Surbhi Kaushik
Surbhi Kaushik

Photographer Surbhi Kaushik sets an example for women to chase their dreams

Surbhi Kaushik earnestly wants to convey the value and significance of photography, not only as an individual interest but also as a career choice especially to women.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON MAY 10, 2021 06:34 PM IST

There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, and no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect. Success finds those who are brave and fearless enough to break these man-made barriers. One such individual is Surbhi Kaushik. By passion and subsequently by profession as well, she is a photographer. After identifying and acknowledging her love and enthusiasm for photography, it was obvious for her to dream of a career in the same. But nevertheless, due to the conventional society's norms on professions, it was nothing less than a challenge to stand up for what she was planning to chase. On top of that, being a woman, the gender biases were also endless.

Despite all the approaching complications and hurdles, Surbhi Kaushik was firm in her decision. Photography, for her, is a means of self-portrayal. Pertaining to her interest, her choice, and her dedication to the field; it only made sense to make it a very significant part of her life and not just a weekend hobby. Surbhi, with all her vigor and zeal, made it happen. Undeniably, her share of challenges, barriers, and criticism was heavy enough to discourage and demotivate her. Firstly, choosing a path known to be uncertain, far from the professional and financial security, made her witness enough disapprovals. Of course, there were many ready with criticism and some with the ‘what one should do’ advice. But the Landscape & Travel Photographer Surbhi Kaushik overcame all societal hurdles.

She quit her job at one of the Fortune top five companies and started her own self-made photography company by the name, GoodShotz Photography Pvt. Ltd. Over the years, GoodShotz Photography Pvt. Ltd. has been established as an organization of shining success, growth, and development. It provides the new, raw talent with a platform to upskill their photography skills.

Photographer Surbhi Kaushik, an individual of immense persistence succeeded despite all the constraints thrown in front of her. Becoming a highly popular and renowned photographer, she marked her name among the top photographers in her domain. Pertaining to her experience and outstandingly remarkable skills, she also received the opportunity of traveling to more than 20 countries, showcasing her talent to the world. Surbhi Kaushik earnestly wants to convey the value and significance of photography, not only as an individual interest but also as a career choice. Especially to women who wish to pursue their passion but get uninspired due to the gender bias towards them in this field.

Photographer Surbhi Kaushik through her hard work and efforts has clearly reflected out in the world that one can surely turn own’s passion into a profession and that being a woman does not characterize into any such restriction or limitation of not choosing what one dreams of!

You can check out Surbhi Kaushik's work by following her on Instagram - @surbhikaushik

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