ProcureNet Signs MOU with TK Medical to combat the global syringe shortage

Published on Nov 17, 2021 07:46 PM IST
  • ProcureNet Signs MOU With TK Medical to help combat the worldwide syringe shortage, and sets its sights on aiding 2 billion vaccinations next year.
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ProcureNet, a leading global supplier of pharmaceutical materials and vaccines consumables, signed an MOU aiming to help vaccinate 2 billion people next year through its vaccination supply network which will include Anhui Tiankang Medical, a hi-tech medical instrument company which focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of surgical medical devices. ProcureNet aims to start 2022 as strongly as it finished 2021 which follows on from their successful partnerships with many global leading organisations like UNICEF, PAHO and Health Canada.

The work ProcureNet and Tiankang Medical aim to complete will be a much-needed stress relief for hundreds of governments currently having syringe supply problems during the worldwide vaccine rollout. ProcureNet will be joining the fight like many other organizations, such as The Gates Foundation and WHO in aiding the urgent demand for Syringes, with its sights set on aiding 2 billion vaccinations.

The World Health Organisation & UNICEF issued warnings last week that a lack of syringes would “paralyze progress” on vaccinations in low-to middle-income countries (LMIC), putting the gap at 2.2 billion syringes. Vaccine syringe manufacturers have privately forecasted collective production increases for 2022 at nearly 5.5 billion annually.


Edward Kelley, the former director of integrated health services for the World Health Organization, told the Washington Post, ”If we want to end the pandemic, we’ll need to fix the global syringe shortage first.” Kelly suggested that to ensure the widespread vaccination for COVID-19, it would require a staggering 14 billion injections. However, this didn’t include the need to treat the Delta variant and evolving decisions on booster shots, therefore, suggesting the number will likely grow to more than 19 billion injections before the end of 2022. Current industry estimates 40 to 50 billion medical syringes are manufactured in a typical (non-pandemic) year globally. Only around 10% of these syringes are the smaller, specialized versions that are designed for vaccinations. As the Washington Post wrote “as good as this response might be, it is still not enough. Not even close.”


Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of ProcureNet said, “This MOU could not have come at a better time as we enter 2022. ProcureNet has been providing COVID-19 supplies to governments and some of the largest organizations in the world since the pandemic began. In 2021 ProcureNet helped vaccinate hundreds of millions of individuals by procuring WHO-approved syringes across Canada, Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong, as well as countries throughout South America. The global syringe crisis will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the rollout of the vaccine within many countries, as the supply of vaccines becomes less of an issue in 2022. Our mission at ProcureNet is to support and supply countries and organizations with WHO-approved vaccine consumables that meet industry standards at the most cost-effective solution. Our MOU with Anhui Tiankang Medical is a great path forward as we will provide them with the financial resources required to increase their production capacity for 2022 to achieve our unified goals.”


Bai Baodong, Chairman of Anhui Tiankang Medical said, “We are very honored to have worked with ProcureNet in 2021 to help them achieve their goals and we are thankful for their financial support in helping us grow our production capacity for 2022. With ProcureNet’s vision, we become one step closer in fighting this pandemic together.”

Currently, this MOU will generate at least 750 million syringes, and through ProcureNet’s existing vaccine supply networks, their goal is to bring the total to 2 billion syringes before the start of 2022. ProcureNet is also extending its procurement networks to governmental organizations to provide them with the most cost-effective solutions for WHO approved syringes.

About Anhui Tiankang Medical

Anhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co Ltd (Stock Code: 835942) is headquartered in Tianchang City centrally located in Anhui. The Company was founded as a subsidiary company of Anhui Tiankang Group in 1999. Anhui Tiankang specializes in developing and producing products such as safety syringes with retractable needles, auto-disable syringes, I.V sets, extracorporeal blood circuits for Haemodialysers, oral syringes, I.V catheter and intravenous infusion sets with burette. The company’s products began to be registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012 and currently rank among the best in the country for FDA-listed products and also have PQS certifications from the World Health Organization.

About ProcureNet

ProcureNet is a leading global supplier of pharmaceutical materials and vaccines consumables and a subsidiary of VendorCloud. Founded in 2020 by Gurbaksh Chahal, ProcureNet had a successful launch through its strong government partner network which includes organizations such as: WHO, UNICEF, Health Canada, Government of Italy, Hong Kong, Turkey, Sinovac, and over a dozen states in the United States. ProcureNet's rise came as a direct result of its strong social impact values, as the Company provided life-saving medical equipment and materials to aid in the treatment of COVID-19 during the most critical times of the pandemic. As a direct result, ProcureNet has aided hundreds of millions of citizens across six continents to help fight COVID-19.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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