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My family is my support system, says philanthropist Apoorva Beri

Apoorva Beri Foundation works for the benefit of public causes related to children, animals, and the elderly.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JAN 20, 2021 06:05 PM IST

Social worker Apoorva Beri loves his family and he wants to leave them a legacy behind, in the form of the Apoorva Beri Foundation, which would work for the benefit of public causes related to children, animals, and the elderly. He is currently working towards setting up an infrastructure for this charity organization so that the Foundation would continue to work long after he isn’t there to look after it. In this way, the Foundation would be an entity in itself, taking care of its agenda, i.e., public welfare.

Apoorva has already shown his socially conscious side when he took a plunge, heads in, into relief work during the initial months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He drove across the country, taking medical supplies, masks, sanitizers, essential items, food, etc to communities, which were stranded somehow. His attitude towards his desolate countrymen saw him working tirelessly to transport things, sometimes driving himself over long distances, not even stopping for a break on the way. That is what defines Apoorva – his compassion towards others!

Apoorva loves working for others and to fulfill his desire, he has begun working on a Foundation in his name, through which he will espouse welfare causes. He is very enamored by the philanthropists around the world who spend their time and effort in making the world a better place. Talking about what kind of legacy he wants to leave behind, he says, “I want my children to continue the good work after me. My wife is already immensely supportive of my plans for others and so are my two sons. So, I am quite confident that the work that my Foundation will begin in my life will go on long after as well.”

Among his most favorite social causes are children, animals, and the elderly. He cannot stand to see a child in pain, or an animal wandering around wounded. The same goes for the elderly as well. In his opinion, it is the duty of every one of us to keep the human spirit alive and kicking so that people who need a helping hand, a gentle push, can find it easily.

For the past many years, Apoorva has been donating a sizeable sum of his earnings towards his charity work but his philanthropic spirit is not limited to monetary donations only. He takes time out from his daily life to do community work within his area as well as wherever is required. Besides, he loves to mentor youngsters who are looking for career advice and with his gentle, yet firm, advice, he seeks to put them on the right path of life.

For Apoorva Beri, life is a mission to do good and be good, always!

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