Meditation, A Journey from Shor to Peace: Prashant Pandey (Spiritual Friend)

  • On a physical level, you will see that after practising meditation in life, a person not only progresses in his work but also remains entirely calm and enthusiastic from within. He becomes more skilled and patient as a result of it.
Prashant Pandey (Spiritual Friend)
Prashant Pandey (Spiritual Friend)
Published on Aug 18, 2021 09:50 PM IST
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Prashant Pandey is a well-known figure in the world of spirituality today, sharing knowledge of the truth to those who seek it, having attained it himself and now leading others down the path of truth. He has previously discussed Kriya Yoga in detail however, if we understand it in a nutshell, it can be understood as follows: some important yogic activities should be organised in such a way that the power of consciousness within you can completely shake you from within and make you do yoga with its own pure energy form through continuous practice.

Prashant Pandey continues, "You begin to feel as though some divine power has entered inside of you, but it is the power of will." Your willpower can help you conquer any field you're working in. In our day and age, genuine and original Kriya Yoga instruction is required, in which you begin to grasp all of the fundamental things not only within yourself but also outside by devoting part of your time, willpower, and determination. This is religion and this is the path of truth.

According to him, doing something strengthens your willpower and determination to the point where you can alter the environment around you with just a thought. Despite the fact that practicing Kriya Yoga leads to a high state known as liberation in the scriptures, namely being one in the pure form of awareness, an unseen force of homogeneous elements begins to work in the material world as well. Success can be achieved in a number of ways.

Under this article, Prashant Pandey elaborates on the topic that, Sometimes in social and practical life we find that we get entangled in some situations in such a way that we start getting scared and worried about small things from inside. This fear and worry give rise to an unheard noise in our life. There are those who do not hear in the ears but always keep our mind under their influence. We are always going through a competition in life, in preparation to do better, we create this unintentional noise in our life. The most surprising thing is that the noise we create in our life to make things better, it makes that thing worse. This confusion takes the person in such a lap that he does not even realize it and becomes a part of a disturbed world forever.

On a physical level, you will see that after practising meditation in life, a person not only progresses in his work but also remains entirely calm and enthusiastic from within. He becomes more skilled and patient as a resultof it. Meditation is a wonderful technique to explore inside yourself and grasp your endless potential. It is not a simple course to follow, but rather a large action that, with continued practice, becomes inaction and occurs with the person's original life. It raises your consciousness to a physical and spiritual level, allowing you to cultivate a spontaneous and beautiful personality within yourself for material wealth. As Prashant ji points out, meditation is such a process that no one has ever objected to it, and its importance has always been recognised in every faith. Take in the goodness and use your higher conscious personality to help yourself and others.

Prashant Pandey’s thoughts: Such an important personality's opinions are intelligent and worthy of sharing with the public; he aims to banish superstitions from the globe and provide peace and joy to society with his knowledge and beliefs. According to his thoughts, ambitions give birth to new worlds. For example, the phone was invented to improve communication; without our brain's desire for improved communication, nothing would have happened. Brains are incredibly powerful, and they allow us to do anything and everything in the world as long as we have control over it. With the power of our brain, we can reach great heights in a short period of time without any roadblocks or hazards.

According to Prashant Pandey, Kriya Yoga is the most powerful form of yoga, and he encourages everyone to practice it as well. We will be talking about Prashant Pandey, a well-known figure in the world of Yoga, Kriya yoga and meditation as well as tantra, astrology and spiritual mysteries. His journey was predetermined by fate; otherwise, he would have pursued a career in technology after completing a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. A world traveller in his chosen field, he was attracted to religious luminaries by chance, who enchanted him and led him to these mysterious paths.

Some of Prashant Pandey Ji's followers have benefited from his religious teachings, and his light shines brightly like the rising sun on a universal level. Now, his personal work involves the study of stars and their constellations, both of which are used for contemplation or meditation. Also, through meditation, you can enhance your birth sign's constellation, or in other words, make your birth

sign's constellation more optimistic for you. In this case, Kriya Yoga would also perform an extremely shrewd move. To say that it's a historical framework of Indian yoga, which can make you

equivalent to God, while still living a daily life, seems to be a presumption once talking about Yogic Meditation. He has successfully treated many individuals of covid-19 without the assistance of an enrolled Non - governmental organization.

He indeed is a beautiful soul, as it is said, he is a sign of God. His address when I ask how much further his work will go is: ""I'm always planning to go back to Kashi."

Many people have benefited from Prashant Pandey's spiritual rays and light like the rising sun on a universal level, and they have become his "spiritual friends" instead of followers.

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