Stop the entry of pesticides into your body with HûMaree: Y A Shah

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Jan 28, 2022 01:43 PM IST

Co Founder and CEO of AMA Herbal, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah talks to us about the harmful impact of pesticides and how HûMaree can help consumers neutralise those.

Due to excessive usage of pesticides on crops, fruits and vegetables, the upper skin of the raw food items tend to hold a certain amount. This inadvertently enters our kitchen and in many homes vegetables and fruits are consumed raw in form of salads along with the pesticides residues despite proper washing with water, that can lead to several acute and chronic ailments in the human body. Considering this as a threat for consumers, the pioneer and global leader in the herbal dye manufacturing, AMA Herbal has launched HûMaree. To understand more about the harmful impact of pesticides and how HûMaree can help consumers neutralise those, Co Founder and CEO of AMA Herbal, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah, explains:

Mr. Yawer Ali Shah, Co Founder and CEO, AMA Herbal
Mr. Yawer Ali Shah, Co Founder and CEO, AMA Herbal

1- *What was the purpose of launching the HûMaree®️ range of washes?*

Pesticides, insecticides, germs and bacteria are found in every fruit, vegetable and on the surface of other uncooked food and medical studies have confirmed several harmful effects of pesticides in vegetables. At AMA, we always focus on benefits to humanity with a sustainable approach. We have launched HûMaree®️ specialized washes, the world's first complete range of washes for uncooked food that clean 99.9% of surface bacteria, pesticides and insecticides with just 2 minutes' wash. This assures Humanity is now safe from the problem that is harming it a lot.

2- *What exact side effects do pesticides have on our bodies?*

Pesticides affect the body in a very negative way in the long term. These chemicals in excessive amounts, damage the liver to the extent of Hepatitis B, C and liver psoriasis, heart etc. According to a study by KGMU, there is a huge rise in the number of C- Section deliveries, preterm deliveries, babies with less weight, increased number of caesarean deliveries etc due to the gradual yet devastating impact of pesticides and insecticides.

3- *How are these washes better than soda water or saltwater?*

One can achieve only 50-60% cleaning when they use soda water or salt water for cleaning uncooked food. Therefore, a specialized product is required to achieve a higher percentage of cleaning. The HûMaree ® specialised washes are structured after specifically evaluating the type and level of contamination on the surfaces of various uncooked food. They remove 99.9% of pesticides, insecticides, viruses, and bacteria from the surface of uncooked food. Now, it is evident why HûMaree®️ specialized washes are better than soda water or saltwater.

4- *Why have you launched different washes for different products?*

Fruits, vegetables, chicken, meat, eggs, fish, all these have different kinds of bacteria. Fruits, Vegetables and pulses have Pesticides that too of a different kind. Fruits have carbide and wax that Vegetables don't have. Fruits and Vegetables get bacteria that eat cellulose, whereas Meat, Chicken, Fish get bacteria that eat Amino acid. Also, Meat, Fish, Chicken has different fibre size and different construction. The biological structures of these are also very different from each other Therefore, HûMaree®️ has different specialized washes for each of them to provide maximum cleanliness without damaging the organic nutrients of the uncooked food. These washes also open the pores for the better absorbability of spices.

5- *Are these washes enough to fight Coronavirus too?*

Yes, we have done our research and it is proven that these washes wash off the coronavirus too.

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