Vibranium is on a mission to take the Indian NFT community forward

Vibranium, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) powered marketplace platform that will help artists help sell their art for the right price.
Vibranium NFTs Marketplace
Vibranium NFTs Marketplace
Published on Aug 12, 2021 08:36 PM IST
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By HT Brand Studio

90% of the world’s artist population want to quit their art! Yes, you heard us right! That is shockingly a huge number, especially in India, the melting pot of art and tradition. There are a lot of valid reasons that the artists have and one of the most disturbing ones is that they do not have a place or an allocated body to help them sell their art.

So why are we telling you this? It is important because art and culture drives innovation across the world and if artists were to quit, we will be losing one of the pillars that once built the world.

What is the Solution?

VIBRANIUM, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) powered marketplace platform that will help artists help sell their art for the right price. NFT’s are slowly turning out to be the best thing that could happen to the blockchain network and it is only fair that you tap into a market with infinite possibilities. Vibranium is not just a regular marketplace where people can buy and sell art using blockchain, it is also a marketplace where you can contribute to strengthen the artistic community.

What is the idea behind Vibranium?

Artists started flooding the NFT communities when 5000 art pieces were bought for a huge amount of $69 million in march. This was an incredible feat but not for the artists in India. The artists in India did not have a native marketplace to sell their art and this means that they had to go through heavy gas fees to get access to a biased marketplace with heavy competition. Vibranium is a marketplace that removes all that.

With 210+ NFT artists and 11+ NFT collectors, the community is growing by the day and is expected to see a boom in intakes in the coming days. Vibranium gives artists the freedom to sell and tap into resources from around the world to sell their art and helps them not face the troubles of steering through an illiquid market.

Access to a rich market comes with a heavy price, but with Vibranium, it is affordable. With zero gas fees for the first 200 NFT creators to a $0.5-$1 gas fee range, Vibranium is a revolution of a kind.

So, who are the brains behind this incredible idea?

Vibranium started out as a small venture to help artists find their space to sell their art in March,2021. But with the incredible minds of Mr. Hesan Kumar Naik(Founder and CEO),

Mr.Misan kumar (co-Founder and CMO), Mr. Emmanuel Digal (co-Founder and CFO) and

Founding member and Talent manager Mr.Ayan khan, Vibranium is now slowly turning out to be the enigma that brings the Indian artistic community closer to the possibilities of what the NFT community can do.

So, how established is Vibranium?

Vibranium is seeing a steady climb since its inception and is actively roping in investors to take the marketplace to the next level. Vibranium released their very own native utility token VIBRA in may and managed to have nearly 2600 holders and growing in just a month’s time.

With more people enrolling themselves with Vibranium, it is safe to say that it is garnering attention and within no time is expected to see a strong linear growth in the number of people accessing the marketplace to sell their art.

Vibranium has one goal in mind, educate people about NFT’s and play to the strengths of the NFT movement. The people at Vibranium are keen on making this happen and with growing numbers, it is evident that all efforts are in the right direction.

What is a real-challenge for Vibranium?

Vibranium is a marketplace that is powered with NFT’s and with a population of billions, educating the masses about NFT is a real challenge. Vibranium and its efforts to penetrate into the market has the power to overcome that challenge with ease provided it has got the support and investments to back its ventures. Vibranium is turning out to be a passion from India to the world powered through NFT’s. Vibranium runs on the most sophisticated blockchain, The Binance Smart Chain and supports wallets like Metamask, torus, Portis, Coinbase and Formatic.

The environment of the Vibranium marketplace is highly dynamic meaning anyone with the will to grow will grow. With an aspiration to capture 60% of the Indian NFT market share, Vibranium has the potential to become the dominating factor of the Indian NFT movement.

How tough is the competition?

Right now, In India there is only one NFT marketplace that targets sophisticated artists leaving behind more than 80% of the artist population behind. Vibranium’s target is that 80%. If all plans were to steer well in the right directions, Vibranium is a potential marketplace that you simply shouldn’t be missing out on.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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