Nesan Thirunesan
Nesan Thirunesan

London’s Supper Club King Nesan conquering the Indian food scene

  • Nesan was born in the UK to Sri Lankan parents with his mother’s heritage coming from Southern India who inculcated a love of food that not only tastes good, but is nourishing and uses good quality ingredients.
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PUBLISHED ON AUG 02, 2021 09:57 PM IST

London based Entrepreneur of Asian heritage, Nesan Thirunesan founder of an exclusive NC Supper Clubs banner is taking over London’s Indian food scene in his brand’s own unique home delivery model during pandemic times where he is giving a platform to home chefs to join his entrepreneurial bandwagon.

With an incredible menu of Indian cuisine that he showcases through his Supperclub style menu at home, discerning diners have given him a big thumbs up and are swearing by his brand and its foodie offerings!

Nesan was born in the UK to Sri Lankan parents with his mother’s heritage coming from Southern India who inculcated a love of food that not only tastes good, but is nourishing and uses good quality ingredients.

Being a passionate foodie and home cook having grown up in both the UK and India, Nesan decided to set up this niche supper club to take his passion for food a step ahead and contribute to the vibrant multicultural food scene of London and he creatively modified his brand for post covid times as a home delivery model of varying regional Indian delicacies cooked by passionate home chefs and enjoyed by all in London.

Q. Tell us about your home chefs delivery business in London?

As a result of the lockdown restrictions, I was unable to organize our usual NC Supper Clubs events which our patrons were longing for. Many people often asked me if there was any chance that our wonderful food that they had experienced could be delivered. It was then that I thought I would take on a challenge and offer our supper club patrons a unique dining experience at home via an exclusive NC Supper Clubs members delivery service model which has been well received and has become a mega success.

Q. Which cuisines are you promoting currently and why?

At present, I am focusing purely on authentic South Indian regional cuisine that has been untapped and Northern Sri Lankan cuisine. Our food is what I can only describe as the "real deal" and as authentic to the core and as home cooked as it gets.

Q. How many chefs are working with you on this project currently?

For this project, I have been working with 3 amazing chefs including 2 amazingly talented South Indian home cooks and the numbers are increasing as we widen the scope of our exclusive menus. I also cook myself and specialise in both South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines, which has been my passion for 25 years.

Q. Tell us about some of your menus that you serve under your home chef delivery platform

Our menus are unique and one of a kind. For example, we have "Biryani Night Supper Clubs'' and our Tamil Nadu "Ambur Style'' Lamb Dum Biryani and Karnataka "Dhonnai style" Mutton Dum Biryani have gone viral across London. The number of inquiries for these biryanis have been increasing week by week and where we were selling out after 24 hours, we are now selling out within 60 minutes of releasing our menu, which is absolutely crazy but fantastic for me and the NC Supper Clubs team. These special Biryanis take hours to prepare and slow cook and are typically delivered on Friday or Saturday nights. Our other menus have included a special Karnataka style Black Pomfret Fish Curry, Yedikayi Sukka (Mangalorean Crab Masala), Masappu Saaru (Spinach & Dhal Curry), Tomato Rasam, Kayts Prawn Fry, Kondavil Katharikka (Tangy Aubergine Curry), Jaffna Mutton Curry, Sri Lankan Prawns Fry, Chithranna (Lemon Rice), Tomato Rice, Beans Poriyal, Badanekayi Ennagayi (Stuffed Small Aubergines) and traditional South Indian brunch menus consisting of Ragi Dosa, the softest Idli with a selection of unique homemade chutneys. Desserts have included special Payasam, Mysore Pak, and Saffron Pineapple Kesaribhath.

Q. Tell us how you are committed to empowerment of home chefs by this entrepreneurial venture of yours?

I have always been a strong advocate of supporting and encouraging good home cooks by giving them a platform to showcase their food via NC Supper Clubs and enabling them to generate a good income via our foodie themed events. Since the launch of our food delivery model I have encouraged entrepreneurship and to help empower them to act and think like business owners and generate a good income for their families and fulfil life's ambitions. NC Supper Clubs invests heavily on creating this amazing food delivery model which is a no-brainer for home chefs working with me under the NC Supper Clubs brand and platform.

My roots come from a family tree of both Sri Lankan Malaysian Jaffna Tamil and South Indian Chettiar heritage. To me hard graft is key and I firmly believe in the saying "no pain, no gain". I have always had an entrepreneurial mind-set wanting to be my own boss and running one of London's top and exclusive supper clubs, namely NC Supper Clubs and following my passion to create this venture has been a privilege and I uphold the culinary heritage that we showcase with a lot of pride in our own way.

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