Deepak Ojha, Founder, TalkEsport
Deepak Ojha, Founder, TalkEsport

MaskUpGamers - A unique appeal by TalkEsport to Indian gamers

TalkEsport is one of the world’s leading e-sports and news media portal, with its focus on competitive gaming.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON MAY 27, 2021 04:53 PM IST

As India faces the worst onslaught from Covid-19, and the society struggles to find its feet amidst the cacophony of death and despair, a few good Samaritans are rising up to the challenge and doing their bit to bring succor to the needy. These angels in disguise are doing a yeoman’s service in keeping hope alive among worried Indians. One such man is Deepak Ojha, Founder of TalkEsport, an indigenous media platform with global recognition. Talking about what they are doing during the second-wave of COVID-19, Deepak says, “Since the onset of second wave, we always had this in mind to ensure that we will do our part in creating awareness of the importance of masks.”

Even as the cases start to decline across the country, after the brutal initial spike during the month of April 2021, it is time to hold the society together because there are families left severely affected by the second wave. In order to help such families, Deepak’s TalkEsport has found a unique way in the form of Maskup campaign, which will appeal to millions of gamers of the country, associated with the platform already. As part of this campaign, the company plans to bring on board a number of leading Indian influencers to upload their masked-up pictures on a social media platform of their choice and tag the company as well as add the hashtag #MaskUpGamers. For each such post, TalkEsport is going to donate a meal to the needy. About their noble campaign, CEO Deepak adds, “The idea of donating a meal per post sounds better as it inspires people to come forward, create awareness among the masses and then let us take care of the rest.”

Pranav Nalawade, TalkESport’s Chief Editor explains, “These influencers have the masses behind them, and our platform is among the few in the world which clocks millions of viewership every month, that is when we thought to collaborate for the good and promote a mask-up environment when the states open up.”

The MaskUp Campaign is being led by Kammaljeet Singh, TalkEsport’s Executive Editor, who is already associated with several NGOs like the Hemkunt Foundation, in carrying out COVID-19 relief work. With this unique campaign, TalkEsport plans to not just feed thousands of needy families but also hopes to encourage the public to indulge in Covid-appropriate behavior at all times.

TalkEsport is one of the world’s leading e-sports and news media portal, with its focus on competitive gaming. The year 2021 has been particularly hopeful to the field of esports in the country, with 50% of the population under the age of 25, online gaming has been gaining new patrons with each passing minute. TalkEsport is known to be the perfect gaming news platform offering visitors information that comes in a seamless and continuous manner.

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