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  • The agency flaunts a formidable team of IIT and IIM alumni that operate under the capable supervision of IIT Alumnus Washib Khan. Together, they have worked with over 1,50,000 influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and artists from niches like technology, books, food, beauty, fashion, gaming, music, mom, travel, lifestyle, etc.
Published on Dec 23, 2021 08:43 PM IST
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Every business wants more profit. And to achieve more profit, marketers innovate new ways to attract new customers and create superior value to retain and delight existing customers. Advertisements are created to increase awareness, leads and sales, however, to attract new generation, marketers need to find new ways to attract them.

Social media is a great way to reach young generation, hence marketers are leveraging the inspiring personalities of social media who have ultimately become influencers of their particular niche. When a knowledgeable leader demonstrates a product/service, the follower is convinced to purchase as he/she is gaining knowledge through an experienced guy. Today’s customer wants to be educated rather than just sold to, hence, to experience a product by an experienced thoughtful leader is the cherry on the cake. According to smart insights, 51% of advertisers are convinced that influencer marketing gets them quality customers.

The power of the influencer comes into the product by brand association leverage and the trust is multiplied.

Since we are on the topic of honesty and trust, let’s talk about Grynow. Who are they? For starters, it is the best influencer marketing platform situated in India. Amazon, Facebook, Groww, Instagram, Paytm, Oneplus, Share Chat, Tik Tok are some names from a long list of global brands that trust the company with their influencer marketing needs.

The agency flaunts a formidable team of IIT and IIM alumni that operate under the capable supervision of IIT Alumnus Washib Khan. Together, they have worked with over 1,50,000 influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and artists from niches like technology, books, food, beauty, fashion, gaming, music, mom, travel, lifestyle, etc.

This influencer marketing platform has an amazing track record of connecting its clients with the right doyens and vice versa under one establishment.

Why do Businesses Need Influencer Marketing Platforms?

Increase Brand awareness

Brand awareness is one of the fundamental objectives that prompt marketers to consider influencer marketing campaigns. Because doyens boast a vast following, they are ideal for exposing a company to the world.

When the opinion leaders are legit with a faithful following, the post they create and upload will be seen by many and looked at with curiosity and trust. A successful partnership with popular social media personalities helps businesses stand apart from their rivals, add to their social media following, put themselves in front of new eyes, and generate momentum.

Grynow as a leading influencer marketing platform has executed various campaigns to create brand awareness for brands like Moj, Paytm, Oneplus, Thefaceshop and many more. The company was able to achieve great success in terms of engagement as well as creating buzz for new products/service as well as the brand itself.

Pinpoint Targeting

Finding and targeting the right potential customers is another component of a long list of daunting tasks that need addressing in a marketing strategy. Nonetheless, the initiation happens by creating a persona consisting of key buyer attributes. However, by opting for influencer marketing, brands can leap over this step.

Opinion leaders have already taken care of the heavy lifting by gathering the company's audience in one spot - ripe for the taking. Hence, brands only have to pick relevant influencers who can effectively represent the company to the new market - an influencer marketing platform is suitable for this job.

Once again, Grynow is a pioneer in achieving awesome sales for companies like Groww, Coin switch kuber, Rush by hike, Lets krypto and many more. And generated a great return on investment for brands.

Enhanced Brand-Consumer Interaction

Today, multiple software and entities are present that can provide millions of fake followers at the push of a button. However, more followers are of little value if they do not contribute to the overall engagement rate. Getting more likes, comments, and shares on a social media post is no walk in the park - especially when top Influencer marketing platforms are not at the brand's beck and call.

Influencers that work with companies have a better understanding of their audience's preferences. Hence, the content they produce will appeal better to the brand's core demographics.

Besides hitting the like button or dropping a comment, the likelihood of users sharing the post with their peers is higher when they see the video/picture on the Influencer's social media page. Rather than the brand's official handle - thereby increasing the company's reach to a broader audience base.

Why Choose The Best Influencer Marketing Platform - Grynow

Sets a Benchmark for Optimum Marketing

The fundamental Idea behind employing an opinion leader is to help brands market their offerings to their target market. However, each product appeals to a specific set of consumers - this is why influencers will fall short in changing their audience's perception of a brand's offering.

The experts at the best IM platform are determined to address the above issue. Grynow possesses a robust network of mavens from every niche. For years the agency has built a dependable, respected, and reputable diaspora of thousands of doyens from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and Tiktok. According to the 2021 study of the state of influencer marketing, influencers on the short video sharing platform grew by 325% during the pandemic.

Senses can lie, but not numbers. Trusting their eyes and ears is probably the worst mistake marketers make when evaluating influencers. That is why the strategists at the agency employ state of the art tools and techniques to collect and examine data related to their clients' market segment and social media creators. Even parameters like keywords are not spared from the equation.

After scrutinizing the metrics, what's left is a list of high-performing opinion leaders that are a perfect match for the company's marketing needs.

Better Sale Numbers

A brand can have multiple goals like leads, awareness, more followers, etc., but only sales bring the big bucks. More conversions result in higher profit, which contributes to the growth of a company.

A brand alone lacks sufficient credibility to attract new prospects by pitching to a new market. Consumers in this day and age are smart and will probably spend hours researching before coming to a purchase conclusion. According to digital marketing institute, 49% of social media users have purchase a product after suggestion from an opinion leader.

Mavens can draw people's attention towards a product/service. Finding opinion leaders for the brand is only the tip of the iceberg. The top influencer marketing platform works tirelessly with the selected Influencers to create content that can convince people to buy from their clients. The agency ensures that important points that can coerce people to take the Influencer's advice to the heart are highlighted in the posts- resulting in a higher conversion rate.


As we reach the end of the article, we would like to highlight that according to Statista, 72.5% of marketers will increase their IM budget for 2022. Hence, we can safely say that the global influencer marketing sector is going only one way - Up.

In the coming years, we may witness even more dependency on influencers than ever before. Thus, keeping the future in sight, Grynow is investing resources to enhance its capability to come the inevitable. Even as we speak, more brands are showing interest in working with this top influencer marketing platform in the world to explore new markets, get doyens to communicate about their business, attract more clientele, and generate more sales, leads, and engagement.

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