Flipkart video’s ‘Kaun’ review: A crime thriller where you can be a detective

Flipkart video’s latest interactive crime thriller, Kaun? Who did it?, promises to enthrall and intrigue as you join the search to find the real culprit and, in the process, win exciting rewards too!
Flipkart Video’s Kaun? is a crime thriller with a twist, and a very compelling watch.(Flipkart )
Flipkart Video’s Kaun? is a crime thriller with a twist, and a very compelling watch.(Flipkart )
Published on Jan 21, 2021 03:22 PM IST
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Cast: Sushant Singh, Samvedna Suwalka

Directors: Saket Yadav and Asif Malik

Creator: Umesh Bist

Writer: Sunjoy Shekhar

Producer: Guneet Monga (Sikhya Entertainment)

Rating: 4.2 (out of 5)

Kyun aur kaise, do sawalon ka jawaab dhoond lo. Case solve ho jayega (Who and how - find the answer to these two questions and the case will get solved).” And, if you are able to crack the murder mystery before the sleuths unfold it on the screen, you stand to win exciting prizes!

Flipkart Video’s Kaun? is a crime thriller with a twist, and a very compelling watch. It is the story of how a top-cop-turned-detective, Detective Adi (played by Sushant Singh), helps his junior colleague Inspector Malini (Samvedna Suwalka) solve murder mysteries that baffle the investigators.

Super cop Adi Bhagat, who was known to be a “genius investigator” and won numerous accolades in his 21-year stint, unexpectedly hung up his boots after getting shot in the leg during a criminal encounter. Right in the first episode, we see Suwalka bring back Adi to the world of crime and investigation as she convinces him to help solve the murder mystery of a 51-year-old YouTuber.

Each part of the 35-episode series unearths a new crime, and the mystery is told to us step by step, tracing back the sequence of events, as unearthed by the investigators. Flipkart Video’s Kaun? is a crime thriller, albeit an interactive one. We rummage through the evidence and watch the suspects tell us their side of the story as the crime is reconstructed by the sleuths, making you feel like you are a part of the investigation team.

Hints and clues are dropped through the episodes. Each plot has four suspects and one gruesome crime. But you need to join the dots to solve the whodunnit, making it all the more intriguing.

The episode is paused just before it concludes and we see four options pop up on the screen in front of us for 15 seconds. If the investigator in you guesses the killer correctly, you stand to win prizes. Quite a unique concept, isn’t it?

Coming from the deft hands of Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment, which is known to introduce new talent and make Indian cinema popular the world over, Flipkart Video’s Kaun? is more than just a crime thriller where mysteries of gruesome murders are solved. It is also a commentary on our degrading social fabric as we see layer after layer peel off on the portraits of protagonists that it draws up for us, exposing their dark sides.

This series is fast paced, with lots of action and some great acting. At well under 20 minutes, each episode is crisp, promising to keep your focus on the main plot. Flipkart Video’s Kaun? makes you question the precepts of crime and punishment.

Actor Sushant Singh has thrown in yet another enthralling performance. As Detective Adi, he keeps up the tension till the end of each episode, allowing the viewer to cross over the line of fiction and catch the killer before he unveils him or her on the screen.

Another restrained yet convincing show comes from Samvedna Suwalka, as she gets into the skin of inspector Malini.

Flipkart Video, available only through the Flipkart app, is a unique concept where you can watch and play game shows, across formats, and win prizes every day. What’s better is that the service is absolutely free. All you need is the Flipkart app installed on your smartphone and you are ready to watch!

Flipkart Video’s Kaun? comes as a breath of fresh air with its tight plot and great performances at a time when the OTT space is filled with crime thrillers of all shapes and forms, but not enough quality content to watch. Add it to your weekend’s watch list. This one surely won’t disappoint!

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