Sal Khan
Sal Khan

Sal Khan: Embarking onto journey of his own as a successful entrepreneur

Shattering societal norms, myths, and encompassing his journey from ragtag to social ascent - Sal Khan's story is an amazing one!
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JUN 16, 2021 05:25 PM IST

There is a famous English proverb stating that “when life throws stones at you, indeed turn it into milestones.” How many of us would have felt the same when life pulled us down on many such instances and how many of us lived up to that proverb. Well, we don’t know the story and journey of many such individuals but few of them have showed the world about how much mettle they live up to. One such winner among us is a successful entrepreneur from Bangladesh, Sal Khan. Sal Khan is on his dream journey of itching his name in the books of business realm as a successful entrepreneur by shinning in the domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain business.

Born and brough up in outskirts of Bangladesh in a small village, Sal was declared lifeless by the medical fraternity. His parents not having any clue about how their child would make it into the world were still hopeful about Sal coming into their lives. Then the magic from heavenly abode ticked Sal back into the real world and saw him growing up like any other child. To this Sal Khan opines that “life is a collection of opportunities and depending on the opportunities we are able to see and seize will determine the quality of our lives and the experiences that we have in this lifetime.” The next few years saw the whole family grind hard working day and night to survive and provide the best that they could. Sal’s dream of finding opportunities to break into first world country like Unites States gave him lot of motivation. Also, he had to bring an end to his parents’ life which included working for 16 hours every day to help support their family.

Sal Khan decided to pursue medicine and went ahead with his medical education. But tragedy stuck gain when Sal’s father suffered a heart attack and pushed him to withdraw his admission and drop out from college. Sal then decided to support his family and become financially independent and started to do many odd jobs. He finally came across the emerging business of digital transactions of cryptocurrency and blockchain and thought that this would be a lucrative career to pursue. Little did he knew that he would go on to become one of the top entrepreneurs in the country in the same domain. Mastering the art of the subject, Sal attracted much growth and success within a short span of time. He also invested in many good projects yielding better revenues and generating more profitability. Thinking about other upcoming entrepreneurs, Sal was in a commanding position now to help them as well. He also invested in small time businesses which were struggling due to capital investments and gave them a chance to revive their businesses.

Today Sal Khan is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a mentor for many such young budding entrepreneurs. He has upscaled his life to great extents by travelling to more than 20 countries, buying a dream home and car for himself, living in one the best cities of the world-Dubai, and also gifting his parents a new and profound lifestyle.

Sal Khan is also a believer in doing philanthropy. He is helping many families and local government in his hometown of Bangladesh to help build multi-specialty hospitals, infrastructure projects, housing societies and many more. We hope he continues his good work and keep excelling in his professional life as well.

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