Top Modern Picks to Read for This Year 2021

  • The Award Winning and Record Holding Artist, Rubal Choudhary is now an author of the book, "My Way to the Moon", an unusual poetry book set on the theme Moon.
Top 10 Modern Picks
Top 10 Modern Picks
Published on Jul 20, 2021 07:19 PM IST
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Confused? What to read by the end of this monsoon? Well! We can help you sort out the best masterpieces you would love to read and cherish. Although there is a lot more stuff added to the world of literature, it at times become hard to choose best and peaceful content. Scroll down and get your hands on the book your eyes might be seeking from long.

‘Eternal Trudges’ by Sailee Tiwari

The book holds different forms of poetry – Acrostic, couplets, quatrains, and free verses. They are written with utmost sentiments. While some are heartfelt and vestiges of my memories, others are a quest seeking reality and raising questions in life.

Poetry is meant for what's so often unsaid, depicts the feelings dormant within and expresses grief, emotions and outrage and showcases the ways of venting out vividly. We are connected soul to soul by stanzas and verse. The book holds many such myriad thoughts, emotions and anger.

It is available on Amazon, Notion Press in Kindle, and Paperback edition.

Read here ‘Eternal Trudges’ by Sailee Tiwari

‘Waiting To Exhale’ by Riya Rashmi Dash

Exhaling lightens the inner soul. The human body waits for exhaling its emotions. Waiting to exhale is a book which is beautifully crafted focusing on man's flaws, over thinking, love, loneliness. This book is a collection of 35 poems which will surely take you to the land of dreams. A land where the soul craves for exhaling. It has gathered and packed all the feelings together which the soul craves for to be expressed. With its every swirl and every flip of the page you can feel the essence through words.

Read here ‘Waiting To Exhale’ by Riya Rashmi Dash

‘The Yodha of Our Times’ by Sonal Srivastava

Building your own wings takes more than just a dream and passion in your heart. Often it can be difficult to pursue your passion with various limitations, disbelief, and dipping motivation. ‘The Yodha of Our Times’ is a compilation of five inspirational stories that encourage you to chase your dreams.

Author of Winning Your Demons and several anthologies, Sonal Srivastava is an optimistic believer and an artistic soul.

The author is writing her own success story and has been highlighted in Outlook India as “The Next Big Name in the Writing Industry.” She has also been interviewed by radio stations and international magazines. Before you miss out on her books, please click the below link and order your copy right away.

Read here ‘The Yodha of Our Times’ by Sonal Srivastava

‘How I Failed In Love’ by Samar Deep Singh

“How I failed in love” is a well-crafted love story by author Samar Deep Singh. He has portrayed college life to the tiniest detail.

The relationship between Aryan, Ananya, and his seniors are realistic and amazing. All Indian students will surely relate to this book in one way or the other i.e., the relationship between a boy and his parents, his brother, his roommate, and of course last but not least his ‘Love at first sight'.

This book also tells how to deal with depression, abuse, and losing a loved one. Read this perfect love story on kindle or buy it at Amazon.

Read here ‘How I Failed In Love’ by Samar Deep Singh

‘My Way to the Moon’ by Rubal Choudhary

The Award Winning and Record Holding Artist, Rubal Choudhary is now an author of the book, "My Way to the Moon", an unusual poetry book set on the theme Moon.

It is a collection of prose swirling between the chants of moon symbolising Eternity and Immortality. One could easily relate to the quotes and poetries she has carved on the topic "MOON".

The book is all about Moon and for the ones who love Moon i. e. Selenophiles. It holds both a Bad and a Good side of a human, symbolising Love and Unity.

Recognised by Bravo International Book of Records, it is all ready to hit the market and is available on platforms like Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart.

Read here ‘My Way to the Moon’ by Rubal Choudhary

‘Hand That Burnt While Healing’ by Ishani Agarwal

A Compiler of 50+ Titles, and Holder of Various Records and Awards, Ishani Agarwal has finally come up with her Solo Compilation.

'Hand That Burnt While Healing' contains 750+ Contents consisting of all Genres and Mood. It is special in a way, for it is a 'Any Mood' read. From Happiness to Friendship, Love to Hatred, Joy to Sadness, she has covered all emotions in the book.

The Contents are based on emotions and feelings that people have and feel throughout in their lives. Therefore, any person reading it, will feel the Contents are written revolving around them.

The book is something to lift up your mood in your bad times, and to give you a reason to be happy.

The book is available on Amazon and Google Play Books.

Read here ‘Hand That Burnt While Healing’ by Ishani Agarwal

‘City under Curfew and other stories’ by Fazayal Shabbir

"City Under Curfew and other stories" written by Fazayal Shabbir is a modern day collection of short stories set up in urban India. The characters and situations are very relatable. All the stories are tightly edited and don't seem to drag like most short story collections. Stories have strong human emotions as well as humor at the right places, sometimes even dark humor. Most of the stories have an unpredictable twist which make the reader ponder for a long time. The stories in this collection show mirror to the society especially the divide among the haves and have knots.

The book has been well appreciated and has got accolades from readers as well as critics. It regularly features in Amazon best sellers list.

Read here ‘City under Curfew and other stories’ by Fazayal Shabbir

‘Open Your Wardrobe For Answer’ by Bhushita Ahuja

‘Open Your Wardrobe for Answers’ is a self-help book written by the talented teen Author, Bhushita Ahuja who is 16 years old and it covers the untapped subject of clothing psychology. Aimed at the youth, this book is an ideal crash course on all things fashion. The book begins with addressing the importance of the first impression, it covers colour psychology and enlists fun activities that can be used to overcome the everyday wardrobe crisis. The book suggests that successful people are confident under their skins and don’t wear clothes as a shield of protection from societal perceptions. It insinuates readers to carve out their own styles and dress for themselves! A short and sweet book, it’s a must read for those curious to know more about their personality.

Read here ‘Open Your Wardrobe For Answer’ by Bhushita Ahuja

‘Time's Insertion- The Dawn Of The Journey’ by Piyush Pratik Mohanty

“Time's Insertion- The Dawn Of The Journey” is the first installment of Time's Insertion series written by Piyush Pratik Mohanty. This is Piyush's debut book. The story revolves around two characters who meet after a long time hoping to rekindle their long lost love. It takes you in a beautiful and soothing journey of love and friendship but anything good comes with some hesitation and issues which make the journey troublesome and full of uncertainties. Will their love for each other rekindle? Do find out.

Read here ‘Time's Insertion- The Dawn Of The Journey’ by Piyush Pratik Mohanty

‘Jeevan Manthan’ by Raghav Chauhan

‘Jeevan Manthan’ by Raghav Chauhan is a book of inspirational quotes on life and its allied aspects. The book is short and crisp to read as it sheds important lessons of life by quotes in both English and Hindi. At the center of the book is LIFE. As the title suggests, the book is about life and how one can make it perfectly livable. The genre of the book is neither completely spiritual nor philosophical. It oscillates between many. At the forefront, in each quote, the book keeps teaching good and inspiring lessons, which are hard to find in life.

Read here ‘Jeevan Manthan’ by Raghav Chauhan

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