Shashank Jain, Founder & CEO of
Shashank Jain, Founder & CEO of

Shashank Jain, Founder, on digital marketing and its future

Here’s a brief excerpt from a conversation with Mr. Jain
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JUN 07, 2021 07:05 PM IST

The spectrum around Digital Marketing is not only emerging but bringing global businesses together. In 2021, everyone is a content creator because of the Digital Marketing platforms. The Internet and social media now work simultaneously because of the digital network. Millions of young people are simply connecting over the internet and making things happen, and in recent years large enterprises seem to dump their luck in this as well. In today’s era, Digital marketing is as important as breathing air for any thriving business. And, the best thing about it is that anyone can learn it at any time!

Started with a bunch of bloggers spreading the news on various issues, Digital Marketing is now accessible for everyone. So, if you too are interested in learning about the best tips & tricks on how to run a Digital Marketing agency, who’s better than the Founder & CEO of and the owner of Mr. Shashank Jain.

So, here’s a brief excerpt from a conversation with Mr. Jain. Take a close look if you want to learn about Digital Marketing and its future position on web marketing.

Q. What do you think is the potential of digital marketing in today’s time?

Digital marketing is everything if you’re talking about business and money in 2021. It’s not a millennial thing anymore, and there is almost no barrier between small and large corporations when it comes to attracting traffic or gaining more views to a website.

The potential of all digital marketers is exclusively high. But, yes, this job comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work, many sleepless nights, and proper execution, so be ready for it.

Q. How did you find out that you wanted to start a marketing agency of your own?

I have always been fond of technology, so much so that I self-searched and compelled myself to learn engineering in computers. During this study phase, I also read up and specialized in varied computer languages, OS comprising HBCD, Linux, etc.

So, exploring this stuff landed me in digital marketing, and ever since it did, there was no turning back!

Basically, finding your own passion will lead you to your dream job. But, it’s time you level up your game and join the business for all the digital enthusiasts out there.

Q. What is there you’re so passionate about except Muffleit?

Besides everything digital, I’m a huge fan of cricket, and while I was launching my start-up, it occurred to me why not have a personal website dedicated to Cricket and fitness.

So, there came my Cricket News Website - I’m very much invested in this site as much as my main business; this is also very important to me.

Q. What are the challenges there in the process?

Like in every other job, handling a digital marketing agency is challenging. Although unrestricted access to the internet has made things a lot easier, there’s still education and proper networking missing in many beginners.

As digital marketing is all about communicating, one must be aware of all sorts of communication tools and get your hands on them as quickly as possible to bring success to your goal.

Q. How many websites are you presently handling?

Well, there are three in total; Muffleit,, and

Although my primary business is which is my agency that helps businesses worldwide get what they want to level up revenue, there’s also where I educate people on everything related to technology.

Q. Is networking important to be a good digital marketer?

Yes, it is extremely important. Digital marketing without networking is like Mango juice without the Mango. So, putting your services out there on display for people to get a good grip of your caliber is highly necessary.

Not only does it help in connecting, but you can run it smoothly with lots of variety.

It was hard for me too when I started Muffleit in 2018 with just two employees who are now my colleagues. Still, we connected globally with only dedication and determination and about to hire 49 people into the business.

In the end, success is about teamwork and management, and I thank everyone who supported me throughout to make the journey worthwhile.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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