Menka Mishra
Menka Mishra

The rising star of Indian music industry: Dr. Menka Mishra

Most of her hit albums are from the banner of T-Series. Pyar hai, Bepanah, Jai Ganesh, Mohe Murli Bana Lena, Bansuri pe Kanha, Maiya ka Darbar Saja hai, Ahsas, etc. are some of her big hits.
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PUBLISHED ON MAY 05, 2021 04:50 PM IST

"Life will give you opportunities, it is up to you how you utilize them."

Opportunity knocks the door once for everybody. Those who grab it, become successful and those who let it slip regret it. Menka Mishra didn't let a single opportunity glide down her hands that knocked on her door. She embraced each prospect that came her way and welcomed all with open hearts. People have various addictions, be it chemical or behavioral. Menka was addicted to music and that too, since her childhood. As a kid, she dreamt of becoming a music artist. She used to sing in her school, family functions, events, etc. Menka never missed an opportunity that brought her one step closer to her dreams. Seeing her immense passion and interest in music, Menka's music teacher at school, Late Gayatri Tiwari Ji, advised her to learn professional music. On the advice of her guruji, Kripa Shankar Ji, Menka filled the Akashwani form and got her first entry into the world of music. She never left music, no matter how many hardships she had to encounter in her way. Her husband, Shri Arvind Mishra, was also very supportive of her career. He never stopped Menka from pursuing her dreams.

Menka Mishra is one of T-Series' most well-known personalities. T-Series framed Menka's musical career. Most of her hit albums are from the banner of T-Series. Pyar hai, Bepanah, Jai Ganesh, Mohe Murli Bana Lena, bansuri pe Kanha, Maiya ka Darbar Saja hai, Ahsas, etc. are some of those albums which were a big hit for Menka. Besides T-Series, Menka has also recorded for Doordarshan and Akashwani. Menka also sang for other record labels such as Wave, Kv, Vijay Lakshmi, Dc, and many more. Menka never allowed any hurdle to distract her from her dream. After her marriage, she indeed got a bit busy with her family life; but she never kept music aside. In between, she used to spare some time and record with Doordarshan and Akashwani.

Menka Mishra is not only dedicated to her music career, but she is also interested in looking up at social issues. She has also contributed to a change in society through a program on her YouTube channel known as "Humari Vyatha". In this program, Menka talks about the social problems that are still prevalent in our society, namely, child labor, dowry, rape, acid attack, etc. We can call her a woman activist. She has also made presentations of the works of ancient poets like Sur, Tulsi, Meera, Kabir, etc., and combined them with modern music in order to enlighten the minds of youth. She has also judged a show called "Folk Jalwa" on ETV. Besides that, she has also performed on national channels like Zee Tv, Sahara Tv, ETV, etc. Her devotional songs have also been broadcasted on channels like Aastha, Sanskaar, Doordarshan, and Satsang. Menka has also won a lot of awards and appreciation certificates for her commendable performance in the music industry, for her social cause, and for various other aspects.

There are quite a few projects that Menka Mishra is looking forward to. One of them is a Sufi composition of medieval poet Malukdas Ji. It has been composed with a new style of music and has been named "Almast Fakira". The composition will be out very soon for Menka's fans and the audience. Another one is a song written, sung, and even composed by Menka Mishra herself, titled "Saawre Piya". It has been taken from "Thumri Ang" and will be served to the audience in a completely new style of music. "Pyar Karun Tujhse" is another project by Menka Mishra that we can hear soon. It is a romantic Ghazal by Menka Mishra.

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