Dr Rita Jairath
Dr Rita Jairath

Rita Jairath’s first-hand experience with autism

Her experience of having brought up a specially-abled child so bravely has enabled her to help a number of parents who have children with special needs.
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PUBLISHED ON JUN 14, 2021 06:56 PM IST

Dr Rita Jairath is not an unknown name. She is one of the ground-breaking athletes who has emerged in the country’s women bodybuilding domain in an iconic way. She has always been a regular supporter and keen promoter of fitness, especially in the women’s fitness sector.

Apart from having achieved so much in the bodybuilding industry, she has first-hand experience of autism with her autistic child. Her experience of having brought up a specially-abled child so bravely has enabled her to help a number of parents who have children with special needs. In addition, she has also lent a helping hand to enable autistic adults and their social security.

Right Kind of Attitude for Quality Life of Autistic Kids

Rita strongly believes that kids with autism are not disabled, rather they are specially-abled. They just need your special care and affection. She practices and supports the fact that mental and physical exercises along with a healthy diet help autistic children lead a better and healthy life.

The real-life acquaintances Rita has experienced while raising her child have transformed her inner-self. She has achieved many accomplishments in due course of life while helping her child achieve education and fitness. Rita affirms to be careful while figuring out how to proceed with an autistic child first. Then, she makes the strategy to accomplish each of their life’s stepping stones.

Autism affects children's social abilities and makes effective communication difficult. However, autistic children's issues can have a significant impact on their physical fitness. Being overly sensitive to environmental stimuli can make it difficult to engage them in physical activities. As a prime supporter of physical fitness, Rita has taken the help of sports and blended the child’s interests into engaging him in physical activities.

Awareness for a Widespread Welfare

Parents and caretakers of autistic children go through a lot, including societal judgments on parenting. Rita has also experienced a lot of harshness while raising her child. Awareness about the subject is the need of the hour as a lot of people are affected more than obvious. Once people know about it, they will start looking at the world differently.

Autism is a spectrum disorder. And, Rita feels that the greatest challenge is that the pain that the parents go through is not obvious. However, cognizance of the pain and suffering of the child and the parents will manifest itself amongst the ones who need it. Additionally, once society fine-tunes and makes adjustments in their minds about autism, it will ease the tiny invisible complications that the sufferers face.

Be A Support System for Overall Well-Being

Rita has realized and compassionately empathizes that the process is difficult for both the autistic patient and the caretaker. She has faced criticism over parenting but has always valued acceptance and love. She strives to be kind and forgiving no matter how many challenges she faces when it comes to nurturing her child.

Rita swears by physical activities to keep autistic kids involved. She further adds that it also enhances their self-esteem, boosts their mental health, and provides them with a sense of accomplishment. Rita has herself witnessed that these physical activities help parents in reaffirming their faith and confidence. The delight shared between parents and children serves to improve the parent-child bond.

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