Mr. Ramesh Khatri, President of the Poultry Federation of India.(Business Wire India)
Mr. Ramesh Khatri, President of the Poultry Federation of India.(Business Wire India)

Poultry Federation of India joins the ‘Right To Protein’ initiative

The foremost national-level organisation will support the cause of adequate protein consumption in India.
UPDATED ON JAN 27, 2020 02:26 PM IST

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India: Poultry Federation of India partners with Right To Protein, a public initiative to increase awareness about adequate consumption of protein in daily Indian diets. On the 71st Republic Day, this association will further help Right To Protein to champion the cause to make right to adequate nutrition through protein sufficiency as a foundational and basic right of the citizens of the Indian republic. It is a crucial step to fight all evils of the society and the lack of adequate protein is a major cause of malnourishment and under-growth amongst all children, women, elderly as well as burgeoning youth population at large.

The long-term goal of this partnership between Poultry Federation of India and Right To Protein is to drive national consciousness towards complete nutrition by making Indian households more aware of their daily protein requirements and encourage them to consume the required amount for overall improved health.

On this important development, President of the Poultry Federation of India, Mr. Ramesh Khatri, said, “As an important voice for the poultry industry, one of our key objectives is to create awareness regarding the importance and urgency of adequate protein awareness and consumption in our highly protein deficient country. After learning about the Right To Protein initiative, we realized that our goals are similar, and it is a great opportunity to collectively further the cause of protein awareness.”

“We are confident that the Right To Protein initiative can create a significant impact across regions and demographics in India, by educating people and encouraging them to monitor their daily protein intake using their Protein-O-Meter tool and also maintain a fine balance of nutrition by following the Protein Index guide,” added Mr. Khatri.

The Protein-O-Meter tool freely accessible on, calculates one’s daily protein requirement basis basic individual information such as body profile, type of lifestyle and meals consumed at different times during the day. Apart from information on one’s possible protein gap, the platform also provides information on protein-rich foods, healthy habits, tips and busting myths about protein.

The Right To Protein initiative aims to create a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded citizens that will not only sensitize each other about the importance of protein in an Indian diet, but will also further the country’s public health agenda in-line with Government of India’s campaigns such as Eat Right India. Regular information regarding protein, is shared through Institutions can help by associating with the Right To Protein as a supporter to the cause. This includes organizations, government agencies, educational and research organizations that are directly operating in the human food and animal feed industry. Anyone can join the initiative using #RightToProtein on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Poultry Federation of India (PFI), is a national level organization recognized by the Government of India as a foremost voice of the Indian poultry industry. Established in 1988, the Poultry Federation of India, has been constantly working and is committed towards the protection, welfare and the overall growth and development of the poultry sector. PFI is also known to work towards the eradication of protein malnutrition in India.

Right To Protein is India’s first communications and consumer advocacy initiative supported by several like-minded Indians, individuals, academicians, professionals and institutions and is also supported globally. In its initial phase, the initiative is open for all Indians who would like to join and/ or contribute to the campaign in any capacity including providing knowledge, technical support or as promotion partners. Further, this initiative will develop an ecosystem of professionals to drive protein awareness and debunk myths and misconceptions about protein as a critical macro-nutrient for human health. The ecosystem will also aim to improve quality and consistency of different types of protein consumed in India and thereby lead to greater protein consumption by livestock, poultry and pisciculture/aquaculture (fish & shrimp farming).

For more information, visit the and follow @righttoprotein on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram OR contact:

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