Indian men love to flaunt natural gemstones as fashion accessories. They also help make life better!

From flaunting high-end watches, fine leather shoes or bespoke designer wear, urban Indian men have now turned to natural gemstones as the new status symbol.
Anshul Goel, Founder & Director, Brahma Gems
Anshul Goel, Founder & Director, Brahma Gems
Updated on Jan 22, 2021 12:11 PM IST
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Whether it is Amitabh Bachchan, who wears blue sapphire and Colombian emerald for protection of health and good fortune, or Ajay Devgn whose faith lies in a combination of pearl and yellow sapphire to enhance his self-confidence and achieve even more fame! Famous personalities of India, right from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, or from prominent businessman like Sunil Bharti Mittal, or several others, have publicly endorsed their faith in gemstones. The reasons range from better health to good fortune, calming the mind or enhance leadership skills to gain self-confidence.

Amidst all this, we must not forget that it is not just affluent Indians who have taken a shine to the beneficial properties of natural gemstones, but even the common Indian who swears by its effect on life. What is even more interesting is that while buying gemstones, the buyers are not looking for just jewellery, but authentic and certified astrological gemstones, which are designed into attention-grabbing statement pieces. That is the trend the gemstones market is following today!

Significance of Natural Gemstones

The allure of astrological gemstones and jewellery dates back to ancient history, and this phenomenon wasn’t just limited to the Indian sub-continent but it existed in nearly every part of the world. From the Ottoman to Mughal empires, coloured gemstones were treasured not only for their ornamental value but also for their astrological significance and specific powers. Earlier it was believed that gemstones and jewellery was popular only with queens and noble-women, but that is not the case. Even emperors, kings and noble-men also wore precious stones to experience their propitious effects. Their belief in gemstones was strengthened by the fact that some of the stones could even bring them victory in wars.

It may look like the natural gemstones have fallen out of favour during contemporary times, but the opposite, in fact, is true. One has only to look at the long list of Indian celebrities in Bollywood, politics, business, and sports, to gauge the ever-growing popularity of gemstones. Mr. Anshul Goel, Founder & Director of Delhi-based online gemstone provider,Brahma Gems, confirms that contemporary Indians are as crazy about gems and relevant advice as the ancient Indians were.

Brahma Gems – The Experts

Mr. Goel is an individual with a solid background in the field, owing to his Degree in Gemology. Perhaps that is why, he is able to explain in detail what the modern era gems experts believe in. In his opinion, unless the wearer puts his faith into it, a gemstone is just like any other stone. In fact, Mr. Goel informs that his company believes in going above and beyond while selling a high-value product to the interested buyers. In fact, what puts Brahma Gems a cut above the rest is their “end-to-end” service, which involves guiding consumers regarding the specific attributes of different stones and a special energization ceremony after the client chooses a gemstone for himself.

According to Mr. Anshul Goel, the consumers interested in gemstones are looking for value-added services, which allay all their doubts. His clientele includes members of the Royal families of India too. He takes pride in the fact that his clients keep coming back, not the least because of Brahma Gems’ eminent panel of astrologers, each one of whom is a specialist in his respective field. These astrologers guide the clients through the process of selecting gemstones for crucial matters. They also activate the chosen stone for the client, through time-tested methods. The company offers gemstones through online and offline purchases, depending upon whether the client wants to pick a product on his own or wants the greater comfort of face-to-face interactions.

Among the many attributes of gemstones, the prominent ones are cut, luster, clarity, brilliance, etc. While the colored gemstones are rare and costlier, they have a higher aspirational value attached. No wonder that these gemstones are most sought-after due to their premium healing powers. In fact, Mr. Goel reveals, some of the more serious customers, who possess enough knowledge about this field, are not satisfied easily. They keep asking questions, interested in knowing the intricate details regarding the stones’ origin and authenticity. The savvy consumers want to review multiple choices before making their choice.

Why Brahma Gems

The natural gemstones online store of Brahma Gems has thousands of authentic, natural, high-quality, unheated-untreated, and Govt. Lab-certified pieces on display, each one being transparently priced. Having invested considerably in proprietary technology, Brahma Gems has provided customers a superlative online experience with the help of revolutionary photography and videography of the gemstones. It is as if the customer is holding the stone right in front of his eyes during the online shopping experience. Besides, Brahma Gems offers comprehensive reading material, round the clock sales & support teams, along with an extensive catalog of products marked by transparent pricing.

Gemstone Experts’ Advice

As per the experts, whatever the metal and jewels we use along with the gemstones are valued less, if it is not 100% natural and authentic gemstones and not touch one’s skin directly. It is quite heartening to know that today’s well-read, knowledgeable consumer understands this only too well. To sum it up, gemstones are beneficial only when they are natural and authentic, and also if their astral properties are activated under expert guidance by someone who understands the science associated with their healing powers.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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