Silverseven at the forefront of disruptive change

  • A breakthrough business isn’t just about technologies and business models, it is about a change in mindsets and leadership.
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PUBLISHED ON APR 22, 2021 05:41 PM IST

Exponential challenges demand exponential solutions. Incremental approaches, while important, are no longer sufficient. Becoming a breakthrough business isn’t just about technologies and business models. Fundamentally, it is about a change in mindsets and leadership away from the conventional.

The SILVERSEVEN group of companies are at the forefront of a disruptive change in mindsets and leadership. A unique blend between private equity, technological pioneer and consulting firm, it aims to accelerate and create lasting change in multiple disciplines, while helping facilitate a transition to a sustainable economy. A pandemic struck economy is in a desperate need of change. Previous methods of business cannot be fully utilised as before and there exists a window of opportunity where change and sustainable practices can be implemented into the core of every business as the economy rebuilds.

Exponential change is required to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, in order to amplify and expand this movement to be more apparent in societies where people take a hands-on approach, SILVERSEVEN works with its partners to host events around the globe that provide aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and organizations a platform to gain inspiration, build and align their ventures to contribute towards the goals. Whilst the consulting division gives them a hands-on approach in strategic planning for clients who want to define the future not run from it.

“Profit for our firm is a goal but it isn’t a goal where a negative externality would be created, such practices for SILVERSEVEN are seen as a loss due to the fact, overtime they will have a negative effect on another part of our society and ecology hence cannot be considered a profit in the long-run. The externality being as significant as a 100x loss to what would be earned as a profit under such circumstances. Firms going forward need to be agile and have a principal approach towards true cost accounting” said Devansh Sood, founder of SILVERSEVEN.

The rapid emergence and convergence of new technologies are already leading to widespread market disruption. As a result, the lifespan of an S&P 500 company has fallen from 67 years to 15 years. Businesses are going to reach a tipping point where even the largest and oldest organisations are going to evolve in order to take on challenges that have intentional beneficial societal impact. Innovations are constantly occurring in every industry, but to be truly disruptive an innovation must entirely transform a product or solution to change the way an industry once operated.

India is in a desperate need of a technological breakthrough to move the entirety of its population into the new age by speeding up national processes to be more efficient, resilient and transparent. The strength lies in increasing usability and adoption of technology that is accessible to a majority rather than a few, where disruptive technologies are fast tracked in development to address key challenges and provide executable solutions. Synchronicity is required to adapt to ever changing new realities being forced onto firms.

SILVERSEVEN offers an array of solutions that contribute towards the SDGs with innovative technologies, such as the development of blockchain solutions to tackle corruption and money laundering efforts. Alongside Initiatives to support entrepreneurs to join the firm's mission with ventures of their own where sustainability is implemented at the core and can drive transformation in societies using their everyday business propositions. It’s a collective effort that will ripple across each industry.

The article has been co-authored by Histare Office of Research and Advisory's strategic brand communication extension The Ornate Chronicle.

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