Managing Workforce Wellbeing

  • India's largest infotech and outsourcing company - TCS, reported in 2020 that it was considering moving 75 percent of its employees to work from home by 2025. Many other organizations have indicated that they are considering such a move.
Yugandhar Penubolu
Yugandhar Penubolu
Published on Jul 21, 2021 07:16 PM IST
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There has been a huge transformation of the workplace in the last 5 years! Collaborative/ networking workgroups, co-working spaces and WFH Culture have marked a departure of the conventional hierarchical structures.

On the Ground

According to a recent 2021 report published by Economic Times, more than 50% of the workforce feel tremendous work-related stress. Further, the report revealed the contributing factors such as difficulty in juggling between work and personal life, increased workload, poor communication, unrealistic deadlines, and interpersonal conflicts are taking a toll on the employees.

Co-working spaces are managed by third parties and many organizations face difficulty in identifying whether safety norms are being adhered to.

India's largest infotech and outsourcing company - TCS, reported in 2020 that it was considering moving 75 percent of its employees to work from home by 2025. Many other organizations have indicated that they are considering such a move. The big questions now are whether employees are well equipped at home with resources or the space to work from home for long hours? Are employees being heard? etc. Such a radical shift has added complexity for individuals and supervisors.

Apart from the above, there are instances of group politics, harassment, infrastructure issues etc. that have an adverse impact on workplace culture and employee productivity.

Understanding the Wellbeing quotient

Business and HR leaders realise the need to be adept with Workforce wellbeing and Workplace culture. While there are numerous tools in the market like wellness trackers and wellness programs for employees, an employee opinion-based wellbeing survey provides the organization’s leadership with deep insights to identify the need, the area of focus and the right course of action.

Yugandhar Penubolu, author of “The Transformational Lens', and Founder/CEO of Winzard Solutions, says that employee wellbeing is adversely impacted due to various reasons. It need not necessarily be because of the workplace or supervisor or work culture, but may be due to the situation at home, family, personal health, or finances. It may be found that poor workplace infrastructure is the issue in one instance or unethical practices or bullying in another or that remote working in a specific department is not effective enough. There could be many other reasons for adverse workforce wellbeing and therefore important that the organization understands the root cause and plans accordingly.

Recognizing the Source

Yugandhar further adds that they have developed a robust Workforce Wellbeing Survey based on research with the help of IIT Hyderabad to uncover the blindspots concerning physical/ psychological/ Professional and Social wellbeing apart from other aspects. The survey not only identifies the blindspots but dives deeper to recognize the source of the issue enabling leaders with analytics to make informed decisions and plan action. Another unique feature of the Winzard survey is that it enables leaders with custom filters available on the platform to identify specific pockets in the organization that are adversely impacted either due to harassment, high workload, emotional strain, or other reasons.

Plan Action

This survey is different from an Employee Engagement survey. In fact, wellbeing impacts employee experience as well as engagement. Identifying the root cause of adverse wellbeing is insufficient and calls for redressal. Action Plans may include addressing infrastructure repairs, providing a healthy atmosphere, differentiated policies for remote working, counselling, coaching, training, administering new or re-emphasizing policies such as PoSH, code of conduct, people actions and more. Leaders plan action suitable to the identified source of problem instead of blanket training and announcements.

Winzard Solutions (, a strategic HR company, hosts performance management & talent development tools and Pulse surveys on their SaaS platform. It was founded by Yugandhar Penubolu and Anand Joseph in Nov’ 2019 with their headquarters in Hyderabad.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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