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Sunday, Nov 17, 2019

“Astrology is a guide for those who waver from their path.”

A leading Vedic astrologer, Dr. Bajrangi recommends simple karmic corrections to solve the challenges we encounter over the course of our lives.

Updated: Feb 13, 2018 15:03 IST
Partnered Feature, HT Brand Studio
Partnered Feature, HT Brand Studio
(Dr Vinay Bajrangi)

To the modern, so-called logical mind, astrology is often relegated as a gimmick or a fake science. As a result, it is now a daunting task for present-day astrologers to prove the sanctity of their knowledge and the benefits it could reap, if adapted correctly.

Public perception towards astrology is further affected by the fact that in many cases, people are pushed into following expensive, time-consuming rituals with no scientific standing to prove their worth. As a result, the more skeptical among us are quickly dissuaded and convinced that astrology holds no worth, further pushing this ancient science into a deep crisis for survival.

To make things worse, several stakeholders of this vocation are not doing much to change these perceptions. These astrologers are often denounced as quacks because their craft is geared towards profit making alone.

The basis of astrology lies in accurately reading an individual’s chart and correcting the way he or she leads their life. Traditionally, Hinduism is not just about following a faith or sect but, rather, a system which shows the way to a righteous life. Astrology serves as a guide for those who waver from this path.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi’s expertise in correcting karma can effortlessly change your life and illuminate the solutions you can count on. Visit for more details or fix an appointment by calling on +919278555588 / +919278665588 or emailing at

    A double doctorate in Astro Science, Dr Vinay Bajrangi has considerable experience and expertise on the ancient doctrines of Sage Brighu, Parashari, North Indian techniques, South Nadis. With over 80,000 horoscopes read, his skills help individuals redefine the complexities of astrology through simple corrections and modifications.

    The main purpose of astrology or Jyotisha (lighting the path) is to prevent a person from taking steps or decisions that are harmful for him, his family, and therefore, for society. This is achieved through ‘Karma Korrections’, whereby a person has to quit a few habits and inculcate some others. He is committed towards this change under oath by his astrologer. Regrettably, this Sankalpam or oath-taking has undergone several changes over the years; that is, the rituals have become bigger and bigger, whereas the actual correction is ignored.

    Almost all problems and miseries faced by an individual can be read in their horoscope. Let’s take a closer look at how these can be rectified through karma corrections.

    Education: The placement of Budh, the karaka of intelligence, and Jupiter, the karaka of knowledge, in one’s horoscope indicates their ability to grasp any subject. The weaker the positions of these planets, the weaker the child’s grasping skills. No divine ritual can change these planetary positions in the chart, and pushing the child to go for tougher subjects or sustained regimes would mean playing against the tune of the stars. The karma correction here would be to strike a balance between what has to be studied mandatorily and the choice of vocation for the child, which can help him fulfill his familial and social duties and responsibilities. Often, the burden of parental expectations and their unfulfilled desires weigh heavily down on the child, resulting in his or her downfall.

    Marriage: The matching of charts before two people tie the knot is recommended by all but misunderstood nearly everywhere. It is commonly believed that a person displaying Mangal Dosha needs another Mangal Dosha native for marriage. This is not the case at all. In an ideal situation, the chart of one individual is read and its negativities ascertained; following this, the next step is to see whether this negativity can be counter balanced by the potential partner’s horoscope. The art of matching charts lies in determining whether the two horoscopes are compatible and whether the negatives of one balance the other.

    Most recommend Mangalastak Pooja for Kuja or Mangal Dosha, others suggest remedies for balancing out the chart; however, these will not be work unless a person categorically realizes the changes he or she needs to make to ensure a happy marriage. With the help of Jyotisha, we can tell which planets might cast havoc in our life and access the strength of counter-balancing planets through karma corrections.

    Career: Normally, a series of rituals are prescribed to a native when he is experiencing downtime in his career. However, most of us fail to understand that these rituals are meaningless until the individual is motivated to change his or her ways. The energy and positivity with which the person performs his job must be elevated, rather than being wasted on some extended and elaborate ritual. I have seen a number of people wearing yellow sapphires to strengthen Jupiter’s influence, without really educating themselves further about their chosen trade or profession.

    Every problem has a solution; the trick lies in understanding what suits your horoscope, what your karmic journey is, which karmas are right, and which are not. A holistic reading is one where all branches of astrology work at tandem to first underline the karmic reason for our situation, confront the problem and therefore ourselves, generate faith in the solution, and then work towards practicing that solution in everyday life.

    Dr. Vinay Bajrangi’s expertise in correcting karma can effortlessly change your life and illuminate the solutions you can count on. Visit for more details or fix an appointment by calling on +919278555588 / +919278665588 or emailing at