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  • The Educational Experts at GoToUniversity are aiming to fill this gap by stepping in to assist such deserving students and ensure they have access to the right information required to fulfil their higher education dreams.
University Finder Tool
University Finder Tool
Published on Sep 20, 2021 08:17 PM IST
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ByHT Brand Studio

Passion should be the sole determinant for what one chooses to pursue post-secondary education. As long as our future generations choose a subject area they can thrive upon and the one that drives them, higher education will transform into knowledge in the truest sense. Every student possesses the right to know the available options to them after school, both locally and globally. In a world full of choices, the decision is influenced by various factors such as Geography, Cultural Background, Availability of Courses, Cost of Studies, Living Costs, Quality of Education, Academic Requirements, and Post Study Work Opportunities to name a few.

Amidst this race to secure a seat in the world’s top colleges, many students realize their dreams of studying at a university of their choice as they possess the right knowledge and have the availability of resources at their disposal. Others lack proper guidance, information, and training, thereby missing out on vital information required to build a successful career.

The Educational Experts at GoToUniversity are aiming to fill this gap by stepping in to assist such deserving students and ensure they have access to the right information required to fulfil their higher education dreams. The team at GotoUniversity comprises educational experts who share well-researched information and experience with the students and parents to help them make the informed decision regarding higher education. With almost a decade of experience guiding, counselling, and mentoring more than 20,000 students to globally recognized universities and colleges, the GoToUniversity team has the expertise to help students reach their higher education destination.

GotoUniversity portal was developed after years of research by its team. It is a unique educational portal that offers updated information on different universities, colleges, and educational institutions in addition to a large number of programs offered by them along with a host of other features to help the students with their quest to study abroad. Millions of students have immensely benefited from the portal to make their decision for the right university and program they want to pursue.

Some of the key features of the portal include,


Over 3600+ global universities listings comprising extensive information about the courses offered, admission requirements, global rankings, deadlines, scholarships offered, acceptance rates, and notable alumni. This feature helps the students to have a broad look at the different universities around the world and decide which universities perfectly align with their goals and aims.


With over 200,000+ programs offered across different categories including Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, and Professional Programs in various disciplines and majors, this feature allows the students to shortlist the programs based on their likings and interests within a few minutes.

University Advanced Search

The portal uses advanced AI-Powered search features that help the students to search and shortlist universities and colleges based on set criteria and parameters, such as Rankings, Costs, Academics, Scores, and Services.

Compare Universities

The portal also has the feature to compare any 4 universities side by side by their Global Rankings, Regional Rankings, Subject Rankings, Tuition Fees, Living Costs, Academic Entry Requirements, Score requirements, Student-Faculty Ratio, Acceptance Rate, and more. This enables the students to see, analyses, and compare the various advantages and disadvantages of different universities and opt accordingly.

Unifinder App

The portal hosts a powerful app called Unifinder which helps the student find the university most suited to them. University finder is designed based on a powerful AI-Powered tool that can guide the students in choosing the perfect program and University, based on their Interests, High School Grades, and Budget. The tool also assists the students to select suitable colleges and universities based on their location preferences, academic interests, academic scores, and tuition fees.

Webinars and Information Sessions

The portal also hosts several webinars and information sessions for students to help them understand the different aspects of global education and what the different universities and colleges offer. These webinars are free of cost and help the students to get an idea about the multiple options they have and what road they have to take.

Some of the popular webinars are,

Your Roadmap to Top Universities in the USA: The session includes an entire roadmap including the high school score requirements, selection of colleges, building a strong profile, process of writing an effective college essay, and more. It also offers in-depth insights on the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests and Test-Optional Colleges.

Higher Education in Canada - Land of Opportunities and Expats: This session introduces the admission process for renowned Canadian institutions including the University of Toronto, UBC, McGill, Waterloo, and many other top universities and colleges. It also offers detailed information on the programs, colleges, application process, entry requirements, post-study careers, and immigration opportunities.

The British Education System and an Introduction to UCAS: In this comprehensive session students get detailed information on the different courses students can study in the UK including England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, in addition to the admissions process through UCAS, which most students find complicated.

Germany and the rest of Europe - Affordable yet Quality Education: There is limited ‘CLEAR’ and ‘SIMPLIFIED’ information available about the admission process to Germany and other European Countries across Northern, Eastern, and Central Europe. This webinar aims at offering crystal clear information to students and parents, a roadmap to apply to these countries for higher education and introduce the visa application process. Many of these countries offer free education to ex-pats.

Educational Articles and Blogs

The portal also comprises a variety of educational articles and blogs on various subjects that provide in-depth knowledge on various universities and educational institutions and the programs and features offered in addition to different scholarships available for studying abroad, its requirements, and the application process.

Other Features

Apart from this, the portal also has many other features such as Profile Evaluation, Guidance on Standardized Tests and Subject Selection, Application Workshops, Online Courses, Leadership Skills, Crafting Academic CVs, Essay Ideas and Personal Statements, Safe and Secure Accommodation, MMI and Panel Interview Preparation and more.

To sum it up, serves as the one-stop portal offering all the information required in one place! As they say, “Awareness is a key ingredient for success and if you have it, spread it and if you do not, then seek it”. Keeping this in mind, the team of experts at GoToUniversity continue to guide, counsel, and mentor several students each year to help them make informed career choices globally!

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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