RichLiveTrade- Way to achieve your target
RichLiveTrade- Way to achieve your target

RichLiveTrade Reviews: Makes your trading more profitable

A software that helps people to invest money whenever they want and wherever they want with just a click.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JUL 12, 2021 08:36 PM IST

Millions of young Indians have taken up stock trading, boosting expectations that India's demand for stocks is finally expanding. In the third quarter of 2020, retail ownership in more than 1,500 businesses listed on the National Stock Exchange of India increased to 9%, the highest level since March 2018. People have piled into stock trading, fuelling a boom in the country's economic environment. Millennials in India have been buying equities at a steady rate, mirroring trends seen in the United States and other major nations, as salary cuts, economic difficulties, and more time at home have fuelled the search for new income sources.

This data demonstrates the rise in the Indian stock market since young millennials began investing substantially in them. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to invest in the stock market. One can even start investing with as little as 100 rupees. Since the people cannot go out of their houses to purchase the stock, they can easily buy stocks, only with a single click on the button. It is where RichLiveTrade steps up.

"RichLiveTrade" founded by Mr. Anand Patil in 2008 is a cloud-based stock market management software available to traders and investors worldwide. It is a service that helps investors analyze buying and selling signals. It is based on custom-programmed indicators and is supported by professional traders. Even if consumers do not have any prior knowledge, the solution ensures consistent accuracy when trading in the stock, commodity, and currency markets. A specialized research team conducts in-depth searches and analyses of the diversified financial market regularly, allowing the programming team to develop precise trading techniques. Standing among the ‘10 Most Promising Capital Market Solutions Providers of 2021, RichLiveTrade is recognized By CIOReviewIndia.

Advantages of RichLiveTrade

1. It provides powerful, filtered, calculated target levels with precise buying and selling indications backed by real-time notifications. It can detect ever-changing market trends and assist consumers in getting the most of their investments.

2. RichLiveTrade's monetary earnings are shown on the secondary level, while users' profit margins are listed on the primary level. The program enables a variety of trading patterns, including short-term, intraday, and positional trading. A specialized research and support staff provides important updates regularly.

3. People believe in the benefits of using this technical analysis software for international markets. The software is compatible with world-renowned trading and charting platforms, making it easier for live account holders with AmiBroker or M14 to configure the entire process to their specific business requirements.

4. The program also provides correct data for the NSE, COMEX, NCDEX, and other exchanges. On typical workdays, it is with quick and accurate technical help through email, phone, and chat. It generates support requests within 15 to 30 minutes.

Groundbreaking features of the software :

RichLiveTrade has a ton of features that have made its users very happy. The buy-sell signal software predicts the future based on the historical performance of any stock, resulting in high accuracy. Perfect and sophisticated FILTERING algorithms assist traders in selecting more than 95 percent correct buy sell signals with 100 percent protected money. There is a Technical Analysis program created by Professional Traders with over 15 years of experience trading with FOREX, All Global Indices, MCX (India), NSE (India), and COMEX (USA) markets.

Moreover, with the help of their expert staff, clients will be able to trade boldly by receiving correct JACKPOT trades based on fundamental, technical, and numerological methods. ISO 9001:2015 Certified, RichLiveTrade is the leading brand in the stock market charting and technical analysis with all advanced features.

When it comes to market needs and changing behavior, upgrading is a must nowadays. Free Future Updates are accessible to traders, ensuring that the program remains stable.

Customer support is their first concern, and they guarantee that if they need assistance with software, we will be there for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Money is the primary reason why individuals consider trading. However, many people fail due to a lack of understanding of money management. Their money-making trading course teaches people risk management and money-making methods.

They have a skilled team that has designed a scalping technique for a trader who does scalping but does not want to spend a lot of time trading. They also have a hidden market scanner. This scanner assists traders in identifying the best possible trades within the first 15 minutes after the market opens, allowing them to enter and exit the transaction within half an hour with high gains. The software is available on all platforms like Android, Tab, IOS, and windows desktop for ease in trading. Growing from an employment rate of 24 to over 100, they have established a worldwide clientele of more than 14000.

Indian people will not go slow on investing. There are more people booking profits today than there were in the last two years. Indians have become more aware and educated about their money, especially in terms of investing. This software is the number one tool for the Indian market. It helps people to invest money whenever they want and wherever they want with just a click of a button. This trend is not going anywhere soon and naturally and RichLiveTrade is here to stay.

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