Playing fantasy cricket on FanFight makes you feel wow.(FanFight)
Playing fantasy cricket on FanFight makes you feel wow.(FanFight)

Indian T20 League Cricket 2020 on FanFight: Rise of the leading fantasy cricket platform

With over 5 million fantasy players, FanFight is one of the finest fantasy sports application in the country.
UPDATED ON SEP 23, 2020 04:16 PM IST

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India’s biggest tournament, Indian T20 Premier League, is back with surge and FanFight Fantasy Cricket brings you the best Indian T20 fantasy gaming experience with winnings of crores daily.

Amalgamation of Fantasy Cricket and Indian T20 Premier League

India is a massive market for online fantasy sports. Fantasy Sports made its mark all over the country and the format has been able to create a big stir. In a cricket-mad nation like India, Fantasy Cricket was envisaged to hit colossal numbers but the exponential rise in numbers has been rather appalling. Fantasy Cricket has also paved the way for the growth of other sports on the online fantasy sports portals.

Approximately 67% of cricket fans in India are now familiar with the concept of fantasy sports. With more sports now being easily accessible, the number of fantasy users is expected to grow by 30% - 50% every year. The Indian T20 League needs no introduction. It’s arguably one of the biggest sporting events in the world and the fantasy cricket version of it is also massive. It has given cricket fans in the country a deeper avenue of engagement. The pandemic this year put a halt on all the league across the world, but here we are, only a few days away from the resumption of the mega event. The Indian T20 Premier League.

Indulge the Essence of FanFight Fantasy Cricket

With over 5 million fantasy players, FanFight is one of the finest fantasy sports application in the country. The brand made its mark into the online fantasy sports market in 2017 and since then, it has only flourished. FanFight started with a 6-player format where it was a massive hit and now, we moved it to 11-player Format. It garnered over a million users in the first year and the user base has been only increasing since. Providing end-users with the best UI, solving user queries in real-time, or as quickly as possible, including features that are certain to make fantasy sports more exciting, introducing monetary rewards and hosting as many sports leagues as possible for the users. FanFight’s keenness to provide the users with the best version of itself has made it a crowd favourite.

Features of FanFight Fantasy Cricket App

FanFight has used this halt to their advantage & introduced a cracking version. Version 2.7.0. One which is certain to thrill all you fantasy cricket fans. Features like the daily rewards, series leaderboards, new team formation, upto 15 teams in multi-entry contests & Extracash have been added to their fantasy arsenal. Playing & winning on FanFight has been made simpler.

60 T20 matches will be lined-up for avid cricket fans & lakhs will be up for grabs, every game, every day. Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket has undoubtedly been the most extensively played T20 league on FanFight & the league will return yet again, giving users a massive opportunity to win big. Indian Fantasy Cricket League 2020 will feature some of the best T20 cricketers from across the world & 8 teams will battle it out for the coveted trophy.

Daily rewards will also be a feature to watch out for during the Indian T20 League. Completion of a task will earn rewards every day. Extracash will be rewarded on completion of the tasks. This Extracash can be used to join any contest on FanFight.

The Indian T20 League on FanFight is going to be quite a spectacle. Users will have the opportunity to win 2.5 Crores every day and win some super gadgets. The fantasy users can win big by playing the mega contests and participate in the gadget pool to win an iPhone every day. The introduction of the weekly leaderboard for the Indian T20 League is extremely lucrative. The mantra is pretty simple. You use your cricket knowledge/skill to pick your best fantasy teams. You surely would not want to miss this. Ready to win? Winning on FanFight certainly, #FeelsWow.

The Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League will also have the team limit increased to 15 for multi-entry contests. The fantasy users can create upto 15 teams in contests where multiple contest entry is allowed. Chances of winning also increase when users join with different team combinations.

Team formation has been altered for better flexibility & users can use this feature in the Indian T20 Premier League Cricket 2020. Fantasy Cricket nerds can pick their favourite players. But it’s imperative to pick a team based on the players’ recent form, their numbers against an opposition, their strengths & weaknesses.

A brand-new points system also has been introduced for easier point calculation. The points are doubled for every action on the field & the bowler will earn 25 points for every wicket taken. It was a mere 10 previously.

“We’ve always tried to up the ante, add features and give something new to the users. We value user feedback and this synergy with the users has been a huge positive,” - said Akhil Suhag, CEO FanFight.

Secured Payment Gateway

Transactions on FanFight have been made extremely simple with the introduction of various payment gateway. Withdrawals, deposits and applying coupons happen easily, briskly and with utmost precision. FanFight has always thrived on revamping user experience and with the secured payment gateways, they’ve managed to earn the trust of over 5 million users.

“We’ve made sure we leave no stone unturned as far as making fantasy sports more accessible, safe and easy is concerned. It’s a constant grind and I’m incredibly proud of the team,” mentioned Akhil Suhag - CEO FanFight.

Growth of FanFight Fantasy Cricket

The year 2019 was exceptional for FanFight. The revenue increased by 295.9%, there was an increase in the deposits by 323.6% & the winnings percentage was over 227%. The year 2020 hasn’t been the best for sports in general.

“Every international and domestic series, leagues and other competitions across all sports were called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even the Olympics wasn’t spared. To keep the users engaged during the absence of the mainstream tournaments, we introduced short burst engagement campaigns like Throwback Fantasy, quizzes and also introduced baseball on our portal. Now with the return of live sports, we are seeing an upward trend again in the numbers.

The number of players that played fantasy cricket every day during the Indian T20 League 2019 went up by 8x and we’re expecting similar, if not better numbers, since most of the users will be working from home. The popularity of online fantasy sports has penetrated to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Every reason why exponential growth is almost a certainty” - mentioned Akhil Suhag.

Talking about the plans to create decibel visibility for Indian T20 League 2020, Nishanth Amerneni, Marketing Head, FanFight said - “We always approach every Indian T20 Cricket League season bearing in mind, branding and performance. We’ll be visible digitally, on TV and also be focusing on video content to gain the best possible visibility. A host of Indian T20 League campaigns are planned around the Indian T20 Premier League which you’ll get to see very soon. Depending on the performances, we’ll also be looking at sponsorships for the future tournaments going forward.”

Playing Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy Cricket on FanFight

Play, Win, Repeat is the winning mantra for the Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League. Users get Rs. 25 Extracash on joining FanFight. That’s a decent start. They can then pick an Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket fixture, choose a contest, create their best XI(s) & start winning. 60 T20 games will be lined-up on FanFight’s game centre and users have an opportunity to win big rewards every match. Let your cricketing knowledge do the talking. Also, with the new multi-entry feature, where, upto 15 teams can be created, users can now choose different team combinations and earn more. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This is your time to shine.

The Legality of Fantasy Cricket

Based on the performance of the real sports players selected by the user to draft his/her team, the user collects points. Points are awarded to users according to the scoring sheet and performance of their selected players in the real match. Users are later ranked based on these points and accordingly receive winnings from the Entry Pool. Assessing a player’s past performances, including them in your fantasy cricket teams requires plenty of understanding of the sport and this is when the ‘game of skill’ comes into the picture. Games involving considerable and substantial degree of skill fall outside the scope of gambling laws and hence make fantasy cricket/fantasy sports legal in India.

FanFight offers you the best choice of gaming experience in terms of Mega Contests, Head2Head, Last Man Standing, Winner Takes All and Practice Contests (Free). So, what are you waiting for…? Join and Play Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy Cricket on FanFight and Win Crores Daily. Being a FanFighter and Winning Big makes you #FEELSWOW!

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