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Psychic Readings Near Me: Gifted Tarot Readers & Mediums in 2022

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Jan 25, 2022 07:13 PM IST

Our guide to finding real psychic readings online

In life, urgent questions inevitably arise for all of us at some point. And when they do, we often need advice and guidance to keep moving forward.
But who can we turn to when the ground beneath us seems shaky and we don’t know what decision to make? For many, this is where psychic readings come in. 

You might be on the hunt for a local psychic but online psychic readings offered by a legit service can give just as much insight into your most pressing questions.
You might be on the hunt for a local psychic but online psychic readings offered by a legit service can give just as much insight into your most pressing questions.

You might be on the hunt for a local psychic but online psychic readings offered by a legit service can give just as much insight into your most pressing questions. 

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But, how do you go about finding legit spiritual advisors

Well, the good news is you’ve already made the right decision by searching for “psychic reading near me.” And we’re here to take the next step so you don’t have to. 

We’ve thoroughly reviewed the most popular platforms, saving you both time and the frustrating job of figuring out which psychic service providers you can trust.

Whether you just have a quick question or need spiritual guidance, we hope the following list will help narrow down your search to the right online psychics for you.

But first, let’s quickly familiarize ourselves with the types of online psychic reading methods!

Types of Online Psychic Readings

Chat: For psychic chat options, you'll contact an online psychic either on your computer (online chat) or via a platform's app. You ask your question, then the advisor replies. You can send additional messages at any point.

Phone: On a phone call with a psychic, you can discuss your query and listen to their reply. A phone chat is a good choice if you want something more personal than a chat but more private than a video call.

Video: A newer offering, video chat, allows you to see your advisor in real-time. This provides a more personal, up-close experience, almost like an in-person reading, and is the closest to meeting a virtual psychic near you

Email: If your query isn't urgent, sending an email can give you time to compose your question in the most precise and helpful way. Similarly, it provides the online psychic with time and space to reflect and respond.

Where to Find a Psychic Reading Near Me (Online)

1.Kasamba—All-Round Best Psychics Near Me



Kasamba has been providing online psychic reading services for over 20 years. They’re an established and highly reputable company that provides their readings via the telephone, email, and live chat. 

With millions of positive online reviews, as well as the fact that they only hire expert professionals with years of experience, it’s easy to see why Kasamba is the go-to option. This is especially true for many people who are eager to have their questions answered with detail, a lack of bias and insight. 

You can choose from their psychic readers in seven general specialties, with more than thirty sub-specialties (even pet psychics!). Yet one of the key highlights to this psychic website is that their introductory offer is also the most generous available online.

They provide you with a three-minute free psychic reading online for each advisor you try. This unlimited choice means you can ask different psychics questions to find the best fit.

After your free minutes expire, you can continue your reading at standard rates. Psychic rates on Kasamba vary from $1.99 to $20+ a minute. These are stated clearly on each psychic's page, so you can be confident that you won’t be caught out by any hidden charges.

Best for...

Love and relationship readings: Kasamba is home to expert psychic readers who are well-versed in the field of love and relationships. 

In fact, they have as many as 277 love and relationship advisors available to talk to you right now, each of which speaks with care and empathy to give you the advice and support you need. 

This goes for those who are looking to start a new relationship, as well as anyone who has recently gone through a painful breakup. 

Soulmate connections: Wondering if you’ve found your soulmate? Wondering if you might ever meet your soulmate; and if so, when and where? Kasamba’s love advisors use their innate psychic abilities, intuition, and skill for clairvoyance to coach you on the question of soulmates.

2.AskNow- Best for Phone Psychics Near Me (1-888-815-1999)

Arguably the best online psychics for phone readings, AskNow was established over 10 years ago. All their advisors, including talented psychic mediums, are carefully screened, vetted, and are personally handpicked by their very own Psychic Managers.

What’s more, AskNow divides their psychic readers up into three categories - Top-Rated advisors (the most affordable), Elite advisors, and Master advisors (the most expensive). Each advisor, psychic medium, fortune teller, etc. are also rated by their customers so you can easily make a better decision in regards to who is right for you. 

You can even see each online psychic’s genuine astrological sign, which is helpful if zodiac compatibility is important to you. In addition, their platform lets you filter psychics according to availability, reading type, price, and specialty, offering dozens of options. 

Psychics also share their credentials in their profiles; some have multiple areas of expertise beyond typical readers such as Life Coaching, Counseling, and more. 

And of course, like most mainstream psychic reading websites, they provide five free minutes with an elite or master psychic when you purchase 30 minutes for $30 or 20 minutes for $20.

Best for … 

Personal energy: Personal energy is super important. It should define us, guide us and help us find others who are drawn to our vibes. But what happens when our personal energy is upset and our spiritual equilibrium becomes unbalanced? 

AskNow’s psychic advisors are trained in the art of personal energy. With a gift of intuition, empathy, and communication, they can talk to you closely on matters that concern your personal wellbeing. 

Planning your next move: Not sure what to do next? When we’re trapped in a confusing situation, it’s very hard to base our next move on sound judgment. Instead, it’s too easy to make the wrong move as we fight our way through the fog.

AskNow’s psychic advisors can help to clear up the fog on your current situation, giving you clarity on where you are now, and what you may need to do next. 

3.Psychic Source- Best for Tarot Readings Near Me


Psychic Source
Psychic Source

When searching for “psychic readings near me,” you’re bound to come across Psychic Source. Over the years, Psychic Source has built their reputation on trust and authenticity. 

They offer a satisfaction, which is a testament to their confidence in their services. AND they make sure to vigorously test any and all psychics who apply (more detail about this below). 

The company was established over 25 years ago, which currently makes it one of the oldest, and therefore most reputable online psychic services. 

Psychic Source offers 178 tarot card readers. These gifted psychics work at different price points and have sub-specialties in a wide variety of areas. You can connect with them either by phone, video, or chat.

As we said above, Psychic Source conducts rigorous psychic screenings to test the abilities of each reader, psychic medium, clairvoyant, etc. on its platform. So you can feel confident you won’t bump into any fake psychics here. 

PS also gives new users three minutes free when they purchase a package of 10, 20, or 30 minutes for $1 per minute. After these minutes expire, you can continue with the session, which costs between $4.99 and $14.99 per minute, depending on your psychic's stated rate.

Best for … 

Love tarot readings: If you’re looking to be told the truth, as opposed to someone telling you the things you want to hear, Psychic Source might be for you. Their online psychics are super well-trained in the fields of love and relationship. 

And while they communicate with empathy and understanding, they don’t tell you the things you want to hear, but the things you need to hear. Moreover, Psychic Source is home to some of the best tarot card readers around, a number of them who specialize in accurate tarot readings about love, relationships, and compatibility. 

Personalized tarot readings: A tarot reading over the phone with Psychic Source’s tarot readers is almost the same as visiting them in person. Whether you want to have a love tarot card reading (see above), a success tarot reading, a spiritual tarot reading, or any other type of tarot reading, this is where Psychic Source’s advisors excel. 

4.Keen- Most Client-Focused Psychic Advisors Near Me

Another psychic network that you’ve probably heard of when searching “psychics near me” or “psychic reading near me” is Keen (aka Keen Psychics). 

Keen Psychics is a psychic community that was launched in 1999. It serves as a place for people to get answers to the key questions in life related to self-healing, personal growth, love, finances, and more. 

Originally an advice line that was telephone-only, this psychic service has expanded its offerings over the years. Now Keen Psychics supports thousands of satisfied users who are able to access truly gifted psychics via not only an online platform but also a mobile app - perfect for getting spiritual advice on the go. 

Not in the mood for a phone psychic reading or talking face-to-face using a webcam? Not to worry. Keen Psychics lets you simply chat online with your chosen advisor from either your computer or mobile. This simple feature makes them the best chat choice for psychic chat readings. 

Beyond chat psychics, Keen is a solid option for phone readings, but not video call readings, unfortunately. Still, their gifted psychics offer a wide range of specialties and price points.

You can also get a free three-minute psychic reading from Keen as a new user. That or you can choose to purchase ten minutes for $1.99. You can then use those minutes with one psychic reader or split them among several.

Best for … 

Healing: At some point in our lives, we all experience moments that have the potential to break us. For some, it might be a breakup, for others, it might be the loss of a loved one.

If you’re currently going through a traumatic time and need to heal, Keen’s roster contains psychic advisors who are experts when it comes to helping you process the events that have rocked you, while helping you rediscover your purpose. 

Self-understanding: Not sure who you are anymore? Feeling lost? To feel unsure is human. But, to live that way forever is simply a waste of time. Keen employs psychic advisors who are adept at getting to the heart of who you truly are. 

Their spiritual counselors use intuition and clairvoyance to help you define your current needs so that you start to fully understand who you are.

5. Oranum - Best for Video Psychic Mediums Near Me

Oranum was founded just over ten years ago and has since been used by well over a million satisfied clients worldwide. By creating an account, you can get access to different types of trained psychic experts, including clairvoyants, healers, psychic mediums, and tarot masters. 

Customers have commented on Oranum’s ideal mix of affordability, variety of professional psychics online among additional spiritual resources, such as meditation videos, sound baths, and more. 

Oranum is unique in that it only offers video readings. But, the fact that this online psychic platform has embraced web technology means you can get a psychic reading from anywhere in the world. Genuinely, we felt that Oranum offered the closest option to speaking to a virtual psychic near you. 

Best of all, because their psychics are located around the world, you're likely to find a match at any time - day or night. 

And like most psychic websites, New Oranum users get 9.99 free credits (something all legit platforms should offer). This translates to either 3, 5, or 10 minutes of a free reading with an Oranum psychic reader, depending on their rate.

Best for …

Dreams: What is the meaning of a dream? Do dreams mean anything? Should we listen to them? If you want to interpret your dreams and access their deeper meaning, Oranum offers dream analysis. 

And more often than not, at least one online psychic specializing in dreams will be streaming LIVE publicly, meaning you can check out their content free of charge. 

Guide to Your Psychic Reading Online

From general sessions to tarot-based readings, online psychic platforms give you access to psychic advisors with a wide range of tools.
From general sessions to tarot-based readings, online psychic platforms give you access to psychic advisors with a wide range of tools.

Do I Need a Credit Card to Get a Psychic Reading?


You may need a credit card for some online psychic reading sites, like AskNow. However, others like Psychic Source, Keen, Kasamba, and Oranum accept PayPal as well.

What Types of Psychic Readings Are Available?

From general sessions to tarot-based readings, online psychic platforms give you access to psychic advisors with a wide range of tools. Here are the most popular.

General Psychic Readings
If you're looking for a psychic advisor to answer a question without tools, or if you don't care which tools they use, you can find a good match online. While most psychic reading websites list numerous specialties, you can also choose a general reading.
For general psychic readings, Kasamba offers the widest selection of advisors, each of which you can try for free. The number will vary depending on when you access the site; at the time of this writing, there were over 270 online psychics available for general readings.

Clairvoyant Readings
In a clairvoyant reading, the psychic tunes into your energy and then reads the images they receive. This can help answer questions about the past, the present, or the future.

Psychic Source is a good resource for clairvoyant psychic readings. In addition to featuring more than 100 clairvoyants, they also offer clairaudient and clairsentient sessions.

Tarot Card Readings
In a tarot reading, the psychic reads your energy through 78 tarot cards, which can help answer your question. It doesn't matter if you are familiar with the meanings of tarot cards or not; tarot readers will interpret them for you.

Kasamba's 180+ tarot readers can offer psychic readings using tarot cards. Some also specialize in angel cards and cartomancy, both of which use cards in different ways from a tarot card reading.

Astrology Readings
In an astrology reading, the advisor looks at the placement of the planets when you were born and interprets them according to their characteristics. They can also look at present and upcoming placements to answer your questions about your future.

Oranum not only offers hundreds of astrologers to choose from, but each advisor also has subspecialties. This means you can find an astrologer who is focused on love readings, career advice, or other topics.

Numerology Readings
In a numerology reading, the advisor will use your date of birth and full name to calculate key numbers. They will then use these numbers to provide you with a general overview of your life path or to discuss particular questions you have.

With 53 numerologists, Kasamba is a good online choice for a numerology reading. Their top advisors in this area have thousands or even tens of thousands of reviews, so you can read user advice to help you pick a good match.

Crystal Ball Readings
An ancient fortune-telling tool, readers (aka fortune tellers) who use crystal balls today, are few and far between. Also known as "crystallomancy," crystal ball readings involve gazing into a ball and interpreting symbols and visions seen there.

Because AskNow allows you to search by keyword in addition to the category, they are a strong choice for finding a crystal ball reader. This is a rare skill, but several of their advisors offer it.

Palm Readings
A palm reading tells you about different areas of your life based on the shape and position of lines on your hand. This includes love, health, and career. Kasamba has the widest variety of palm readers, offering 48 on their platform. This type of reader is also accessible through their free trial.

What Specialties Do Psychics Online Offer?

Because the best psychic websites offer all kinds of readings, you can access a variety of specialists. What’s more, is that you can access almost all of these specialties via free minute deals offered by most platforms. Here are a few of the most sought-after reading types you can get.

Love and Relationships Readings
For many active in the psychic world, the best psychic readings are those all about love. Love psychics can tell you about romance and your love life, but they can also do online readings about love relationships of all kinds. This includes family relationships and friendships. If you have questions about a soulmate or a child, this is a good reading type to choose.

Career and Money Reading
Specialists in career and money can help you make decisions to do with your job and your finances. Whether you're looking to make a career move or wondering how to make ends meet, these advisors will be able to help you make a strong decision.

Health Reading
Psychics specializing in health are not doctors; make sure to avoid any advisor who claims they can treat a particular illness or makes wild claims about foreseeing your death. Instead, in a health reading, experienced psychics may draw your attention to areas of your body that need particular attention or recommend good practices to optimize your health. 

Past, Present, and Future Readings
Similar to a general psychic reading, a past, present, and future reading reveals where you've been, where you are, and what's in store. It tells the story of your life to help you make better decisions in the moment.

What Questions Should I Ask During a Psychic Reading?

Before your session, brainstorm the issues that are bothering you the most in your life right now. This could be money, family, or something else. Write them all down. Then, select the one area where you could use the most guidance.

Ask questions that are open-ended, not yes-no questions. This gives your psychic more room to discuss related areas that you might not have anticipated.

Are Free Psychic Readings Accurate?

You can get accurate readings for free if you choose a trusted reader. Advisors with long experience on a platform and high customer reviews are usually accurate.

If you are worried about the accuracy of your psychic, pay attention to your gut feelings. Then, evaluate how they are conducting the reading. It is normal to ask for some information about you and your situation, so this alone does not confirm that they are inaccurate.

Psychics work with energy, which does not always translate to precise dates, times, names, or even initials. If a psychic offers you these, understand that they may not be accurate or trustworthy. 

The most accurate psychics know that the future isn't written in stone--human choice still can affect it!

When Should I Consult a Psychic Reader?


Online psychic readings are most useful when you face a choice, are concerned about something happening in your life, or feel lost in life more generally.

Life questions about choices can range from choosing a romantic partner in love to taking a particular job. Online psychics can tell you about possible outcomes that various choices will lead to.

Psychic readings can also focus on your worries about an area of your life. This may concern your children, your spouse, money, work, love life, or a variety of other areas.

Finally, when you need more general advice about your life path, a psychic reading online can help you get in touch with the next steps you should take to reach your potential in the future.

Are Software Readings Better than Consulting a Psychic Reader Near Me?

Software readings definitely have their place, but they pose more issues than readings with actual psychics.

Still, software psychic readings can be accurate, depending on how you use them. For example, offers the opportunity to consult everything from the I Ching to runes, while can give you a tarot reading for free.

Nevertheless, problems can still arise from using software, even for tarot reading.

First of all, they are more general than in-depth readings with a live psychic. Software is programmed to give the most common meaning of the answers, not the one that applies to your particular situation.

Secondly, if you are not a psychic yourself, you may have trouble interpreting them correctly. For example, the card "Death" in a tarot card reading can seem terrifying at first. However, an experienced psychic knows that this can mean endings and new beginnings.

Can Psychic Readers Make Mistakes?

Local psychics and online psychics are human, so they can make mistakes. This is particularly true for less-experienced psychics, who may try to provide too specific an answer to a question and so accidentally mislead you about your future.

Psychics who are not as familiar with their tools as they should be can also misinterpret signs. For example, the Empress card in tarot readings can mean pregnancy or love, but it can also mean trusting in your feminine side.

To ensure that your online psychic is accurate, follow the guidelines above about using a trusted psychic service and selecting an advisor who does high-quality psychic readings online.

How Do I Choose the Best Psychics?

As you know, searching online for the “best psychic reading sites” or “psychic reading near me” is only the first step. To evaluate a particular psychic reading online, you should look at two things: the psychic service itself and user reviews.

The longer a particular psychic platform has been in business, the more likely they are to provide accurate readings. This is especially true when they offer satisfaction, good customer service options (like refunds), and screen their online psychics for abilities.

Similarly, the more good reviews a psychic has, the more likely their readings are accurate. Most online psychic service providers will show you the overall number of reviews for a psychic, as well as their average star rating.

Finally, the best psychic reading sites should offer a free pshychic reading so new clients can get a sense of how the platform works and. Some psychic sites, like Kasamba, even allow you to try multiple psychics for free.

Getting a Legit Psychic Reading Near Me (Online) - The Takeaway

While many people consider finding the best online psychic sites far too challenging (and expensive), it doesn’t have to be. 

In addition to our review above, there are many articles and guides aimed at helping those new and experienced with the psychic world find the right psychic near them (virtually). It’s just a matter of searching for “psychic reading near me,” and selecting whichever option matches your needs. 

Psychic readings whether offered by local psychics or virtually are a personal experience. And even though we chose Kasamba as our number one recommendation, you might click better with the psychic services from AskNow, Psychic Source or another online psychic reading platform entirely. 

While Kasamba, by our standards, is an all-around versatile, user-friendly platform perfect for newbies and experienced users alike, you might personally feel that AskNow’s phone psychics, or Psychic Source’s tarot readers are more in-line with what you’re looking for. 

Our advice? Make sure to test out whichever online psychic reading platform you go for using the free-minute deals on offer. It’s also a good idea to prepare any questions you have beforehand and dedicate some time to filtering psychics on your chosen site to find the one or ones you most want to consult.

Thanks for sticking with us! We hope our guide has helped you on your journey to finally getting an amazing psychic reading experience. 

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed within the content are solely the author’s. Does not constitute advice.

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