DIY learning is now just a click away
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DIY learning is now just a click away

Shine Learning, an initiative by, India’s second largest online job portal, offers over 500 industry and government-recognised courses at your fingertips.

brand stories Updated: Dec 05, 2017 12:31 IST
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Shine Learning offers industry and government recognized certifications, unbiased user reviews, and 500+ courses from leading vendors across the globe.(Pixabay)

It is human nature to perform tasks and carry out any and all responsibilities at one’s convenience, and learning is no exception to this golden rule. The number of times students have groaned and complained when they had to force themselves out to bed to attend classes is, quite frankly, innumerable. It goes without saying that these people would’ve given anything for the luxury of waking up at a time that suited them the most, learning only the subjects they needed to, and in a manner where they were able to absorb all information thrown at them.

Here’s where the convenience afforded by DIY learning platforms offer excellent respite. Today, e-learning portals are invaluable when it comes to the overall development of skill sets at one’s own convenience. One such platform is Shine Learning, a part of, India’s second-largest online job portal. Shine Learning uses data (of recruiters and candidates) to map demands of various skill sets across industries, predict emerging skill shortage areas, and provide courses on the basis of that requirement. The portal uses an algorithm that not only forecasts emerging skill sets but also recommends courses to candidates after analysing their resumes and application history. It’s almost like having a virtual course counsellor that empowers users to make an informed decision. The platform also offers industry and government recognized certifications, unbiased user reviews, and 500+ courses from leading vendors across the globe.

The fact that millennials have flocked over in droves towards DIY learning platforms like Shine Learning is proof enough that these courses are truly an innovation in modern education. Here are five significant benefits of DIY learning:

1.Cost-effective: Organised learning experiences are supposedly more efficient, but the amount of money that goes into receiving this education is nothing short of astounding. The fact remains that not everyone can afford these channels of learning, and DIY platforms can serve as a replacement that’s just as effective and convenient. To top it all off, the cost attached to this service is much lower, which is a major positive in itself.

2.Efficient use of time: Conventional forms of learning can be extremely time consuming, and it’s not always feasible for everyone to spend a significant chunk of their time studying something that might not even benefit them in the long run. Especially with strenuous working hours, endless client requirements, and weekends that pass away in a jiffy, the act of acquiring a new skill-set by learning a new course seems distant than ever, at least for working professionals. With DIY learning, people can learn what they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want!

The sheer number of options available through DIY learning services is nothing short of extraordinary. (Shine Learning)

3.Satisfactory learning experience: The fact that you can avail quality services at your convenience is just of one the many draws of DIY learning, but the advantages of such platforms go far beyond that. With comprehensive study material and corresponding video tutorials, it’s apparent that a person who voluntarily avails these education services will be more than satisfied with what they receive.

4.Improved job prospects: The job market is increasingly volatile, and the emergence of new trends are regularly changing the requirements that companies require from candidates. Therefore, it’s imperative for millennials to equip themselves with the skills that are currently in demand, and DIY learning can make the process of developing these skills significantly easier and faster.

5.Scope of learning: The sheer number of options available through DIY learning services is nothing short of extraordinary. No matter how niche your subject might appear to be, if you have a genuine interest in learning, you will be able to master it. Additionally, DIY learning portals have an abundance of courses, which can be availed as per one’s convenience.

A part of you might be wondering whether all this sounds too good to be true, and whether the actual process of enrolling in these courses will include a lot of hiccups and roadblocks. Well, we’re here to assure you that it won’t be so. Go on, give Shine Learning a try today. All you need to do is log onto the portal, search for the course you want to enrol in, pay for it, and voila! It’s that simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Your access to a massive wealth of information is just a single click away!

First Published: Dec 05, 2017 12:30 IST