Choosing the Best International Schools for CBSE and Cambridge Board in Bangalore: A Definitive Guide

Published on Aug 09, 2023 08:31 PM IST

This definitive guide on the 10 best schools in Bangalore will assist you

With a myriad of Indian and International schools available in Bangalore, each boasting its own unique strengths, one needs to have clarity and understanding of the offerings each school has to offer.
With a myriad of Indian and International schools available in Bangalore, each boasting its own unique strengths, one needs to have clarity and understanding of the offerings each school has to offer.
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As parents, one of the most crucial decisions we make for our children is selecting the school that not only shapes their future but also nurtures their potential. With a myriad of Indian and International schools available in Bangalore, each boasting its own unique strengths, one needs to have clarity and understanding of the offerings each school has to offer.

This definitive guide on the 10 best schools in Bangalore will assist you in making this crucial choice for your child. We understand that each learner is unique, and the ideal school is one that aligns with their individual needs, aspirations, and passions.

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Each institution herein is a beacon of educational brilliance, fostering all-around development and academic excellence. From innovative teaching methodologies to state-of-the-art facilities, every aspect has been meticulously curated to inspire the best in young minds.

As we take you on this enlightening journey, you'll discover the distinctive strengths and tenets of the top schools in Bangalore. Whether your child is inclined towards arts, science, sports, or technology, rest assured, there's a school that will kindle their passions and help them thrive.

Let's embark on this transformative expedition for a brighter and more promising tomorrow for the true architects of change - our children.

Looking for the Best Schools in Bangalore?

1. Global Indian International School (GIIS)


The first GIIS campus in India was established in the year 2012 in Noida with core focus on imparting education that is uplifted and assisted by proficient operational practices, learning pedagogies, innovation and academic achievements. The very same mission has inspired GIIS campuses in India and across the world. In Bangalore, GIIS has two campuses. One is ranks among the best Cambridge international schools in Whitefield while the other is one of the best CBSE schools in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. Acknowledged by over 100+ leading International and National organisations, both campuses have won over 32 awards in education excellence, innovation and curriculum delivery.

As a multi-award-winning institution, GIIS goes beyond traditional academic achievement, giving equal importance to personality and skill development. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to nurture 21st-century skills that equip students to excel in a rapidly evolving global landscape. GIIS’s award winning 9 GEMS holistic educational approach is implemented right from an early age at all GIIS Campuses in the country. This unique learning module blends the best teaching and learning approaches from around the world. It goes far beyond academics and extends into sports, skills, and values, enabled through a collaborative learning experience.

With a focus on fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, GIIS provides an ideal platform for students to explore their passions and unleash their full potential. Through an array of co-curricular activities, sports, and community engagement initiatives, the schools empower and equip students to become leaders, innovators, and catalysts for positive change.

In the vibrant educational landscape of GIIS Bangalore stands as a beacon of excellence, setting new benchmarks in education and shaping the leaders of tomorrow with a global perspective.


  • Global Montessori (GMP)
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • Cambridge International Education (IGCSE)

School Admission Process:

Admissions are open across both GIIS campuses right now. Applications can be submitted online through the school's official website. Prospective students may need to take an admission test or attend an interview as part of the evaluation process. Admission criteria may vary based on the grade level and availability of seats.

Established Year:

GIIS Whitefield was established in 2013, followed by the second campus at Bannerghatta in 2019.


The curriculum at Global Indian International Schools in Bangalore is thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.

GIIS Bannerghatta Campus:

GIIS Bannerghatta, follows a diverse and enriching curriculum that incorporates elements from both the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Global Montessori Programme (GMP). This unique blend ensures a holistic and globally relevant educational experience for students.

GIIS Whitefield Campus:

GIIS Whitefield offers GMP, Cambridge, and CBSE curriculum. The Cambridge programme offers over 70 subjects, including 30 languages, and students can opt for subjects which will prepare them for the 21st century world, while allowing them to become learners who are well equipped to succeed internationally. Cambridge curriculum students are constantly encouraged to develop skills in intellectual inquiry, gain practical knowledge, and equipped to take on higher levels of learning in a multicultural and international environment. This positions them to take on leadership roles in their communities and the world at large.

The Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) is a unique feature of GIIS, instilling essential life skills and 21st-century competencies in students. Through a combination of academic rigour, community service, and extracurricular activities, students develop a deep sense of social responsibility and global citizenship.

What makes GIIS a top international school in Bangalore is a curriculum that fosters a love for learning, encourages intellectual curiosity, and empowers students to become confident, compassionate, and adaptable global citizens, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.

GIIS School Campus Facilities:

GIIS takes pride in offering a wide range of world-class facilities spread over its spacious 220,000 sq ft campus, with ample open spaces allowing students to move freely between various facilities. The thoughtfully designed classrooms ensure ample natural light and ventilation, creating a conducive learning atmosphere. Specialised rooms cater to IT, maths, science, languages, dance, music, aerobics, and yoga for overall well-being.

The school provides students with a sports ground for outdoor activities and specially designed equipment for younger students. The campus also houses modern libraries and advanced laboratories, fostering experiential learning. Dedicated spaces for performing and visual arts encourage creativity and artistic expression.

GIIS Bangalore prioritises student health and well-being, offering health and wellness centers, smart classrooms and digital learning resources that embrace technology to enhance the learning experience. With extensive sports facilities, inclusive academic amenities, and a focus on holistic development, GIIS Bangalore ensures a vibrant and enriching educational journey for its students.


Campus: Global Indian International School, Whitefield

No 5,6,8, Whitefield Sarjapur Main Road, Gunjur Rd, Heggondahalli Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560087

Campus URL:

Campus: Global Indian International School, Bannerghatta

Survey No.27, Bannerghatta Road, Gollahalli Village, Jigani Hobli, Anekal, Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Campus URL:

2. Presidency School

Presidency School R T Nagar is a part of the Presidency Group of Institutions (PGI). Since its inception, the school has been committed to nurturing young minds with a passion for learning and a desire to make a positive impact on society.

Presidency School boasts a comprehensive and dynamic curriculum that fosters intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. With a strong emphasis on academic rigor and innovation, students are encouraged to explore their interests and excel in various fields.

The school's dedicated educators are not only experts in their respective subjects but also compassionate mentors who create a nurturing learning environment.

Beyond academics, Presidency School believes in the importance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to shape well-rounded individuals.

Board: ICSE

Admission Process: The school invites applications for various classes, and the application forms are usually issued from the first week of January onwards, subject to vacancies. The process involves submitting essential documents, such as a copy of the child's birth certificate, Aadhar card (if available), and a latest passport-size photograph. Once the application form is completed, parents can make an online payment towards processing charges. The school's efficient admission team ensures a smooth and transparent process to welcome new students into the Presidency School family.

Established Year: 1980
The School has stood for and promoted high levels of academic excellence. High academic standards are maintained right from early classes until students leave the school. This has enabled them to face the challenges of the outside world confidently. Presidency School integrates co-curricular activities to foster a well-rounded education, including sports, arts, and community service. The school's innovative teaching methodologies and dedicated faculty create an engaging and enriching learning environment, preparing students to excel academically and become confident, responsible global citizens.

Campus Facilities:
PSRTN is equipped with spacious, modern classrooms. The learning atmosphere is livened with brightly painted furniture and colourful display boards. Rooms are decorated with children’s work, giving them a strong sense of ownership and pride. Outside areas contain a wide range of child-friendly equipment and activities, with lots of greenery. The school ensures a safe and hygienic learning environment. With a large fleet of buses covering prime localities, systematic tracking, and attendants for student care, transportation is efficient and reliable.

8th Cross Rd, Dinnur Main Road, Near HMT Layout, V . V Nagar, Kauser Nagar, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032


3. NPS Indiranagar


National Public School, Indiranagar - a co-educational Indian school - was founded in 1982 under the chairmanship of Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna. This is the third school set up by Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna after NPS Rajajinagar and NPS Chennai. NPS is committed to imparting high quality holistic education by giving students the opportunities to develop their creative and social skills through a wide variety of programmes in a caring, innovative and healthy environment. All of this to instill students with a love for learning through the development of the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and creative potential.

Board: CBSE

Admission Process:

Parents seeking admission to National Public School, Indiranagar, for KG I and Montessori Freshers are requested to register ONLINE

Please note:

  • For KG 1 registration the child should complete 4 years as on 1 June 2023
  • For Montessori Freshers registration the child should complete 3 years as on 1 June 2023

Subjects for Entrance Test

  • For Grades 2 to 5 – English, Mathematics
  • For Grades 6 to 9 – English, Mathematics, Science

Subjects for Entrance Test for Grade XI

  • For Grade 11 Commerce: Commercial Aptitude, Mathematics
  • For Grade 11 Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • For Grade 11 Humanities: English, Social Science

Established Year: 1982


The curriculum is regularly updated to stimulate students’ interests and gain the knowledge they need to compete in a fast-changing 21st century.

Teachers strive to make the classes as interactive as possible and use different methods to get the best out of each student. Collaborative learning is incorporated into lessons so students can share ideas and learn with and from each other. Students are engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources. Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Physical Education are additional curricular offerings to all students. There are also many enrichment activities including outbound trips and exchanges with other schools.

Campus Facilities:

At NPS Indiranagar, classrooms are thoughtfully designed to ensure ample space and resources for each student, fostering individualized attention from teachers. Students are encouraged to showcase their creativity by decorating classrooms and displaying their work. The computer laboratory boasts over 100 computers with dedicated broadband internet, carefully monitored by teachers. The science laboratory provides hands-on learning opportunities with separate workstations for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, including a designated 'Junior Laboratory.' The library serves as a resource hub, accommodating over 150 students with access to a vast collection of books, journals, periodicals, and textbooks. The school also offers specialist classrooms for sports, health, math, and an auditorium for diverse learning experiences.

Address: 12 A Main, HAL II Stage, Bangalore - 560 008, India


4. Tattva School


Tattva School in Bangalore was established in 2011, Tattva School is located amidst the residential clusters and green environs in Kumbalgodu on Mysore Road and comprises a spacious building with world-class facilities and an athletic track of International standards. Tattva is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE-830605), India is committed to nurturing the Global Citizens by delivering quality education and developing in them, the right Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social and Moral Values. The school has classes from Pre-primary to Grade X and intends to start Xl and Xll, soon. The Kindergarten content offered to the students at Tattva is a blend of Emilia Reggio, Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, Rudolph Steiner methodologies and follows the Activity Based Learning Grades 1 to 10 aligned with CBSE.

Board: CBSE

Admission Process:

An online Enquiry Form needs to be filled. Then, a visit will be arranged by setting an appointment with the admissions office. Parents can register form either from the School office or enroll online.

They’ll need tosubmit a form with the necessary attachments:

  • Filled up registration form
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of aadhar card
  • Transfer certificate, progress sheet of the last examination taken
  • Official copy of reports/marks card from previous school
  • Eight passport size photographs

Established Year: 2011


At Tattva School, students benefit from a wide range of facilities designed to enhance their learning experience. The Core Curriculum equips students with essential knowledge and fosters genuine engagement with subjects through prescribed resources and textbooks. The Physical Education program promotes overall fitness, while the Life Skills Programme hones essential life skills. The Standard Library Programme ensures access to a rich collection of books and academic resources. Co-scholastic activities and Standard Assessments further enrich the learning journey. The Supplementary Curriculum provides additional instruction and practice to realize students' learning potential. Through the Core Concept Clarity via ICT, Science Experiments, and Math Centre of Excellence, students receive a strong academic foundation. The Learning Improvement Programme, Board Preparation, and Assessment Diagnostics facilitate continuous progress. Additionally, the Value-Added Curriculum encourages students to explore diverse academic, cultural, and co-scholastic programs, fostering a holistic learning environment.

Campus Facilities:
Tattva, one of the best CBSE Schools in Bangalore offers state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratory, library, an audio-visual room and art studio, Athletic track of International standards for sports and recreation. All of which contribute to giving students a world-class learning experience and education.

Address: Survey No. 70/2, Hosapalya, Kumbalgodu P.O.,
Mysore Road, Opp. Pepsi Factory,
Bangalore 560074


5. Candor School


Candor School stands committed to its mission of "Preparing for Life". With a unique offering of both IB and Cambridge Curricula, Candor ensures a comprehensive and globally relevant education for its students. The school takes pride in providing an on-campus residential facility, allowing students in Grades 5 to Grade 12 to experience a nurturing and immersive learning environment throughout the academic year. Whether opting for weekly or regular boarding, students have access to a vibrant community that fosters holistic development and prepares them to face life's challenges with confidence and competence. At Candor, excellence in education and a warm, inclusive ethos converge to shape future-ready individuals ready to embark on a journey of lifelong learning and success.

Board: IB and Cambridge Curricula

Admission Process:
Admissions at Candor School are open and welcoming, with an easy and efficient online process. Prospective parents can initiate the admission journey by filling out the online Enquiry form. The school follows a two-semester system, with Semester 1 running from August to December and Semester 2 from January to June. Candor invites applications for various grade levels, encompassing a wide range of educational programs.

Established Year: 2010


The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a well-rounded and globally relevant education. Offering both IB (International Baccalaureate) and Cambridge Curricula, the school ensures a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures academic excellence, critical thinking, and holistic development.

For the early years, Kindergarten offers Pre-K, K1, and K2 under the EYP (Early Years Programme). Primary School includes Grades 1 to 5, following the PYP (Primary Years Programme). The Middle School Programme comprises Grades 6 to 8, and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) includes Grade 9 and Grade 10. For Grades 11 and 12, students can opt for the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) or AS and A level (Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced level). With a diverse array of options, Candor School ensures that every student finds the right path to embark on a rewarding educational journey.

Campus Facilities:

Students have access to an international standard swimming pool, archery range, an expansive campus that includes synthetic basketball courts, tennis courts, and an artificial turf football field. Indoors, a wide array of activities awaits students, ensuring a holistic learning experience beyond the classroom. With a focus on both academic excellence and overall well-being, Candor School's facilities create an environment where students can explore their interests, nurture their talents, and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Address:Begur - Koppa Road, Hullahalli, off Bannerghatta Main Rd, near Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083


6. Inventure Academy


Inventure Academy is driven by its core purpose: "to instill in learners the ability and conviction to realize their full potential, be socially responsible citizens, and excel anywhere in the world." In contravention to conventional norms, the school prioritises holistic development over test results and rote learning.

The focus is on nurturing individuality and fostering a deep sense of social responsibility. By fostering a culture of critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, Inventure Academy empowers learners to thrive beyond traditional boundaries.

Inventure Academy's commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals is reflected in its wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The school offers a nurturing environment that encourages students to explore diverse interests, from arts and sports to community service and leadership opportunities.

Board: Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and the Round Square worldwide network of schools.

Admission Process:
Inventure Academy's admissions process is designed to welcome students from diverse backgrounds who seek a transformative educational journey. Prospective parents can initiate the process by filling out the online enquiry form. The school offers admissions for various grades across its campuses. To make an admissions enquiry, please complete the Admission Enquiry on the website.

Established Year: 2005

At Inventure Academy, the curriculum is a blend of academic excellence and holistic development, preparing students to thrive in the 21st century. The school is fully accredited and affiliated with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), and the Round Square worldwide network of schools.

The unique curriculum aims to equip children with essential 21st-century life skills. Beyond academics, the focus is on nurturing well-rounded individuals who can excel not only in the classroom but also in various aspects of life. With a learner-centric approach, the school strives to foster critical thinking, creativity, and experiential learning, enabling each child to flourish academically and beyond.

Campus Facilities - Academic facilities include spacious classrooms up to 900 square feet, well-equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math Laboratories, along with four Computer/Robotics labs. The campus houses a resourceful Library catering to both faculty and students' research needs. Language learning includes French, Spanish, Hindi, and Kannada.

Spanning 40,000 sq ft, with two Basketball courts. Studios dedicated to Art, Dance, and Music, along with Maker Space, Amphitheatres, Tennis and Basketball Courts, and Table Tennis tables, the school fosters creativity and athletic pursuits.


Inventure Academy, Whitefield-Sarjapur Campus, Chikkavaderpura, near Dommasandra Circle, Bengaluru – 562125.

Inventure PreSchool Whitefield Main Road, Narayanappa Garden, Whitefield, Bengaluru – 560066

Inventure Academy, Yeshwanthpur Campus, Prestige Jindal City Tumkur Road Bengaluru – 560073


7. Agasthya Vidyaniketan


Agasthya Vidyanikethan envisions itself as a leading educational institution in the country, setting benchmarks for quality, commitment, and educational excellence. Agasthya Vidyanikethan, professionally managed, fosters an environment that nurtures academic brilliance. The mission is to facilitate the holistic growth of students, preparing them to tackle not only societal challenges but global issues too. Agasthya Vidyanikethan aims to instill confidence and independent thinking in students, promoting sensitivity to diversity and a deep appreciation for their heritage and culture. Embracing our rich civilizational values, the school equips students to embrace the challenges of the modern world with pride and resilience.

Board: State, CBSE, ICSE

Admission Process:

Admissions at Agasthya Vidyanikethan are open to all, promoting inclusivity and diversity. The academic year commences in the last week of May and concludes in April. Students are typically admitted at the beginning of the school year, and application forms for various classes are issued from November for Pre-Mont, Mont-1, Mont-2, and Mont-3, and from the first week of January for Primary classes, subject to vacancies. Interested candidates can obtain application forms at the school office during office hours from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. For telephonic interactions or further inquiries, applicants can send a request mail to

Established Year: 2012

Agasthya Vidyaniketan takes pride in its well-rounded curriculum, prioritizing academic excellence, holistic development, and innovative teaching practices. Embracing an inclusive education approach, the school caters to diverse learning needs, fostering active learning and critical thinking among students. Through a range of extracurricular activities and character education, talents are nurtured, values instilled, and social responsibility cultivated.The school values the strong partnership with parents, ensuring students receive unwavering support both at school and home. With a dedicated focus on empowering students, the school equips them with knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in the world.

Campus Facilities:
Agasthya Vidyaniketan takes pride in providing excellent play areas for its students, ensuring both indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. The indoor play area boasts a permanent roof, offering protection from the sun's heat and allowing children to play comfortably even during rainy weather. Equipped with non-toxic and engaging play equipment, this space fosters imaginative and dramatic play for the students. For older students, an expansive outdoor play area awaits, catering to the needs of primary classes. Pre-primary students enjoy thrice-weekly play sessions, while primary students have the chance to play twice a week. These play areas are thoughtfully designed to complement the students' learning journey, encouraging physical activity, and ensuring a joyful and well-rounded school experience.

Address: #1566, D-Group Layout, 60ft Road, Near 2nd Water Tank, Srigandhakaval, Near Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 091.


8. Sri Aurobindo Memorial School

Sri Aurobindo Memorial School (SAMS) stands as a distinguished educational institution nestled in Bangalore, India. The iconic Indian school is guidedby the profound vision of nurturing young minds and fostering holistic development, the school draws inspiration from the teachings and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. SAMS offers a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates academics, arts, and sports, fostering not only academic excellence but also character and moral values. Supported by a dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, the school creates a nurturing learning environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression. Character education holds a central place at SAMS, instilling values like empathy, integrity, and social responsibility. Embracing a harmonious blend of academics, arts, and character-building initiatives, the institution continues to leave a positive impact on Bangalore's educational landscape.

Board: CBSE

Admission Process:

Parents or guardians can obtain the admission application form either from the school's official website or by visiting the school's admission office.

Submission of Application: Completed application forms, along with the required documents, need to be submitted within the specified deadline. Depending on the grade level, applicants may be required to attend an interaction session or an interview with school officials. This interaction helps assess the child's readiness for the respective grade and allows the school to understand the child's unique learning needs. For certain grade levels, the school may conduct academic or skill-based assessments to gauge the child's aptitude and abilities.

Please note that admission processes can vary from year to year and may be subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the admission process, it is recommended to visit the school's official website or directly contact the school's admission office.

Established Year: 1970

The school offers a well-balanced and comprehensive curriculum focused on holistic development and academic excellence. Inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the school integrates academic subjects with arts, sports, and co-curricular activities to provide a holistic learning experience. With focus on character education, SAMS fosters qualities like empathy, integrity, and social responsibility. Innovative teaching methods encourage active learning, critical thinking, and creativity. The curriculum includes a multilingual approach, co-curricular activities, and project-based learning to engage students in real-world problem-solving. With individualised attention and a nurturing environment, SAMS strives to develop students' intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Campus Facilities:

SAMS boasts a wide array of top-notch facilities that cater to the holistic development of its students. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, providing a conducive learning environment. Students have spacious playgrounds to engage in various sports and outdoor activities. Indoor play areas offer opportunities for creative and non-toxic play. Additionally, the school emphasises the importance of arts and creativity with dedicated studios for art, dance, and music. With a focus on student well-being, SAMS provides a dining hall and health clinic with qualified staff to ensure students' physical and emotional health.

Address: 13-A Main, 22nd Cross, Stage 2, Banashankari, Bangalore, 560070


9. NPS, Rajaji Nagar


NPS Rajaji Nagar ranks among the oldest schools in Bangalore, and is a renowned educational institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school follows a well-structured curriculum that emphasizes intellectual growth, character-building, and skill development. A nurturing and inclusive learning environment encourages students to explore their passions and talents. The school offers a wide array of co-curricular activities, including sports, arts, and cultural programs, to promote overall development and instill essential life skills in students.


Admission Process:The admission process at National Public School, Rajajinagar, is straightforward and efficient. Parents are required to register online by following the guidelines and filling the registration form. They need to upload relevant documents like the Aadhar Card (if available), Birth Certificate, and a latest passport size photo. After submitting the form, the processing charges can be paid online. A printout of the submitted form must be signed and dropped off at the school office along with the required documents. Registration for admissions will be processed only after receiving the completed registration form and supporting documents. The online registration ensures a hassle-free and convenient process for parents.

Established Year: NPS 1959

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to foster comprehensive development and academic excellence among students. Aligned with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) guidelines, it ensures a well-rounded education that encompasses a broad range of subjects, from core academics to co-curricular activities.

The academic program revolves around conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Experienced educators employ innovative teaching methodologies to engage students actively in the learning process. The school places importance on cultivating a strong foundation in languages, mathematics, science, and social studies, nurturing students' intellectual growth.

A plethora of co-curricular activities, such as sports, arts, music, dance, and community service programs further provide students with opportunities to discover their interests, hone their talents, and develop essential life skills.

Campus Facilities:
NPS Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore, offers a well-equipped and modern campus, providing students with a conducive and enriching learning environment. The spacious classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids and technology, enhancing the learning experience. The school's laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology allow hands-on experimentation, fostering scientific curiosity.

A well-stocked library with an extensive collection of books and reference materials encourages reading and research among students. The school's emphasis on physical fitness is evident in its excellent sports facilities, including playgrounds and courts for various sports activities.

Dedicated spaces for performing arts, such as music, dance, and drama, nurture students' creative expression and talents. The integration of modern technology through smart classrooms and computer labs supports digital learning and enhances students' technological skills.

Additional amenities include a hygienic cafeteria serving nutritious meals, a well-equipped medical room, and safe transportation facilities. Overall, NPS Rajajinagar comprehensive campus facilities create an enriching and holistic educational experience for its students

Address:National Public School, National Highway 4, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010, Karnataka, India.


10. Vidyashilp Academy


Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore, is known for its commitment to providing holistic and progressive education. Established with a vision to nurture young minds and foster a passion for lifelong learning, the school offers a comprehensive academic curriculum coupled with a focus on extracurricular activities.

The academic program is designed to promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity among students. Educators adopt innovative teaching methodologies to engage students throughout their learning journey.

The school's campus is equipped with modern facilities, including well-designed classrooms, science and computer labs, a well-stocked library, and spacious sports fields. Beyond academics, Vidyashilp Academy encourages students to explore their talents in arts, music, sports, and other co-curricular activities.

Board:Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) for its ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and ISC (Indian School Certificate) examinations. The ICSE board conducts examinations at the end of Class X, while the ISC board conducts examinations at the end of Class XII.

University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), including IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), AS (Advanced Subsidiary), and A-Level (Advanced Level) courses. These internationally recognized qualifications provide students with global opportunities for higher education and future careers.

Admission Process:
To apply for admission at Vidyashilp Academy, interested parents or guardians can contact the school's Admissions team via email or call at +91 95381 03678 and +91 97393 82884. For any general inquiries or feedback, they can reach out to

For fee-related matters, parents can communicate through The school's Reception can also be contacted at +91 97398 01824.

Established Year:1999


At Vidyashilp Academy, the curriculum is thoughtfully designed to ensure a seamless and well-structured transition for students. It caters to the academic needs of both the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (ICSE and ISC) and the University Of Cambridge International Examinations for the international general certificate of secondary education (IGCSE, AS and A-Level) course as a registered Cambridge International Centre.

The school's curriculum provides a balanced blend of national and international perspectives, offering students a diverse and enriching educational experience. Educators implement innovative teaching methodologies, encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge.

Vidyashilp Academy places significant emphasis on experiential learning and co-curricular activities, ensuring the holistic development of students. The integration of Cambridge International Examinations standards equips students with a globally recognised qualification, opening doors to international educational opportunities.

With a focus on academic excellence and comprehensive skill development, the curriculum at Vidyashilp Academy prepares students to excel in both national and international educational landscapes.

Campus Facilities:
The school boasts a modern and well-equipped campus that provides students with a conducive and enriching learning environment. Spacious classrooms enhance the teaching-learning process, incorporating modern teaching aids and technology for interactive sessions.

The campus also houses state-of-the-art laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology, enabling students to engage in hands-on experimentation and foster scientific curiosity. The school's well-stocked library is a treasure trove of knowledge, encouraging students to cultivate a love for reading and research. Excellent sports facilities include playgrounds and courts for various sports activities.

Address: Survey No. 1 & 31,Govindapura,Behind Yelahanka Air Force Base,Yelahanka, Bengaluru - 560 064.


Fees Structure: List of International Schools in Bangalore

Please visit the respective website for International school fees in detail-

Fees Structure: List of International Schools in Bangalore
Fees Structure: List of International Schools in Bangalore

Age Criteria: Top International School Admission in Bangalore

Age Criteria: Top International School Admission in Bangalore
Age Criteria: Top International School Admission in Bangalore

The age criteria for admission into the top international schools in Bangalore vary among the institutions. GIIS Bangalore admits students from 2.5 to 18 years, Tattva International School from 3 to 16 years, and Candor International School from 3 to 18 years. Inventure Academy accepts students aged 2 to 18 years, while Agasthya Vidyaniketan admits students between 2.5 to 16 years. Parents should carefully consider the age criteria of each school to ensure their child's eligibility for admission.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the International Schools Near Bangalore for Your Kids

Bangalore requires careful research and consideration of various factors. Here are some essential steps to help parents in their search:

  • Research Online: Start by researching online to find a list of international schools in the vicinity of Bangalore. Look for schools with a good reputation and positive reviews from parents and students.
  • Curriculum: Check the curriculum offered by the schools and see if it aligns with your child's educational goals. International schools often offer programs like IGCSE, IB, or Cambridge Curriculum.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Visit the school's website or take a virtual tour to assess the infrastructure and facilities available. Ensure that the school provides a conducive learning environment with modern amenities.
  • Co-Curricular Activities: Look for schools that offer a well-rounded education with a focus on co-curricular activities like sports, arts, and music to foster holistic development.
  • Faculty: Investigate the qualifications and experience of the teaching faculty. Experienced and dedicated teachers play a crucial role in providing quality education.
  • Accreditation: Check if the school is accredited by recognized educational boards or international organizations, ensuring adherence to high academic standards.
  • Alumni Success: Look for the accomplishments of the school's alumni as it reflects the institution's overall quality of education.
  • Parent Visits: Whenever possible, visit the shortlisted schools in person to get a feel of the campus and interact with the staff to gain a better understanding of the school's ethos and values.

By following these steps and carefully assessing each school's offerings, parents can find the best international school near Bangalore that caters to their child's educational and personal development needs

How to Apply Online for School Admission in Bangalore

Applying online for school admission in Bangalore is a convenient and streamlined process. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth application:

  • Check Admission Guidelines: Begin by researching the schools you are interested in. Check their websites for admission guidelines, eligibility criteria, and important dates.
  • Online Application Form: Most schools provide an online admission form on their website. Fill out the required details accurately and upload the necessary documents as per the school's instructions.
  • Payment: Pay the application fee online through the available payment options.
  • Document Verification: After submitting the form, the school will verify the documents. Ensure all the required documents, such as birth certificate, address proof, and previous academic records, are in order.
  • Interaction/Interview: Some schools may conduct an interaction or interview with the child and parents to assess suitability.
  • Admission Result: The school will announce the admission result on their website or through email.

By following these steps and adhering to the school's guidelines, you can apply for school admission in Bangalore efficiently and increase your chances of securing a spot in the desired institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the best schools in Bangalore?

Ans. Bangalore, a hub of education, is home to several outstanding schools that cater to diverse learning needs and provide holistic development to students. Some of the best schools in the city include Global Indian International School, Bangalore (GIIS Bangalore), Presidency School, RT Nagar, National Public School (NPS), Indiranagar,Inventure Academy, Candor International School, Agasthya Vidyaniketan, Tattva School, Sri Aurobindo, Memorial School (SAMS), Vidya Shilpa Academy, and NPS Rajajinagar.

Q.2 List of private schools in Bangalore?

Ans. Bangalore boasts numerous private schools, including prestigious institutions like Global Indian International School, Bangalore (GIIS Bangalore), Presidency School, National Public School (NPS), and Inventure Academy.

Q.3 List of nursery schools in Bangalore?

Ans. Bangalore offers a plethora of nursery schools, such as Tattva School, Agasthya Vidyaniketan, and Global Indian International School, Bangalore (GIIS Bangalore), providing a nurturing environment for early education.

Q.4 List of boarding schools in Bangalore?

Ans. Some renowned boarding schools in Bangalore include Candor International School and Sri Aurobindo Memorial School.

Q.5 What are the different school boards available in Bangalore?

Ans. Bangalore offers various school boards like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and State Board, providing diverse education choices.

Q.6 How can I compare the top International schools in Bangalore?

Ans. Compare international schools in Bangalore based on curriculum, facilities, faculty, extracurricular activities, and alumni achievements.

Q.7 What is the average fee of schools in Bangalore?

Ans. The average school fees in Bangalore can vary significantly, ranging from affordable to higher-priced schools, depending on the facilities and reputation.

Q.8 How many schools should I apply to get my child enrolled in a school?

Ans. Apply to at least 4-5 schools to increase your chances of securing admission in a preferred institution.

Q.9 When will school admissions start in Bangalore?

Ans. School admissions in Bangalore are well underway right now.

Q.10 What is the admission criteria for Indian schools in Bangalore?

Ans. The admission criteria for Indian schools in Bangalore may involve age criteria, document verification, and interviews, varying among institutions.

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