Charting out Hamdard's growth strategy for 2021 and future business plans

PUBLISHED ON JUL 26, 2021 01:21 PM IST
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The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health in a huge way. While allopathy has been a mainstay for treatment, alternative systems of medicine like Unani and Ayurveda have been trusted for generations, largely due to their holistic healing capabilities. Hamdard India has been a pioneer - they started out in 1906, and its wings have only grown ever since. Their journey has been nothing short of incredible, and it is this and more that we find out in our chat with Abdul Majeed, Chairman - Hamdard India, Medicine division. Carrying forward the legacy after partition, in 1948, Hamdard was declared a public charity for the people of the Union of India. Since then, there has been great emphasis on health and education. “We have seen the formation of the AYUSH department, the recognition of Unani with Ayurveda as a system of medicine, which is recognised in India today. So, I think it speaks well of Hamdard that we were capable of bringing in a system of medicine, which has been a part of various ancient civilisations, and is only surviving, thriving and flourishing in India. The name Hamdard is synonymous with the Unani system of medicine,” adds Majeed. Majeed adds that they are not on the backfoot, and are making consistent efforts to stay in tune with the needs of the current times. “We are going through a phase of introspection and retrospection. We are diving deep into the psychology and mindset of the Indian consumer, especially the millennials. We are doing in-depth research through well-known agencies and trying to find out what are the alternate systems of medicine in India,” he says, adding that after research, adoption of a new strategy is what’s on the cards. Battling COVID-19 effectively In particular, the second wave of COVID-19 disrupted healthcare systems across the country, but these have been big lessons, feels Majeed. Recalling the first wave, he says that it was a positive step by the government of India to lay emphasis on AYUSH to increase immunity. “The classical formulations, which we have from scriptures, were well-received, but consumers also have a lot of inquisitiveness in their minds. When we consult, we do not just stick to Unani physicians, we consult others too, doctors, vaids, and we try to bring them on the same table for the benefit of the public at large,” shares Majeed, adding that their focus was on strengthening both the immune and respiratory systems. Hamdard India has been making consistent efforts to modernise themselves, ever since 2009-10. The idea was to get rid of complacency, and build a strong financial base. For this, they focused on making their procedures and systems up-to-date. “We also focused on digitisation, and restructured sales and distribution network,” adds Majeed. The pandemic has accelerated their second phase of transformation, and they are looking to launch some derivatives, and at the same time, access parts of India, which were earlier uncovered.


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