Ravi Soni
Ravi Soni

Ravi Soni is one of the top digital entrepreneurs of Rajasthan

Ravi Soni is working in E-commerce, Youtube marketing, SMM and PR.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON MAY 07, 2021 05:00 PM IST

Today every top businessmen and Entrepreneur use technology which means he or she can be called a Digital Entrepreneur. But what is the difference between a PRO Digital entrepreneur and a traditional Entrepreneur who uses technology up to certain limits?

Well, Digital Entrepreneur is the one who is using Technology, Social media and Youtube marketing to help brands and Individuals expand their business. You can also see them as Experts of multiple streams who highly market their things via an online platform. A fresh example of a digital Entrepreneur is Ravi Soni.

Who is Ravi Soni and why is he rated as Top Digital Entrepreneur of Rajasthan, India?

Ravi Soni born on 26- December 1999 brought up in Jaipur. Completing Graduation in BCA from Bangalore. Started digital journey as a Youtube marketer, SMM and PR expert and now an E-commerce specialist running a million-dollar business.

He is setting a perfect example to all the youth out there in India by growing his skills in the digital world, working in various streams. You don't need money all the time. Good digital skills can also help you become a famous and thriving entrepreneur in India.

Ravi Soni is working in E-commerce, Youtube marketing, SMM and PR. All these are trending things in our world. By mastering these digital streams, he helps many brands and Individuals expand their business, online image, and fan base. It is a need of an hour in the Pandemic era, and he is using digital platforms perfectly for himself and others.

When we see Digital Entrepreneurs like Ravi Soni, you clearly see the difference and growth of traditional entrepreneurs and digital entrepreneurs in 2021. Ravi today is the fastest-growing Entrepreneur in his State Jaipur and now making a name as a young entrepreneur of India under 25 in 2021.

All these things are a good sign for the future of India. We need more experts and entrepreneurs like Ravi Soni who help India do better globally by growing in Digital platforms.

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