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Relive your beautiful moments of life with ‘Real-Life 3D Impressions’ by Life & Emotions

Dec 29, 2020 06:21 PM IST

Started in 2014, Life and Emotions is dedicated to immortalizing your life memories in the form of a cast.

Imagine, a very special moment for a mother feeling so blessed with her newborn baby and she wants to preserve this precious moment by making a keepsake of her baby’s cute hands & feet in real-life 3D sculpture!

Amrita Dalal, Founder, Life & Emotions
Amrita Dalal, Founder, Life & Emotions

Or, a very memorable moment for a couple celebrating their engagement, wedding or anniversary that surely wants to preserve memorable moment of togetherness by making a keepsake of their hands clasped together and framed with a photograph for the occasion.

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Life & Emotions - Casting impressions capture that moment, thereby preserving the magic of childhood for life or the joy of marriage and blessings from elders.

3D Lifecasting impressions of hand and feet are the reflection of a moment of tenderness and love.

You can now easily capture detailed and real size sculpture with impressions of hand and feet of your new-born baby or couples as precious memories. The entire 3d lifecasting process is totally safe and, above all, clean and hygienic.

Life & Emotions aims at creating immortal memories, to a product of multiple events orchestrated within our lives, bringing together people and ideas connected through a common emotion towards Life.

Started in 2014, Life and Emotions is dedicated to immortalizing your life memories in the form of a cast.

“We ensure that the fleeting time of Life is captured in the best way possible through the process of mould capture. Casting can be described as a process of replicating human body parts in a 3D mold through various molding and casting techniques. Live casts can replicate the minutest of details to ensure Life like casts. Events and emotions are woven into the fabric of Life. Human emotion is always inclined towards basking in the glory of happiness and make an effort to keep those moments alive forever, ” says Amrita Dalal, Founder of Life & Emotions.

Amrita Dalal, is an artist with a keen for perfection on Art. Extensively qualified in Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Makeup, Human Resource, Voice & Accent and Masters of Business Administration. It was a natural transition for her to combine the qualifications and experiences, mixing art, design and human resources to Life & Emotions – Casting Impressions.

With unquestionable support from her family and friends and Equipped with professional certifications in Real-Life Castings for Hands, Feet, Belly and Torso from London and Germany, Amrita has expertise in casting and creating moulds in an eco-friendly, hygienic, hassle-free manner and capturing the essence of the emotions involved.

This craftmanship includes projecting 3-dimensional impressions of hands and feet, making them a memorable keepsake forever. There are different alternatives accessible, completely exclusive custom-fitted to your decision.

You will find the complete range of Casting Concepts sets for all ages and budgets at

You have the choice between the Standard Sets for the hand and feet impressions of new-borns and babies up to 3 months or Special Sets for the hand and feet impressions of new-borns, babies, children, adolescents, and elders.

Life & Emotions clients love the studio, where she takes the impression. It is an attempt to create an environment that is appealing to children.

“I have a huge baby clientele. If they are not comfortable, they immediately become too apprehensive about doing anything, “explains Amrita, so what exactly is it that it does? Well, she casts a clay impression of your hands and feet.

The best material is used, which is totally safe for your child’s skin. The fineness of this product allows the imprint of the smallest details of the structure of the skin. The entire process takes a few minutes. The mould hardens but remains flexible, allowing the child to remove his foot or hand easily. You will get the exact copy of the original!

Sounds too simple. “Actually, it’s a long process,’’ she says, her smile assuring you that she doesn’t mind it one bit. “You put the body part in the malleable clay for 30 tiny seconds and leave an impression behind. The 3D model is then created with the help of setting material – resin, imported from Singapore – and it is then over-dried, buffed, polished, and painted. The final product is then brushed.

‘I love making children’s impression,” Amrita says, her enthusiasm apparent. But they are also her most difficult customers. “you would think that 30 seconds would just fly past, but with a difficult child, it seems more like 30 minutes, and our material are non-toxic, non-allergic, child safe and eco-friendly. In fact, I did baby’s feet when he was a day old, in a hospital.

There are lots of memories which can stay with us, with an impression like Amrita says I did couple concept which is very close to heart and another Ashirwad concept in which our elder is giving blessing to us. And those concepts are really close to heart, which stays lifetime with the emotions.

Whether for babies, toddlers, or young children, whether as an original gift idea or as a lasting keepsake, Life & Emotions offers you 3d Life casting impressions for all ages and budgets.

Visit for more details.

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