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10 Lead Generation Techniques Your Competitors Are Not Using

Published on Sep 12, 2023 06:39 PM IST

10 unique and creative lead-generation techniques for businesses, including scraping Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Maps.

10 Lead Generation Techniques Your Competitors Are Not Using
10 Lead Generation Techniques Your Competitors Are Not Using
ByHT Brand Studio

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any successful business. Without a steady flow of qualified leads, your sales pipeline will dry up and revenue will suffer. That's why it's critical to constantly be looking for new and innovative ways to generate leads. Many businesses just stick to the same old tactics and as a result, leave lots of potential leads on the table. Don't let this happen to you!

In this post, we'll explore 10 unique and creative lead-generation techniques that your competitors probably aren't using. Implementing just a few of these can give you a leg up on the competition and dramatically increase your number of prospects. So let's dive right in!

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1. Scrape Facebook for Potential Clients

Facebook is home to over 2 billion active users. With that much reach, there are tons of potential leads hiding in Facebook groups, pages, and profiles. Yet surprisingly few businesses actively leverage Facebook as a source of leads.

With the right web scraping tool like igleads.io, you can easily extract publicly available data from Facebook. For example, you can scrape Facebook groups in your industry to build targeted lead lists. Simply enter keywords related to your business to find relevant groups. The scraper will extract all the members and their public profile info so you can reach out to them.

You can also scrape Facebook pages for potential leads. Just enter your competitor's page URL and extract their fans/followers. These people already have an interest in your industry, making them prime prospects. The ability to generate such targeted lead lists is what makes Facebook scraping so powerful.

2. Leverage Instagram Keywords and Hashtags

Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly active users. And just like Facebook, people join Instagram communities related to their interests and business. This presents a big opportunity to source leads on Instagram by extracting users connected to relevant keywords and hashtags. With igleads.io, you can enter any keyword related to your business like "small business coaching". It will return all the Instagram profles that have that keyword in their bio. These users are clearly interested in small business coaching and could be perfect prospects!

You can also search any industry-related hashtag like #smallbiz and extract all the users who have posted with that hashtag. Hashtag search is one of the most targeted ways to fnd Instagram leads. Give it a try to see the laser-focused prospects you can generate.

3. Scrape LinkedIn For Leads

LinkedIn is the premier social network for B2B lead generation with over 660 million users. Yet most businesses just use LinkedIn to post content, not actively source leads. This is a huge missed opportunity!

IGLeads lets you extract leads directly from LinkedIn in a few different ways:

  • Search by Job Title - Enter any job title like "Director of Marketing" and scrape LinkedIn for all profles with that title. This lets you build lead lists for any department you want to target.
  • Search Companies - Enter a company name and extract all their employees. Great for targeting leads at a specifc organization.
  • Search by Keyword - Enter any keyword related to your business like "content marketing" and scrape profles mentioning it.
  • Search Groups - Enter any LinkedIn group name to scrape all its members. Target only the people in groups relevant to you.

Just think about the highly targeted, niche lead lists you can generate from LinkedIn profles with just a few clicks. It's a goldmine most of your competitors are ignoring!

4. Scrape Tiktok For Leads

As the hottest new social media platform, TikTok presents a huge lead gen opportunity for businesses willing to tap into its massive audience. TikTok now has over 1 billion monthly active users who are highly engaged.

Here are some creative ways to scrape TikTok For Leads

  • Hashtag Search - Use iGLEADS to search for hashtags related to your business and scrape all the users' posts with those tags. Then reach out to them with targeted offers.
  • Keyword search - You can also search keywords in bios to fnd TikTok users interested in your industry. Scrape their profles as leads.
  • Infuencer Marketing - Partner with niche TikTok infuencers to promote your brand to their audience. Convert their followers into leads.
  • Ads - Run highly targeted TikTok ads focused on your customer personas. Embed lead gen signup forms or offers within the ads.
  • Challenges - Launch branded hashtag challenges and encourage user-generated content. Incentivize users to opt-in to your offers.

TikTok is full of engaged users actively looking for solutions. Tap into audiences relevant to you via scraping and paid strategies.

5. Leverage Twitter for Lead Gen

While Twitter doesn't have as many active users as other social platforms, its audience tends to be more tech-savvy and infuential. This makes Twitter worthwhile for B2B lead generation.

Here are some tips to leverage Twitter for leads:

  • Search Bios - Use iGLEADS to search for keywords and job titles in Twitter bios to discover prospects.
  • Target Infuencers - Build relationships with infuential people in your industry for referrals and exposure.
  • Paid Ads - Promote lead magnet offers via Twitter ads targeted to your audience.
  • Link Clicks - Share valuable content and optimize your bio/profle to drive clicks and leads.
  • Hashtags - Monitor relevant hashtags related to your industry for engagement opportunities.

The key with Twitter is focusing your efforts on the targeted niche audiences that align with your business. The platform rewards brands who take the time to build authentic connections and relationships. Put in the work, and the leads will come.

6. Scrape YouTube for Video Leads

People turn to YouTube when they're looking for information and how-to content. That makes it a goldmine for generating leads interested in what you have to offer.

Here are some ways to leverage YouTube for business leads:

  • Keyword Targeting - Identify what keywords your potential customers search on YouTube. Create videos optimized for those keywords.
  • Channel Engagement - Build a branded YouTube channel in your industry. Engage with viewers through your content.
  • Infuencer Partnerships - Work with YouTube infuencers in your niche to collaborate on videos or sponsorships.
  • YouTube Ads - Run YouTube video ads targeted to your audience. Retarget engaged viewers across devices.
  • Webinars - Host webinars on your channel focused on topics your prospects care about.
  • Scrape Comments - Use iGLEADS to scrape and extract contact info from comments on videos relevant to your business.

The video content people engage with on YouTube signals their interests and intent. Align your video strategy to connect with those potential leads.

7. Scrape Google Search Results

Ranking high in Google search results can bring in a steady stream of free organic leads. But you need an effective SEO strategy focused on lead generation tactics like:

  • Keyword Research - Identify high-volume transactional keywords that indicate user intent to purchase services like yours. Optimize for those keywords.
  • Topic Clusters - Create clusters of linked content centered around high-value topics using target keywords. Aim to "own" a topic.
  • Conversion Optimization - Ensure your on-page SEO is on point to convert searchers into leads. Strong calls-to-action, lead magnets, minimal friction.
  • Local SEO - Rank for geographic keywords in Google Maps to attract local leads. Optimizing your GMB listing is crucial.
  • Reviews - Generate positive online reviews on directories like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Reviews build trust and credibility that convert searchers.
  • Site Structure - Optimize your information architecture to make it easy for Google to index and categorize your important lead gen content.

With the right SEO strategy tailored to ranking for high-converting lead-gen keywords, Google scraping can provide a steady stream of qualifed prospects.

Scrape Google Maps
Scrape Google Maps

8. Scrape Out Leads from Google Maps

Populating and optimizing your Google My Business listing is a highly effective local lead generation tactic. By showing up prominently in Google Maps for local searches, you attract prospects nearby looking for your products or services. You can use IGLeads.io to scrape Google Maps and fnd local business owners.

To maximize leads from Google Maps:

  • Completely fll out your GMB profle with keywords and high-quality photos. Provide as much relevant info as possible.
  • Include a strong call to action in your listing driving searchers to convert. Offer discounts for checking in, booking from the app, etc.
  • Ensure accurate business info like address, phone number, and operating hours. This builds trust.
  • Run GMB posts and promotions to engage searchers. Surface special offers to incentivize conversions.
  • Ask customers to leave detailed 5-star reviews on your GMB listing. Reviews boost credibility.
  • Monitor analytics for insights on lead behavior and what is resonating. Continuously optimize.

When local customers search for businesses like yours, you want to stand out prominently in the map pack. GMB makes it happen.

9. Target Leads by Job Title

An extremely effective B2B lead gen tactic is targeting your offers by specifc job titles. For example, if you want to sell HR software, targeting people with "Director of HR" in their title would yield great leads.

Here are some tips for job title targeting:

  • Research what job titles you want to target and the companies likely to employ them. HR software example - "Head of HR", "HR Manager", etc.
  • Use IGLEADS to search those job titles on LinkedIn and build lead lists from the results.
  • Search those titles on Twitter bios and Facebook pages for additional prospects.
  • Connect with title-specifc groups on LinkedIn to join conversations with those roles.
  • Tailor your messaging, content offers to resonate with the pains and needs of each job title you target.
  • Consider running LinkedIn ads targeted by job title and company.

Job title targeting ensures you reach the exact people who can beneft from your offering, leading to highly qualifed leads.

10. Scrape Multiple Social Channels

To maximize your social media lead generation, don't limit yourself to just one platform. The most effective approach is utilizing multiple channels to tap into their unique audiences. Cover your bases by scraping leads from this expanded list of sources:

  • Facebook - Groups, pages, profles, job titles
  • Instagram - keywords, hashtags, bios
  • YouTube - keyword searches, comments
  • Twitter - bios, job titles, followers
  • LinkedIn - keywords, profles, groups
  • TikTok - hashtags, bios

You can seamlessly scrape all of these platforms through IGLeads.io web scraping solutions. The key is identifying which social audiences align best with your target customer base. Then leverage multiple channels to leave no stone unturned when building your lead lists.

Taking a cross-channel approach to scraping social media for leads gives you quantity, quality, and diversity in prospects.

The 10 tactics covered in this post likely include several methods your competitors have not tried. Now is the time to experiment and identify which unconventional approaches yield leads that convert for your business.

Don't settle for average results from the same old techniques. With the right innovation and consistency, your lead generation can reach new heights. Think beyond the basics - and watch your pipeline grow.

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