Kunwar Vikram Singh led CAPSI has been successfully representing the private security industry in India

It is CAPSI that persistently persuaded the government for the enactment of the Private Security Agency Regulations Act of 2005.
Updated on Dec 21, 2020 05:00 PM IST
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At some part of our lives, we all have come across uniform wearing watchmen in our neighbourhood and wondered who do they work for, how are they able to serve us privately and most importantly, why do they not get respect as much a police officer gets if they both do almost similar work and that is to protect us from any kind of threat?

As much it is needed to have the answers of these questions, it is also needed to know one more thing and that is when do our real “chowkidar” will get his due respect? Let us find the answers and we will also find the role of CAPSI in this article.

The watchmen, bouncers, primary first-aid providers and fire trained marshals of the majority of the MSMEs today are part of the private security industry. Private security industry (PSI) is a blooming industry in India growing at a CAGR of around 20% for a decade now. It is one of the largest employers and provider of the man power in India. As of now, the Indian personal security market is likely to touch INR 99,000 crore and 1.5 Lakh crore by 2022. This shows how important is their contribution to not only our society but to our economy too.

The significance of the PSI in order to have a crime-free society is great. A typical security personnel’s job includes protecting people, places and property from potential threats but there are additional roles too which make their jobs really very important for the proper functioning of our system and law enactment.

We might not realise this but the workforce of the PSI is bigger than the combined strength of the Army, Navy, Airforce and Police put together. Yes, you heard it right. It is huge and thus there needs to be a body that stands for the cause of their demands and requirements. As PSI is still a part of the unorganised sector, the Private Security Agency Regulations Act of 2005 makes it compulsory to do so. CAPSI, Central Association for Private Security Industry founded in 2005 by Kunwar Vikram Singh has been championing the cause of the PSI since the past 15 years now.

It is CAPSI that persistently persuaded the government for the enactment of the Private Security Agency Regulations Act of 2005. This law enactment was followed by the promulgation of the PSARA Model rules, 2006 that is considered as the Bible for the Private Security Agencies in India. CAPSI is actively involved in the issues related to the growth and functioning of the PSI. Their involvement on the issues like GST, RBI circular related to cash in transit services and STAR rating and their effects on the private security industry has been very crucial to the growth of this industry.

Even during these tough times of COVID-19 imposed lockdown, PSI was kept under the essential service by the government on insistence of the CAPSI. Right from the “Don’t Dismiss Me” campaign to “Securing the square inch of the motherland”, CAPSI has been successfully representing the Private Security Industry and making it a part of the mainstream society. And the credit goes to Kunwar Vikram Singh and his efforts to fill the gap between the industry and its beneficiaries.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in the creation of this content.

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