International Numerology Day - Nov 18 - to integrate Numerologists globally

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Nov 16, 2021 12:58 PM IST

Numerology is exploring the relationship numbers have with the cosmos. JC Chaudhry tells us more.

Interaction with JC Chaudhry, one of India’s top numerologists who points out that ‘Measurement is Management is a well-accepted scientific management principle and Numbers are the core of measurement’. Everything in the universe resonates and vibrates with numbers. Numerology is exploring the relationship numbers have with the cosmos.

JC Chaudhary
JC Chaudhary

1.What is the idea behind International Numerology Day? As you are getting a lot of speaking engagements, how do you plan to create awareness on the subject?

Notion behind International Numerology Day is that the people throughout the world should improve their life style and plan their life in better way with the knowledge of numbers. They will increase their chances of being successful and minimize failures in their life. This will also make them confident about the career they want to choose and the Brand name of the company, which will give them a better prospect.

It is not only to uplift but also to assist the other people, who are unaware of the enigma behind the numbers. This day will be celebrated by spreading awareness about the power of numbers.

2. Your ‘JC Nummerro APP’ is creating waves among enthusiasts. Can you share us more about this?

The best thing about JC Nummerro App is, it's free to use and is available on both the Play store and App store, So no need to pay anything to any Numerologist to know about your numbers and the compatibility of your numbers. There are many other features that are completely free;

- Check your daily, monthly, and yearly predictions.

- Check compatibility with your date of birth (DOB) and name

- Relationship compatibility for love/marriage

- Child/newborn name and DOB compatibility

- Lucky colors, gemstones, dates, years for investment and more.

3. As a researcher and practitioner of numerology for more than three decades, what are the insights that you have gained?

After learning about this, I started doing calculations of different people I use to meet on bus, train,s or relatives. To my wonder, my predictions came out to be almost correct based upon his/her numbers. I have done calculations of thousands of people and the accuracy of prediction gave me a boost for going more and more research.

After studying numerology for almost 3 years, one day I tried to match the events that happened in my life with my Date of Birth and I found that none of the events of my life matches with my DOB. This means my DOB is wrong as it doesn’t match at all with any event thathappened.

Then based on my qualities and events in life, I calculated a date that was most appropriate for me. It was a pleasant surprise for me too when I discovered that the date, I had calculated was the same as the date I discovered from the Chief Medical officer’s record. My conviction and confidence increased.

When our interest is genuine and not selfish, intuitions also begin to emerge in us.

I still remember one incident, Once I was coming back to Delhi from Haridwar in the year 1993, 80 km before the home I had intuition that there will be a yellow colour envelop in the letter box, which would contain my interview letter for the post of principal and if the Interview date will be of 12th /21st then I am going to be selected – surprisingly when I reached home there was a yellow envelope in the letter box and letter in it date of interview 12th and finally I was selected as principal.

4. Could you elaborate on some real-life practical benefits of a mystical science like numerology?

As I told you earlier that this is science of numbers and we all are surrounded by numbers in different forms, like mobile number, flat number, vehicle number, etc. which are directly or indirectly impacting our life.

If a person can come to know about his/her lucky numbers and numbers to be avoided, then they can plan their auspicious things accordingly, so that chances of success increase. Measurement is Management and thecore of measurement are in numbers, numerology is about understanding the correlation between numbers and life.

I could plan my institute i.e. Aakash Institute right from its inception till date. Such as What should be the plot number of the building, which is a good date to start any course, what is the Date of Birth of employee, whether their Psychic and Destiny numbers are harmonious or not, Number that comes from each installment of fees, avoid numbers that did not harmoniously vibrate with name of Aakash Institute and my Date of Birth. By following this I got positive results and now it is India’s best test preparatory Institute for Medical and IIT.

Having said that I always believed in the theory of Karma first, without which nothing is possible. This science gives a wider and broader understanding of phase or time, through which you are passing. If it is good, then go ahead and if not good then delay the things and wait for the appropriate time.

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Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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