Reza Abbaszadeh
Reza Abbaszadeh

Meet Reza Abbaszadeh, entrepreneur and founder of Abbaszadeh Enterprises

For his entrepreneurial endeavor, he was appropriately awarded the title of “The Youngest Iranian Businessman”
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PUBLISHED ON JUN 08, 2021 06:57 PM IST

Reza Abbaszadeh (born 16 Sep 1998) is a German entrepreneur, well known investor and internationally-renowned business owner, whose net worth is an estimated $22 million in May 2021. He is the founder and CEO of Abbaszadeh Enterprises company and BaxBeauty app.

Abbaszadeh is also the author of 2 best-selling books named DOMINATING THE BUYER and DEN KÄUFER BEHERRSCHEN. For his entrepreneurial endeavor, he was appropriately awarded the title of “The Youngest Iranian Businessman”

Early life and education

Reza Abbaszadeh was born in Tabriz, Iran. At the age of seventeen he immigrated to Europe to attend the McDaniel college. He studied pre- university course for one year to be able to enter university. After he passed the entrance exam, he could step in University of Vienna.


Reza Abbaszadeh founded his first company when he was 19. In February 2019 he started his entrepreneurial journey with investment company Abbaszadeh Capital to be helping boards, entrepreneurs and business owners on M&A transactions and funding across a broad range of industries.

In May 2020 he established his second company called Abbaszadeh University to teach people how to start their own businesses from scratch and widen it internationally. Later in 2020, Abbaszadeh merged both his companies to operate under the name of Abbaszadeh Enterprises.

In August 2020, Reza took his business to the next level and started his third company Abbaszadeh Technologies to develop artificial intelligence necessary for his social media app named BaxBeauty which is world’s number one social media app for fashion and beauty (Clothing, Style, Makeup).

Personal life

Reza’s personal life has always been intertwined with his professional life. During the past 2 years, Reza Abbaszadeh has been an exclusive consultant for multiple-fortune 9 investment banking companies worldwide.


Reza Abbaszadeh is a best-selling author and he has 2 phenomenal sales training books as




Reza Abbaszadeh is now living his dreams in his Los Angeles mansion. He motivated people through his success story of struggling from poor to becoming multi-millionaire. At one point, this extremely successful businessman proved the world wrong that people can start from scratch to build their empire.

Reza Abbaszadeh has more than $100 million in assets under his management in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany and Dubai.

Reza thinks that one of the major reasons that so many people fail is that they believe that becoming financially free is only possible for some people and are not even trying for it. So he invented his wealth creation formula to show them how to become their own hero and create ridiculous wealth.

Reza also has helped a lot of Indian people during the pandemic as he has always been a well-known philanthropist. Abbaszadeh Foundation was founded for only one reason to create an integrated approach to invest in the lives of children and youth, build the safe environments they need to thrive, and equip them with the necessary tools they need for success.

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