New-age author Kartikeya Ladha comes out with another heartfelt tale

Updated on Jan 19, 2021 04:58 PM IST

Kartikeya feels that his years of explorations throughout India have led him to being joyful and to be leading an enriching life. This has inspired him to keep on sharing his stories.

Kartikeya Ladha(Digpu)
Kartikeya Ladha(Digpu)
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“A surfeit of noise was holding my heart. I was unable to see through the unknown ahead of me. My mind was losing its grip on reality; I could not understand what was happening to me. I stood still in my body, not knowing how I had arrived in it. I stood beyond time, unaware of my existence ”, says Kartikeya Ladha

When almost everyone in the world is on a quest for survival, there are very few who go out of the way to find the actual purpose of life i.e., in search of meaning and understanding.

One of them is India's favourite author, Kartikeya Ladha. Born in Gwalior, Kartikeya Ladha grew up immersed in the richness of India’s vibrant customs and family life. After completing high school, he left India to attend Northeastern University in Boston, U.S.A., where he concentrated on Management and Entrepreneurship. After graduation, he moved to Brooklyn, New York, and worked for a start-up company.

But his early success in NY didn’t excite him, unlike other millennials, who were busy enjoying the delights of fast city-living – working, partying, dating, and simply following through with what they were supposed to do. Ladha renounced his long-held plans of building a life in America and instead went down an unconventional path of seeking the truth of human existence.

Ladha started to walk on an unknown path that inspired travels to faraway lands. He went beyond life’s usual norms to unearth his calling in this magical world, by initiating an unending discovery of himself as a human being, while serving his life’s heartfelt mission. The author’s quest for the absolute truth led him to come back to the country where he belonged – India, after traveling through South America.

Wanting to give life to a new work that exemplified the rawness of “what it means to be a human being,” Kartikeya continued his explorations after returning to India, where he travelled into the heart of the Himalayas, facing extreme conditions and challenging his mind to gain powerful insights for its re-creation. This was followed by a solo pilgrimage on foot from Kanyakumari to Goa, where he walked for more than 1000 km in three months.

In Life Unknown - A passage through India, he sets out to find a way to live beyond the shadows of our existence. His travels take him to Ladakh, Dharmshala, and remote regions of India’s far north, deep within the powerful energy of the Himalayan mountains. This book follows his first book - Dream Beyond Shadows, which went on to become an Amazon Bestseller in India after capturing people’s imagination with countless insightful stories based on experiences during a life-changing expedition to Peru, South America.

Kartikeya now enjoys a different kind of freedom. He feels that wealth is important, but wellness is equally important. Without spiritual growth in a society, material growth becomes irrelevant after some point, says his experience with this trilogy called life. Kartikeya feels in our ambition to create wealthy people, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of focusing on our happiness, purpose, and health in the process.

The belief that wealth becomes irrelevant, if we are not able to live in the moment and enjoy life for its beauty and authenticity is something the author highly promotes. His new book is a deep journey into the unknown while taking the readers through the length and breadth of India in a manner they have never experienced before. Bringing key insights into the Indian culture and expressing words through visual depictions that call for individuals to take responsibility for their lives and transform themselves in the process - to lead a more meaningful life is the whole purpose of this novel.

Kartikeya feels that his years of explorations throughout India have led him to being joyful and to be leading an enriching life. The author emphasizes on how everything about him has changed. He has gained deep insights about life that have nurtured his thinking and has empowered him to live in a more connected way to our natural world than ever before.

This has inspired him to keep on sharing his stories with others in a bare attempt to be bringing more meaning and purpose in the lives of other people.

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