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Drink pure and live healthy this summer—Check out these features before choosing a water purifier

Published on Feb 27, 2024 08:33 PM IST

Before you zero in on a water purifier, consider features like a stainless steel tank, sterilisation care, and that your purifier doesn’t deplete the minerals

LG Water Purifier
ByHT Brand Studio

Planning to embrace a healthy lifestyle this summer? You not only need to have a balanced diet but also clean drinking water. Look no further — you can now live healthy and drink pure with LG's new-age water purifier.

A trusted brand renowned for its quality products and innovation, LG offers a Water Purifier that promises purity in every drop as well as helps you boost your immunity. Its Mineral Booster technology addresses the common issue of mineral depletion in purified water by reintroducing essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, proving to be a true companion for your hydration needs.

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Before you make the crucial decision of selecting a water purifier, it is important to keep the key features in mind such as a water storage tank made of steel, sterilisation care, and a multi-stage filtration process to make every drop healthy and pure.

Let's check out how the LG Water Purifier fares on these aspects.

Stainless steel water storage tank

Another standout feature of the LG Water Purifier is its Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank that reduces the growth of bacteria and algae. With 1 year on a complete product warranty and 9 years on the stainless steel storage tank, this robust 8L tank also comes with a Dual Protection Seal that ensures your drinking water is hygienic. When compared with plastic tanks, LG's stainless steel tanks have been found to have 94.4 per cent less E. coli growth in 24 hours, which makes a significant difference.

Multi-Stage Filtration

LG’s multi-stage filtration RO system removes contaminants as small as 0.0001 micrometres including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. The eight-staged process culminates with the In-Tank UV sterilisation which happens every six hours, lasting for 75 minutes. This process effectively guards against secondary contamination, ensuring the continued safety and purity of the drinking water. Furthermore, LG's UV Cycle adds an extra layer of protection so that every drop of water is free from harmful bacteria and viruses. This means your filtered water remains absolutely safe and clean.

Digital Sterilizing CareApart from the clean drinking water concern, another issue that restricts people from buying a water purifier is its maintenance. But LG has thought this through and provides Digital Sterilizing Care that automatically sanitises water paths, like hoses, faucets, and pipes, without using any harmful chemicals or manual intervention. By addressing the maintenance concerns commonly associated with water purifiers, LG empowers users to enjoy clean and safe drinking water without the added burden of complicated upkeep.

Water Savings

Another great feature of the LG Water Purifier is that investing in it won't break the bank. Despite its advanced features and superior performance, this purifier is designed to be cost-effective. With the RO Recovery Plus Filter, the LG Water Purifier boasts over 50 per cent water recovery, saving both water and money, significantly reducing water wastage, and helping families save both water and money in the long run.

2-in-1 Care

With 2-in-1 Care, LG's Water Purifier provides a secondary valve located on the side, allowing you to hygienically wash fruits or rinse vegetables with clean water directly from the purifier. This eliminates the need for separate washing and ensures that your food is free from contaminants, promoting healthier eating habits for you and your family.


The LG Water Purifier stands out as a top contender in the realm of water purification, leaving a lasting impression with its sleek design and sophisticated features. From its technology to easy installation and thorough filtration capabilities, this purifier excels in delivering safe and clean drinking water for your hydration needs. With features like the Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank, Multi-Stage Filtration system, and convenient 2-in-1 Care, the LG Water Purifier is a top choice for those seeking premium quality and hydration solutions.

For upgrading to a healthy lifestyle, the LG Water Purifier is undoubtedly worth considering. Don’t miss the chance to get LG Water Purifier for 24 per cent off at Rs. 28,190! Head to the LG website and own your LG Water Purifier.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of the brand by HT Brand Studio.

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