not still gain momentum like it is today. A start-up dream at that point of life was mostly looked down upon. The initial challenges were with the vendors, compliance, government policies, understanding the law of transactions. Among other challenges, managing demand and supply was a bigger task, so Just In Time came into the system with improvisations in the technology which gave birth to Textech to manage demand and control utilization of natural resources and recycle waste fabric. Starting the venture merely with their meager salaries, the trio has come a long way from a 10X10 Square feet room with 10,000 INR investment to over 200 Cr of Business to have effectuated into the country from Exports.

The unique selling point of IBA Crafts is its JIT system which has helped the company to sustain the business capital unlike today’s fast fashion that has a lot of unsold inventory which ultimately gets dumped in landfills. IBA with their JIT technology has partnered with BOB, TradeMe, Wish, Mercado, Lazada, Newegg, Catch, Price Minister, Cdiscount, Allegro, eBay, and Amazon resulting in IBA’s explosive growth. The company stood one of the only finalists from the north in the National Start-Up Awards 2020, representing Delhi in AR/VR (Augmented reality and Virtual reality) technology in the fashion business.

The company has 20,000 massive offerings of designs & patterns and technology available for Printing or Embroidery on the Fabrics sorted for DIY(Do-it-yourself) customers, wholesalers and exporters for both Natural & Polyester fabrics which again deals in 60 Kinds of different materials with varying widths of fabrics ranging from 36 Inches to 64 Inches. The Company plans to start O2O (Online to Offline) model in garments where the customer would check the physical sample of the product on the physical store and then buy the color or print by looking at the model image.

Today as a Fashion Tech Firm, Indian Beautiful Art(IBA) has developed this Just In Time Garments Manufacturing (JIT) process, which helps to eliminate the need for warehousing for apparel and garments that can be manufactured from scratch within 48 hours of receiving the order which the Customers can place via real-life AR Images. IBA thrives to change the way people shop for garments in the coming future and dreams to gain the Unicorn status someday. Especially in these Covid times, JIT is revolutionizing the Garment Industry, addressing the biggest persistent industry the problem of ‘Stocking / Inventory’ or warehousing and stock keeping.

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