The awareness on the importance of Purified Water has become mandatory
The awareness on the importance of Purified Water has become mandatory

Is filtered and purified water the same?

The easiest way to understand the difference between filtered and purified water is to know that while all purified water is filtered, not all filtered water is pure.
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PUBLISHED ON MAY 31, 2021 06:02 PM IST

To put it simply, No. Filtered and Purified Water is not the same. Although used interchangeably, there are significant differences between both.

Filtered Water is stored, passed through sediment filters, carbon filters, and then rarely through a microfilter. This cleaning is superficial. It is not filtered at a microscopic level. It may be safe to drink, but it is not 100% pure.

On the other hand, Purified Water refers to an in-depth, molecular level of cleaning that involves long processes of purification. It is an advanced form of providing the best quality water to the people.

The easiest way to understand the difference between filtered and purified water is to know that while all purified water is filtered, not all filtered water is pure. Another example would be, Gravity-Based water purifiers provide filtered water, and RO+UV water purifiers offer purified water. Not sure what all this means? You can check out this water purifier reviews website to learn more about all these water purification technologies.

What Happens in the Processing of Filtered Water?

The availability of Filtered Water is vast, and it’s cheap.

The processing of Filtered Water does not involve any big fancy machines or the inclusion of chemical agents. It is a primitive form of filtration.

Basic filtration removes small pebbles, common dirt visible to the naked eye, any foreign objects, etc.

Filtration does not remove dissolved solids like natural minerals and harmful heavy metals. Filtration also does not use UV purification. In UV purification, water is passed through a closed chamber with a high UV lamp.

This UV lamp produces high intensity UV rays which kill or deactivate all disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, pathogens, etc. This water is then packed and supplied to the local areas in convenience stores in a bottled form.

What is Purified Water?

Though the origin of Purified Water is the same as Filtered Water, the former is an improved version of the latter. How purified water is manufactured is a long and complex one compared to ordinary Filter Water.

The processes are lengthy and involve chemical reactions of displacement, reverse osmosis, deionization, etc. It uses cutting-edge technology and gives the best to its consumers. It can also be speculated that Purified Water is the next step performed after Filtered Water is produced.

Purified Water is always heard in connection to the latest hot topic of ‘pure and hygienic water. This chain of conversation then includes the advertisements of RO+UF purifiers seen on TV. Hearing all the discussions around RO+UF Water Purifiers and how they are the best water purifiers makes you wonder what they are and what they do that makes people go all gaga over them.

What do ‘RO’ and ‘UF’ actually mean? And what do they do? They are Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration, respectively. Pushing impure water through a semipermeable membrane to get pure water on the other side is the standard mechanism of both. However, UF filters bacteria, viruses, and parasites but retains minerals through that membrane, while RO does not. RO removes dissolved solids like natural minerals and harmful heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, etc., but IF can’t. Both in combination give the purest drinking water.

Why is Purified Water the Best for Drinking?

Here are 5 reasons why Purified Water is recommended -

1. Mineralization

The addition of minerals is called Mineralization. Essential minerals necessary for our body’s growth and development are added during the purification processes. These minerals are Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, to name a few. They eliminate any deficiencies that a person may have by drinking them.

2. De-Chlorination

Chlorine is a disinfecting agent. It has been known for its purification ability since time immemorial. Water supplying agencies and municipal corporations worldwide add Chlorine to make water infection-free. However, the smell and taste of it are not suitable for us. During purification, the water is passed through a carbon filter removing all the chlorine. Note that eliminating chlorine will also not remove its effect. The disinfection done by it is still valid.

3. Appealing Smell and Taste

Addition of minerals, removal of chlorine; both these reasons give the water a sweet smell and taste. For children, this helps them drink more water in a day, which is beneficial for their health.

4. Devoid of all Microbes

Microorganisms occupy every inch of our living. They are in everything and everywhere, and most of them, when consumed, are harmful and produce ill effects in our bodies. Hence, these must be gotten rid of. In the multi-process purification of purified water, all microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungus, algae, and parasites are removed from the water. This leaves the Purified Water fit for drinking and saves us from many waterborne diseases.

5. Reduces Health Issues

Drinking water helps reduce weight. But, drinking purified water aids in the loss of weight more efficiently. It also rejuvenates skin and hair scalp, which leaves them glowing and firm, respectively. Digestion-related issues like constipation or acidity are foremost solved on the consumption of purified water.


The confusion of whether Filtered Water and Purified Water are the same has been going on for a long time. Now that we have gone through their processes and understood their attributes, the conclusion is that they are not the same. The above article clearly states the differences between them, and they should not be confused any further.

Among them, though Purified Water is preferred, it is not available to every household. Hence, it is not so common. The usage poll results reveal that Filtered Water is still consumed in far greater numbers than Purified Water.

The awareness on the importance of Purified Water has become mandatory. It needs to be spread everywhere so that people of all backgrounds have access to it and lead healthy, happy lives.

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